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Non-Traditional Marketing

What is Non-Traditional Advertising?

It’s a new-age marketing type of the 21st century where a brand promotes its product/service in an unusual way or at an unusual place to catch the TG’s attention. Research showed that all well-executed non-traditional campaigns have created a greater impact on the people in the last few years.

When is it the right time to go non-traditional with your brand’s marketing?

If you are a new brand and you want to stay on budget while gaining the attention of your target market then non-traditional marketing can be one of the most effective methods of advertising

Additionally, non-traditional marketing is a choice to make if you want your business to attempt something fresh or out of the ordinary. Strategies such as society activation and leaflet distribution works the best if you want to target more people in a shorter time frame.

How long should you run a non-traditional campaign for your brand?

The duration of the campaign purely depends on the type of marketing strategy you choose for your brand. In contrast to campaigns such as leaflet distribution, corporate activation, and society activation, which can last for a day, umbrella branding, canopy branding, and arch branding campaigns can last anywhere from 15 days to two months

It is up to you, the brand, to decide how long you want to run a campaign if you select a type that can go on for a longer period of time. Considering a campaign's success rate is the best way to determine how long it should last.

Where can your brand be promoted ‘non-traditionally’?
  • Canopy Branding
  • Lookwalkers
  • Umbrella Branding
  • Standee
  • Bill Envelop Advertising
  • Arch Branding
  • Leaflet Distribution
  • Society Activation
  • Corporate Activation
  • Digital Screens
  • Product Sampling
  • No-Parking Boards
  • Society Gates Branding
  • Police Barricades

Why does your brand need non-traditional marketing campaigns?

Non-Traditional marketing advertises your product/service indirectly to viewers in an unconventional way that can leave a long lasting impression on your TG and that is something WE do quite EXCELLENTLY

The purpose of non-traditional marketing is to promote your product in an eye-catching way that can eventually increase the footfall by grabbing the attention of people other than your TG.

What are the prices of Non-Traditional Marketing in India?

The rate of any kind of marketing varies depending on its type and the agency. Normally, the prices for non-traditional marketing in India starts from 20K* and can increase as per the demands.

At Excellent Publicity, Non-Traditional Marketing starts with 5K* and can vary as per the needs, the duration and the type of the campaign you want to run. Contact Excellent Publicity to get the complete information



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