Unleash the vibrant spirit of garba through brand sponsorships.
Become a sponsor of some of the best Navratri events, and discover the unparalleled impact of Garba integrations.

Sponsorship is equal to branding

Garba is more than just a dance; it's an experience that bridges communities and hearts. This event is all about celebrating our culture and creating ways for brands to connect with their audience. We're here to unveil how Garba integration can make brands come alive and tell cultural stories.

Join us as we redefine marketing by unforgettable cultural connections!

Why should brands opt for garba integration?

Fosters organic

Generates social
media buzz

Promotes community

Builds positive

Targets mass

Power up your navratri sponsorship game with excellent publicity

You know how brands are always trying to get noticed? Well, with Garba integration, we've got a unique way to grab people's attention and make your brand shine. We mix creativity, strategy, and cultural awareness to make your brand a cultural spotlight.

What we offer

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  • Co - Powered By
  • Associate Sponsor
  • Co-Sponsor
  • Special Partner
  • Booking Partner
  • Specific Category Partner
  • On-ground integrations
  • Social media integration
  • Society integration

Get a global reach

With us, The whole world is your Navratri playground. Tie up with us and give your brand a global reach.

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The mirror work may be on the costumes of all the khelaiyaas, but we promise to make your brand shine brighter than all of them.

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