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Transit Marketing

What Is Transit Advertising?

Transit advertising is an advertising strategy involving advertisements on public transportation and public transportation stops and locations. Businesses place ads on taxis, autos, buses, trains, bus stations, terminals, and other stations

The idea here is straight. Public transportation is highly crowded. Moreover, every time a customer visits these locations. Although every business can leverage this advertising option, local businesses usually benefit more from transit advertising.

Why Do Your Businesses Need Transit Advertising?

Businesses have been using transportation facilities as a medium of advertisement for a long time. The only difference between then and now is that it’s done with more creativity and strategy. And since it’s one of the channels that grabs a lot of attention, it simply cannot be neglected.

According to statistics, people use public transportation 34 million times each weekday. Also, bus advertising is one of the highest-reaching marketing mediums, reaching over 48 million adults over two weeks. These statistics clearly indicate that it's one of the most effective mass advertising mediums that many businesses need to take advantage of and miss the opportunity to reach a good number of people

Where Does Transit Advertising Take Place?

As the name suggests, transit advertising takes place on various public modes of transport and transport locations, including:

  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Metro
  • Bus stops
  • Terminals
  • Railway stations
  • Taxis and Vans
  • Autos
  • Cycle stands

When Should You Consider Transit Advertising for Your Business?

If you are thinking of launching a massive campaign for which you need to grab the attention of the local people, using transportation as a medium to promote it is a good idea. That way, you can reach a mass audience and leave an impression. Also, go for transit advertising when you’ve got a reasonable budget. You can reach out to Excellent Publicity, a renowned ad agency with years of experience in the field. Our experts can produce compelling transit ads for your business based on your goals at affordable rates.

Who Can Use Transit Advertising?

Transit Advertising is one of the advertising modes that is open to everyone. Almost all businesses can choose to advertise their products or promote their campaigns through transport facilities. However, it works best for local brands and businesses. It is easier to grab the attention of local audiences, which cannot be reached through other popular mediums. Moreover, it is easier for local businesses to target different audience segments based on their transportation mode.

How Can Transit Advertising Help Your Business?

  • Transit advertising grabs a massive audience's attention, which is probably the best thing about it. On average, people spend about 45 minutes on public transit. So, they’re more likely to see almost all of the ads on a bus or train at least once.
  • Buses, cabs, and trains are three of the most used transportation. So, there is a huge scope of repetitive exposure as people travel on the same routes daily.
  • Transit advertising works wonders for local brands. Why? Because it is easy to target a local audience. Also, the main focus is to get the people to remember the name of your brand or product. Moreover, they need to select the audience group they want to target and place their ads on specific transports and locations accordingly.
  • Transit advertisements have the ability to change a customer’s decision at the last minute. For instance, there’s a high possibility for a commuter to change their mind about buying a product after they see an ad in the local transport they travel in.
  • Another fantastic factor that helps businesses is that transit advertisement is relatively cheaper than various other modes of advertising. You only need to purchase an ad on the side of transport at an affordable CPM.



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