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Television Advertising

Popular Televisions

& Flix
Language: English
Weekly Viewers : 39063
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Weekly Viewers : 2502
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24 Ghanta
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9X Jalwa
Language: Hindi
Weekly Viewers : 89422
Card Rate
₹458.00 (per sec)
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₹448.00 (per sec)

Reputed Television Advertising Agency in India

Given the decline of video streaming services, television continues to outperform all the other forms of media in terms of influence on today's customers. Television may make it highly cost-effective to reach your target audience in today's market due to the large variety of platforms and shows showing on broadcast and cable TV at any given moment.

Excellent Publicity provides comprehensive television advertising services that can catch your brand messages and make a lasting impact on the audience.

Learn More About Television Advertising in India

The terms 'television' and 'advertising' are almost interchangeable. Even though television viewing habits have changed over the last thirty, twenty, or even ten years, it remains a strong platform for engaging with potential consumers. Televisions may be found in various places these days, from restaurants and bars to gyms and waiting rooms – and we ensure your message gets shown there as well.

Several people are still watching TV the old-fashioned way; that is when shows are broadcasted live. However, with the introduction of DVR and streaming services, the nature of television viewing is rapidly changing. Are you attracting consumers who are now viewing their favorite episodes on VOD, DVRs, Over-the-Top online applications, and services like Amazon and Netflix, or through sites like Apple's iTunes Store and Google Play Days or weeks later?

Excellent Publicity assists you in bringing your advertisements into the twenty-first century, allowing you to reach clients wherever they are watching. We're fixated on making your message the center of attention - no matter where your customers see it.

Expenses of TV Advertising

Every TV commercial advertising agency's first and most important step is to choose the greatest budget choice. Our team works with budgets ranging from a few hundred pounds to over a million pounds. We provide brands a TV purchasing strategy that recommends the best alternatives to achieve the greatest results within their budget. We make sure to find you the best pricing across India's TV networks as a prospective and largest independent TV purchasing agency.

We will provide you with a pricing card if you desire to market your brand through television ads. The unique discounted charges are then shared with you based on the volume of your advertising campaign. Excellent Publicity guarantees that our clients will receive a fair price for their marketing.

When is the best time to advertise on television?

We can help you decide whether to run your TV campaign during peak hours between 17:00 to 22:59, late hours, between 23:00 to close, or daytime which is 10:30 to 17:00, or whether to buy simply a one-day portion or a combination. The peak time band is essential for retail and brand-led initiatives, and daytime is typically regarded as the most sought-after time band length for a direct response campaign.

Excellent Publicity – The Best Television Advertising Agency in India

In India, electronic advertising, often known as television advertising, is the most widely used medium for businesses to reach a large audience. Television advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a big audience. Excellent Publicity is a major television or television advertising firm in India that provides in-depth demographic data for television networks.

Our team of young and enthusiastic experts creates effective television advertising campaigns and ensures the highest level of user attention and engagement. Excellent Publicity understands TV commercial promotions and assists businesses in designing and producing attractive TV advertisements that make a lasting and good impression on consumers' minds.

Our staff promotes television campaigns on all networks, whether they are national or local. Our passionate experts have experience producing many sorts of advertisements on television. The list includes teleshopping films, scroll ads, TV commercials, L-band ads, graphical ads, ticker ads, 2D/3D animation ads, and many more. We provide the greatest television advertising services at the most competitive prices to our clients.

We assure our audience that our services will be the finest for them and will also assist them in accomplishing their goals. You can now simply discover a list of all Indian television stations, as well as their pricing.

Perks of Television Advertising

Despite popular perception, television advertising still provides a lot of benefits for businesses. TV watching is still a popular hobby, especially nowadays. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many Americans turn to television as an escape from daily pressures. Fans who have actively engaged watch live events such as award ceremonies and sporting events to see their favorite musicians perform and sports teams compete.

When done effectively, television commercials may be convincing and elicit emotional responses. Whether viewed through satellite dish, antenna, streamed via internet-connected devices or cable provider, we believe that television is still a valid option in your media mix. We've discovered seven benefits of television advertising to assist you in justifying the expense as part of your overall media budget.

Let us walk you through the advantages!

  1. Assist You in Reaching a Large Audience

    Simply said, no other kind of media allows you to reach as many people with a single commercial as television advertising can. TV advertising is exceptional at reaching huge audiences with frequency and speed. In India, television advertisements may reach up to 70% of the population in a single day. We've already mentioned that TV accounts for more than 90% of all video ad interaction. While mobile devices and computer use are growing more prevalent, they are still not as common as the living room television. When you consider that most households have more than one television, your reach expands even more. One of the most significant advantages of television is the ability to expand your marketing and reach potentially massive audiences. Quickly and with frequency.

  2. TV and Online Work Synonymously

    For internet companies, television is also important. The appearance of a brand on television may provide credibility. It exposes the brand to a far bigger audience than internet advertising does at first. All other kinds of marketing are driven by television advertising. Viewers might be using a lot of devices while watching TV, but they are not disconnected from the content. The viewers on social media networks can have a shared experience with their friends at the same time.

    Advertisers and TV programmers will continue to utilize television to encourage consumers to engage in more in-depth internet content. This helps to maintain the customer relationship and build brand loyalty. The internet is assisting in making television a more efficient medium, and this synergy will continue to grow over time.

  3. Empathy and emotion are created

    TV advertisements are more compelling than other marketing forms and programmatic advertising because they combine music, video, messaging, and the capacity to tell a complete story. The format helps companies and stories become more remembered by creating more engaging advertising messaging. Thanks to television and appealing advertising, large firms, and huge enterprises have successfully delivered a persuasive message to wide audiences.

  4. Credibility is boosted

    Unlike online advertising, which is viewed as less trustworthy, television and print mail advertisements are more trustworthy than digital commercials. There's a simple reason for this. Well-known firms have used television advertisements for decades. Still, the internet is relatively young compared to TVs, and regrettably, the internet has a terrible image when it comes to fraudsters. You may instantly increase your brand's reputation and trust by choosing television advertising over other marketing methods.

Tips To Create Effective Television Advertisement

  1. Make a short outline

    Knowing who you need to target and how you want your brand to be viewed informs the creativity and execution of each commercial. Determine your target demographic and the message you want to send with your commercial. Evaluate and summarize your findings if you performed research or received input from focus groups. You are the ideal person to go through this information since you will know which bits are important and which aren't.

  2. Keep it basic with your message

    There's so much that you can tell the audience in a 20-, 40-, or 50-second window. Don't try to stuff too much into a short period of time. Commercials with a hook that establishes a scenario or issue, provide a solution, and conclude with a call to action are the most effective. When assessing the script, read it aloud, check for timing, and see if it flows smoothly across the commercial's runtime. Is there any opportunity to take a breather during the important messaging?

  3. Determine how much money you want to spend

    The most often asked question is, 'How much does a TV commercial cost?' Decide how much you're going to spend on media, and then divide that amount by the number of people who will be working on it. Some individuals recommend that a new campaign budget for production be 10% of the total TV media budget, although this amount is dependent on the campaign's size and duration. The creative may be tailored to your budget, but bear in mind where you want to position yourself in the market and what kind of companies you're up against. The budget does not always imply reaction. It's the combination of creativity and execution, as well as media placement, that makes the difference.

  4. Don't try to produce an ad that looks like your competitors

    Don't make a duplicate of a successful advertisement just because it was successful for them. If someone else arrives first, you will appear to be a copycat. Take a risk and go with a unique concept that will help your brand stand out in the market, and trust that stance. There's a reason why your clients keep coming back if you've been in business for a while. Use that strength to your advantage, and tell your production company to present you as such.

  5. Honest Offer

    We live in a time where people are distrustful of one another. We don't trust corporations, and we don't trust the government, so advertising in this downturn should strive to cut through the clutter and offer an accurate picture of the proposal. We no longer want the hard pitch; we want to believe that we are being given the truth. People have been responding better to commercials that demonstrate humility or adopt a lighthearted tone.

  6. Participate in the process

    The production team will undoubtedly value your feedback throughout the process. You, or another representative, should make every effort to be there throughout critical sign-off phases. Attend the pre-production meeting, the shoot, and the critical stages of post-production if you can. This is important for keeping the production on track and minimizing unnecessary strain and costs. A production line is similar to a manufacturing process. Before moving on to the next level, everyone who has to approve a choice should do so.

Why Should You Opt for Excellent Publicity?

Excellent Publicity is a well-established and quickly growing television advertising agency in Delhi, Mumbai, and other parts of India. We offer the greatest television commercials to all of our clients from all around the country.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will assist you in selecting the appropriate band for your needs. Everything will be tailored to your preferences, including advertising formats, time slots, the number of repeats, and the length of the promotional campaign. All of this is done to develop a practical and appealing marketing plan that will enable you to optimize and expand your brand by reaching out to a large number of customers at a cheap cost.

We have so much experience and knowledge in our industry that you won't have to be concerned about anything. Excellent Publicity is ready to assist you with your television commercial, whether it's planning, implementation, organizing, or any other phase of the process.

We are a competent and experienced group of individuals that give clients targeted and up-to-date support with the TV advertisement. Our staff works intending to deliver high-quality solutions that include new concepts and reasonable price methods. Thousands of customers have trusted us to effectively market their products and reach their intended consumers.

Excellent Publicity believes in Excellence in Publicity!!!

Viewership and monitoring Television advertising

BARC charges a fee for television viewing and ad monitoring in India. Broadcast Audience Research Council is an acronym for Broadcast Audience Research Council. BARC is a trade organization tasked with developing, commissioning, supervising, and owning an accurate, dependable, and timely television audience measuring system for India. Advertisers might request that their television advertising agency offer them the reach and effectiveness of television for their ad campaigns. BARC also keeps track of when your commercials aired on television.

Various Methods of Television Television Advertising

For TV commercials, video ads are the most common medium. Scrollers, L Bands, and Aston Bands are three innovative television advertising solutions. Many TV networks provide free sponsorship tags to marketers when they book a TV campaign. The cost of new television media choices is higher than that of traditional advertisements. Another prominent television advertising approach is content integration.

  1. Aston Band

    While the content is being played, Aston Band is a flash ad that runs at the bottom of the screen. The cost of the Aston Band on television is higher than other formats since Aston Band TV commercials are broadcast with programming.

  2. Regular FCT Ad

    These are the typical television commercials we watch. They're the most common TV ad format, and they're shown throughout commercial breaks. On the site, you may see rates for normal TV commercials.

  3. Scrollers Ad

    The ad keeps scrolling from one end to the other in News Channels on television, which you must have seen very commonly. Scroller advertisements run for a brief period of time and have different rates depending on the channel.

  4. Teleshopping ad

    Teleshopping advertisements on television take the form of shows and are mostly used to sell. Teleshopping advertisements might last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. Teleshopping advertisements are broadcasted during peak hours and are a low-cost kind of advertising. The Excellent Publicity is a list of famous Indian TV networks that accept teleshopping ads.

  5. L Band

    L bands are L-shaped advertisements that appear on TV while the material is being shown. L Band commercials are more expensive than ordinary ads since they are played during the show.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about FM Television advertising

  1. How do I receive discounts for television commercials?

    The size of the company determines the savings in television ad prices. When you communicate your requirements with television ad companies, they can provide you the finest Television advertising discounted pricing.

  2. How do I find out how many people watch television?

    BARC reports on the number of television watchers, commonly known as viewership. At The Excellent Publicity, you may get basic TV channel access for free. On the other hand, BARC is a subscription-based service; thus, providing a precise reach number would be costly. You may also request this from your television advertising firm. When it comes to channel selection, reach figures are crucial.

  3. Will television companies assist me in creating my commercial?

    Ad design is not something that all television firms can assist you with. On the other hand, Excellent Publicity may assist you with the creation of your television commercial. The cost of television ad design is determined by the brief and is not included in the site's television advertising fee.

  4. How much does a television commercial cost?

    Advertising on television has a wide range of costs. The price would be determined by the number of channels, time slot, and ad format. Advertising on television can cost as little as Rs 200 every 10 seconds and as much as a few lakhs for a 10-second spot.

  5. How far in advance should I book my television commercial?

    The ad must be booked four days in advance.

  6. Are the charges for television commercials given the best rates?

    No. The rates given are not the best rates for television advertising. Televisions are constantly offering discounts and advertising packages. Any extra discounts should always be checked with their TV advertising agency or the TV station directly.

  7. What format do televisions accept advertisements in?

    The.mov file type is often used in television commercials.

  8. Is it possible to cancel an ad once it has been placed?

    Yes. Advertisers can cancel an ad after it has been booked if it has not yet been scheduled. Scheduling is done a day ahead of time.

  9. What are the procedures involved in placing a television commercial?

    Ø Describe your TV advertising requirements and budget.

    Ø Send your video to the agency in a specific format for television advertising.

    Ø Look for a television ad rate that is offered at a discounted rate.

    Ø Pay the invoice.

  10. How will I know whether my advertisement was heard?

    Television advertising firms would provide a BARC report detailing the time your ad aired. BARC also reports the ad length.

Prices for Television Advertising in 2021

Excellent Publicity is committed to giving the most accurate data to its consumers. As a consequence, we ensure that the advertising rates are updated regularly. Most advertising platforms evaluate their television advertising rates at the start of each year. Before reserving your campaign, make sure to check out the most updated television ad pricing. You may surely visit the website for the most up-to-date costs of television advertising in 2021. If there is still an issue, you can always contact us for assistance.

Call Excellent Publicity for Assistance!!!

Excellent Publicity is one of India's top television advertising firms, assisting customers in obtaining the best and most affordable television advertising rates. More than 100 national and regional TV networks in India have partnered with us. While advertising an advertisement on television with us, our staff guarantees the greatest prices to customers.

You may contact us for great discounts and execute your television advertising project by selecting the finest TV commercial advertising agency.

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