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Upcoming IPL/WPL Calendars

Mark your calendars and get ready to score big this IPL season.

Match No. Match Day Match Date Day Match Time Home Team Away Team Match Venue
1 1 22-Mar-24 Fri Evening Chennai Super Kings Royal Challengers Bengaluru Chennai
2 2 23-Mar-24 Sat Afternoon Punjab Kings Delhi Capitals Mullanpur
3 2 23-Mar-24 Sat Evening Kolkata Knight Riders Sunrisers Hyderabad Kolkata
4 3 24-Mar-24 Sun Afternoon Rajasthan Royals Lucknow Super Giants Jaipur
5 3 24-Mar-24 Sun Evening Gujarat Titans Mumbai Indians Ahmedabad
6 4 25-Mar-24 Mon Evening Royal Challengers Bengaluru Punjab Kings Bengaluru
7 5 26-Mar-24 Tue Evening Chennai Super Kings Gujarat Titans Chennai
8 6 27-Mar-24 Wed Evening Sunrisers Hyderabad Mumbai Indians Hyderabad
9 7 28-Mar-24 Thu Evening Rajasthan Royals Delhi Capitals Jaipur
10 8 29-Mar-24 Fri Evening Royal Challengers Bengaluru Kolkata Knight Riders Bengaluru
11 9 30-Mar-24 Sat Evening Lucknow Super Giants Punjab Kings Lucknow
12 10 31-Mar-24 Sun Afternoon Gujarat Titans Sunrisers Hyderabad Ahmedabad
13 10 31-Mar-24 Sun Evening Delhi Capitals Chennai Super Kings Visakhapatnam
14 11 01-Apr-24 Mon Evening Mumbai Indians Rajasthan Royals Mumbai
15 12 02-Apr-24 Tue Evening Royal Challengers Bengaluru Lucknow Super Giants Bengaluru
16 13 03-Apr-24 Wed Evening Delhi Capitals Kolkata Knight Riders Visakhapatnam
17 14 04-Apr-24 Thu Evening Gujarat Titans Punjab Kings Ahmedabad
18 15 05-Apr-24 Fri Evening Sunrisers Hyderabad Chennai Super Kings Hyderabad
19 16 06-Apr-24 Sat Evening Rajasthan Royals Royal Challengers Bengaluru Jaipur
20 17 07-Apr-24 Sun Afternoon Mumbai Indians Delhi Capitals Mumbai
21 17 07-Apr-24 Sun Evening Lucknow Super Giants Gujarat Titans Lucknow
22 18 08-Apr-24 Mon Evening Chennai Super Kings Kolkata Knight Riders Chennai
23 19 09-Apr-24 Tue Evening Punjab Kings Sunrisers Hyderabad Mullanpur
24 20 10-Apr-24 Wed Evening Rajasthan Royals Gujarat Titans Jaipur
25 21 11-Apr-24 Thu Evening Mumbai Indians Royal Challengers Bengaluru Mumbai
26 22 12-Apr-24 Fri Evening Lucknow Super Giants Delhi Capitals Lucknow
27 23 13-Apr-24 Sat Evening Punjab Kings Rajasthan Royals Mullanpur
28 24 14-Apr-24 Sun Afternoon Kolkata Knight Riders Lucknow Super Giants Kolkata
29 24 14-Apr-24 Sun Evening Mumbai Indians Chennai Super Kings Mumbai
30 25 15-Apr-24 Mon Evening Royal Challengers Bengaluru Sunrisers Hyderabad Bengaluru
31 26 16-Apr-24 Tue Evening Kolkata Knight Riders Rajasthan Royals Kolkata
32 27 17-Apr-24 Wed Evening Gujarat Titans Delhi Capitals Ahmedabad
33 28 18-Apr-24 Thu Evening Punjab Kings Mumbai Indians Mullanpur
34 29 19-Apr-24 Fri Evening Lucknow Super Giants Chennai Super Kings Lucknow
35 30 20-Apr-24 Sat Afternoon Delhi Capitals Sunrisers Hyderabad Delhi
36 31 21-Apr-24 Sun Afternoon Kolkata Knight Riders Royal Challengers Bengaluru Kolkata
37 31 21-Apr-24 Sun Evening Punjab Kings Gujarat Titans Mullanpur
38 32 22-Apr-24 Mon Evening Rajasthan Royals Mumbai Indians Jaipur
39 33 23-Apr-24 Tue Evening Chennai Super Kings Lucknow Super Giants Chennai
40 34 24-Apr-24 Wed Evening Delhi Capitals Gujarat Titans Delhi
41 35 25-Apr-24 Thu Evening Sunrisers Hyderabad Royal Challengers Bengaluru Hyderabad
42 36 26-Apr-24 Fri Evening Kolkata Knight Riders Punjab Kings Kolkata
43 37 27-Apr-24 Sat Afternoon Delhi Capitals Mumbai Indians Delhi
44 37 27-Apr-24 Sat Evening Lucknow Super Giants Rajasthan Royals Lucknow
45 38 28-Apr-24 Sun Afternoon Gujarat Titans Royal Challengers Bengaluru Ahmedabad
46 38 28-Apr-24 Sun Evening Chennai Super Kings Sunrisers Hyderabad Chennai
47 39 29-Apr-24 Mon Evening Kolkata Knight Riders Delhi Capitals Kolkata
48 40 30-Apr-24 Tue Evening Lucknow Super Giants Mumbai Indians Lucknow
49 41 01-May-24 Wed Evening Chennai Super Kings Punjab Kings Chennai
50 42 02-May-24 Thu Evening Sunrisers Hyderabad Rajasthan Royals Hyderabad
51 43 03-May-24 Fri Evening Mumbai Indians Kolkata Knight Riders Mumbai
52 44 04-May-24 Sat Evening Royal Challengers Bengaluru Gujarat Titans Bengaluru
53 45 05-May-24 Sun Afternoon Punjab Kings Chennai Super Kings Dharamshala
54 45 05-May-24 Sun Evening Lucknow Super Giants Kolkata Knight Riders Lucknow
55 46 06-May-24 Mon Evening Mumbai Indians Sunrisers Hyderabad Mumbai
56 47 07-May-24 Tue Evening Delhi Capitals Rajasthan Royals Delhi
57 48 08-May-24 Wed Evening Sunrisers Hyderabad Lucknow Super Giants Hyderabad
58 49 09-May-24 Thu Evening Punjab Kings Royal Challengers Bengaluru Dharamshala
59 50 10-May-24 Fri Evening Gujarat Titans Chennai Super Kings Ahmedabad
60 51 11-May-24 Sat Evening Kolkata Knight Riders Mumbai Indians Kolkata
61 52 12-May-24 Sun Afternoon Chennai Super Kings Rajasthan Royals Chennai
62 52 12-May-24 Sun Evening Royal Challengers Bengaluru Delhi Capitals Bengaluru
63 53 13-May-24 Mon Evening Gujarat Titans Kolkata Knight Riders Ahmedabad
64 54 14-May-24 Tue Evening Delhi Capitals Lucknow Super Giants Delhi
65 55 15-May-24 Wed Evening Rajasthan Royals Punjab Kings Guwahati
66 56 16-May-24 Thu Evening Sunrisers Hyderabad Gujarat Titans Hyderabad
67 57 17-May-24 Fri Evening Mumbai Indians Lucknow Super Giants Mumbai
68 58 18-May-24 Sat Evening Royal Challengers Bengaluru Chennai Super Kings Bengaluru
69 59 19-May-24 Sun Afternoon Sunrisers Hyderabad Punjab Kings Hyderabad
70 59 19-May-24 Sun Evening Rajasthan Royals Kolkata Knight Riders Guwahati
60 20-May-24 Mon Break Day
71 61 21-May-24 Tue Evening To Be Announced Qualifier 1 Ahmedabad
72 62 22-May-24 Wed Evening To Be Announced Eliminator Ahmedabad
63 23-May-24 Thu Break Day
73 64 24-May-24 Fri Evening To Be Announced Qualifier 2 Chennai
65 25-May-24 Sat Break Day
74 66 26-May-24 Sun Evening To Be Announced FINAL Chennai
Match No. Match Day Day Match Date Match Time Home Team Away Team Match Venue
1 1 Sat 04-Mar-23 7:30 PM Gujarat Giants Mumbai Indians DY PATIL Stadium
2 2 Sun 05-Mar-23 3:30 PM RCB Delhi Capitals Brabourne - CCI
3 2 Sun 05-Mar-23 7:30 PM UP Warriorz Gujarat Giants DY PATIL Stadium
4 3 Mon 06-Mar-23 7:30 PM Mumbai Indians RCB Brabourne - CCI
5 4 Tue 07-Mar-23 7:30 PM Delhi Capitals UP Warriorz DY PATIL Stadium
6 5 Wed 08-Mar-23 7:30 PM Gujarat Giants RCB Brabourne - CCI
7 6 Thu 09-Mar-23 7:30 PM Delhi Capitals Mumbai Indians DY PATIL Stadium
8 7 Fri 10-Mar-23 7:30 PM RCB UP Warriorz Brabourne - CCI
9 8 Sat 11-Mar-23 7:30 PM Gujarat Giants Delhi Capitals DY PATIL Stadium
10 9 Sun 12-Mar-23 7:30 PM UP Warriorz Mumbai Indians Brabourne - CCI
11 10 Mon 13-Mar-23 7:30 PM Delhi Capitals RCB DY PATIL Stadium
12 11 Tue 14-Mar-23 7:30 PM Mumbai Indians Gujarat Giants Brabourne - CCI
13 12 Wed 15-Mar-23 7:30 PM UP Warriorz RCB DY PATIL Stadium
14 13 Thu 16-Mar-23 7:30 PM Delhi Capitals Gujarat Giants Brabourne - CCI
15 14 Sat 18-Mar-23 3:30 PM Mumbai Indians UP Warriorz DY PATIL Stadium
16 14 Sat 18-Mar-23 7:30 PM RCB Gujarat Giants Brabourne - CCI
17 15 Mon 20-Mar-23 3:30 PM Gujarat Giants UP Warriorz Brabourne - CCI
18 15 Mon 20-Mar-23 7:30 PM Mumbai Indians Delhi Capitals DY PATIL Stadium
19 16 Tue 21-Mar-23 3:30 PM RCB Mumbai Indians DY PATIL Stadium
20 16 Tue 21-Mar-23 7:30 PM UP Warriorz Delhi Capitals Brabourne - CCI
21 17 Fri 24-Mar-23 ELIMINATOR DY PATIL Stadium
22 18 Sun 26-Mar-23 7:30 PM FINAL Brabourne - CCI

All You Need to Know About IPL 2024 Advertising

Millions of cricket fans worldwide eagerly await the IPL each year, which is one of the most anticipated cricket tournaments in the world, thus making it the perfect platform for IPL 2024 advertising.

What Is IPL Advertising, and Why Should You Consider Doing IPL Ads?

IPL advertising refers to advertising during the Indian Premier League (IPL); one of the world's most-watched and famous cricket tournaments. With a massive audience base and millions of viewers, IPL advertisements offer brands a unique opportunity to reach a vast and engaged audience. By leveraging the excitement and energy of the IPL, brands can create powerful and memorable marketing campaigns that connect with their target customers.

Excellent publicity offers exclusive IPL branding, team sponsorships, and jersey branding, as well as maximum visibility for brands through sports-influencer marketing.

As IPL 2024 is set to begin soon, now is the perfect time for businesses to consider investing in IPL 2024 advertising. IPL offers your brand better visibility and reach. It also drives high engagement with consumers along with increased revenue and growth

Why Should Brands Invest in IPL Advertising?

Every brand can profit from the many benefits of IPL advertising and substantially grow its business at both national and international levels. Advertising on IPL 2024 can help brands reach a vast audience and engage with them effectively. It's a powerful platform that offers a high-impact opportunity to promote products or services.

IPL advertising allows you to collaborate with well-known cricket teams and players. This type of advertising can help raise awareness of your brand and boost its popularity. By emotionally connecting with consumers, you can improve your brand's reliability and reputation, which can lead to increased profits. So, if you want to promote your brand, think about using IPL advertisements for maximum brand visibility and exposure.

IPL 2024 is set to attract a global audience, making it an ideal time to invest in IPL advertisements. With the help of excellent publicity, brands can soar to new heights and make high waves with interesting and engaging ad campaigns.

What Is The Advertisement Rate In The Tata IPL?

Advertisers should expect to pay a premium for advertisement in IPL slots during the tournament, with prices ranging based on the platform, the targeted audience, etc.
The IPL advertisement cost in 2024 may also differ depending on the format of the advertisement as well as its length and frequency.
Pre-roll ad video: INR 250 for a 10-sec video for 1000 impressions
Mid-roll ad video: INR 225 for a 10-sec video for 1000 impressions
The cost of additional targeting factors, such as target city, age demographic, and device price point, will increase the CPM cost.

Right Place Where You Can Book Your Ad Space In IPL

Advertisement on Star Sports 1 is the best way for brands to promote brand engagement and visibility by attracting millions of viewers, thereby promoting credibility and improving sales conversion through brand associations.

Star Sports is the best place to book IPL advertising space. It will help reach a large audience and enhance brand recall within a short span of time.

Jio Cinema will provide free broadcasts of IPL 2024 matches so that cricket fans can enjoy the action in the comfort of their own homes! Brands have a fantastic opportunity to use IPL advertising on Jio Cinema to reach a large audience and leave a lasting impression.

Jio Cinema is the right place to book your IPL advertisement space. As a leading streaming platform in India, Jio Cinema offers brands a strong platform to showcase their products or services to a massive audience. Jio Cinema offers a wide range of features and benefits for brands looking to advertise during IPL matches.

Jio Cinema offers a huge audience reach, targeted ad placement with a wide range of ad formats, and detailed analytics on ad performance, thus allowing brands to track engagement, click-through rates, and other key metrics.

For more detailed information, check out the IPL 2024 advertising rates card offered by Excellent Publicity.

How to Advertise IPL 2024 On Star Sports Television

With millions of followers globally and being India's largest cricket festival, the IPL broadcast on Star Sports is the ideal platform for businesses to market and advertise their products and services through live match advertising, thus raising brand awareness among a variety of demographics. Star sports television advertising is the greatest way to reach the target audience through the various ad formats offered by the channel. This way, the brand will be able to reach a large audience in a short period of time through the live telecast.

Star sports advertising cost is determined by a variety of factors, including the media option chosen by the client, the total timeframe of the ad when broadcast on TV, the frequency of ads per day, as well as the ad packages chosen by the client to suit their requirements and preferences.

To find the best rates for advertising on TV platforms and more information regarding advertising on Star Sports, contact Excellent Publicity through phone or E-mail and get the best media ad packages tailored to your needs and availability that meet your advertising and brand recognition goals.

How to Advertise During IPL 2024 on Jio Cinema

IPL 2024 on Jio Cinema offers various advertising formats, like pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads, among others. Choose the format that best suits your advertising goals, like banner ads or native ads.

Jio Cinema also offers targeted ad solutions based on audience demographics, allowing brands to reach their desired audience effectively for IPL 2024 advertising.

How Can Excellent Publicity Help You Book Ads for IPL on Jio Cinema?

Excellent Publicity is a leading advertising agency that can help you book IPL advertisements on Jio Cinema.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your advertising goals, budget, and target audience and create tailored ad campaigns for the IPL 2024 on Jio Cinema that meet your expectations and ensure maximum reach. Negotiate the best rates possible and get to track and analyze the performance of your IPL advertisement on Jio Cinema campaigns

Excellent publicity provides extensive help and support throughout the entire advertising and marketing process, beginning with ad placement and concluding with campaign implementation and tracking, guaranteeing a seamless and trouble-free experience.

Sports marketing agencies in India such as Excellent Publicity can help brands with their advertising and marketing efforts in 2024 by providing them with access to influencer marketing, jersey branding, sponsorships, etc.

The agencies can assist in creating engaging content and developing marketing strategies that align with the brand’s value and target audience, such as Excellent Publicity's expertise in IPL advertising makes them the ideal choice for booking ads on Jio Cinema.

Contact Excellent Publicity today to learn more about IPL advertising rates.


The scope of Tata IPL 2023 advertising is very significant, as it presents valuable opportunities for brands to increase their recognition and visibility. IPL 2023 advertisements create a huge impact amongst sports fans, creating a high impact amongst the target audience. Digital campaigns on Jio advertisement IPL provide a good amount of viewership, driving leads and sales.

Brands can advertise in the IPL through various marketing strategies that include:

  1. Associations and partnerships: Brands can get associated through brands endorsement in IPL on-ground, jersey, and in-stadium branding to get high visibility.
  2. Newspaper, radio and Airport: Leverage the power of print, transit and traditional medium and place advertisements in IPL reach the target audience effectively
  3. OTT & CTV: OTT platforms like hotstar IPL ads and connected TV advertising provides the benefit to the brands to reach wider audience in short period of time and increase brand awareness.

Team sponsorship in IPL numerous benefits for brands to increase their brand visibility and awareness. Brand endorsement in IPL presents the opportunity for brands to gain maximum exposure and brand loyalty. It also presents the chance for brands to enhance their brand image, reach a wider audience, and build a lasting impression on consumers.

For placing an advertisement on Jio Cinema for the IPL, the rates start from as little as Rs 250 and vary accordingly to the time slot, duration, and length of the ad.

The one-view cost for advertising on IPL 2023 on Jio Cinema starts from as little as 0.25 paisa and varies according to the targeting demographics.

There are various advertising opportunities available during the IPL, including IPL 2023 sponsorship packages include jersey branding, in-stadium and on-ground branding, and partnerships with teams. Advertisements on radio, newspapers, and transit can provide extensive coverage and visibility. Digital platforms such as Hotstar IPL ads, Jio Cinema, and connected TV advertising can reach a wide digital audience and maximize exposure, enhancing brand presence tremendously throughout the tournament.


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