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GoAir - Domestic

GoAir - Domestic

Average Monthly Passengers: 1,147,589

Air India - Domestic

Air India - Domestic

Average Monthly Passengers: 1,346,337

Vistara  - Domestic

Vistara - Domestic

Average Monthly Passengers: 453,362

AirAsia  - Domestic

AirAsia - Domestic

Average Monthly Passengers: 687,703

IndiGo - Domestic

IndiGo - Domestic

Average Monthly Passengers: 5,439,796

SpiceJet  - Domestic

SpiceJet - Domestic

Average Monthly Passengers: 1,582,457

Emirates - International

Emirates - International

Average Monthly Passengers: 687,703

A Step By Step Guide To Make Your Inflight Plan

What is in-flight advertising?

In-flight advertising refers to advertising that targets potential customers who are aboard the plane.In-flight advertisements shown during a flight are intended to draw in new customers for a given airline. These ads might be seen as part of the in-flight entertainment, in the form of an in-flight magazine, on onboarding cards, on the back of seat trays, or in the overhead compartments.

Advertising in flight a great chance for businesses to make connections and interact with their targeted customers. With airlines, you can reach hundreds of global passengers. Following are some of the common types of in-flight advertising:

Inflight Marketing

Inflight advertising creates an ideal opportunity for businesses to communicate & engage with targeted customers. With airlines, you can reach hundreds of global passengers. Following are some of the common types of inflight advertising.

  1. Video ads on overhead as well as seatback screens

    These videos can run for about 30 to 90 seconds and are shown to an audience that will almost certainly take an interest in your brand and its products and services.

  2. Premium in-flight advertising spots

    A video ad plays during takeoff when passengers are asked to switch off their electronic devices. A 30-second video played during this time captivates the audience and informs everyone on board about your brand.

  3. Inflight Magazines

    Many passengers prefer reading while trying to pass the time during a flight. That’s where passengers often choose in-flight magazines. According to statistics, 80% of passengers reach for in-flight magazines while on a journey. Therefore,inflight magazine advertising is one of the most effective forms of print advertising for flights.

  4. Overhead bin ads

    The overhead bin area is the broadest physical space inside a plane that can be used for advertising. If you use this space for your in-flight advertising, your brand will be one of the first things passengers notice when they step onboard.

  5. Table tray ads

    This is another effective advertising method on a flight. Each time a passenger slides their table tray down, they can view your message if you decide to use this form of in-flight advertising.

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Why Should You Do Inflight Advertising?

Inflight advertising is the best form of advertising to place your important message in front of millions of potential customers. The passengers are more likely to take notice of the in-flight advertisements, making it a great opportunity to get your message across while also getting your brand noticed by all demographics.

  • With in-flight advertising, you can efficiently reach a premium audience.
  • Benefit from a captive audience, as passengers on planes have restricted internet and mobile network access.
  • Take advantage of the relaxed environment onboard flights, which increases the likelihood of people paying attention to your advertisements.

And with Excellent Publicity’s wide variety of advertising options, you can achieve brand recognition by advertising in front of millions of potential customers. Reach out to us, and let’s take your advertising game to the next level!

Who Should Consider Inflight Advertising?

Advertising in flight can be beneficial for businesses that are looking to increase their brand awareness through a marketing campaign targeted at a premium mass audience. Inflight advertising is not for all businesses, companies, or brands. Inflight advertising can be most beneficial for businesses with a large pan-India presence, a long history in the industry, a captivating marketing campaign, and a generous budget. The audience is another crucial factor to keep in mind; if you are hoping to reach an elite and distinguished demographic, then in-flight advertising is the best way to go. It is not recommended for those who are unable to make a large financial commitment to advertising.

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When can inflight advertising be effective?

In-flight advertisements can be beneficial if you have a powerful message to convey through your marketing campaign that has a significant purpose that passengers can genuinely focus on. You also need innovative engagement, creative and original marketing ideas to keep your audience captivated and focused on your advertisements. Reach out to the best advertising agency, such as Excellent Publicity, for in-flight advertising. We will help you develop an effective in-flight advertising campaign with a strong and compelling message.

How can you get your ads placed on flights?

If you already have an idea in mind, you can directly contact the airline and present it to them. As inflight magazine advertising options are the most sought-after option for businesses because of the advanced visibility and reach they provide, it is best to reserve an advertisement spot in the inflight magazine. These slots can be booked for 15 days or less each month.

But the best option for executing an effective, planned campaign is to seek help from an experienced ad agency. Excellent Publicity is an Ahmedabad-based advertising business with years of experience in the in-flight advertising industry. Our talented team will help you design effective in-flight ad campaigns. We are well-versed in the procedure, and we can book ad slots for you without any hassle.

What Are the Rates for Inflight Advertising with Excellent Publicity?

The cost of in-flight advertising varies based on the airline, the type of advertisement, the time frame of the journey, and how exclusive the brand wants to be. As we discussed above, some of the most common types of inflight advertising are tray table ads, overhead compartment ads, in-flight magazine ads, and on-screen ads shown on entertainment systems. Each of these ad formats has different costs associated with them.

In-flight magazines are the perfect platform to showcase your products and services to a discerning audience and reach a captive audience. In-flight magazine advertising rates start at approximately $1,000 per half-page ad.

Combine the power of TV and print by featuring your brand in in-flight TV and magazine advertising. Maximize your brand's exposure with the airlines providing the best inflight advertising costs and make your brand reach millions of travelers worldwide.

Inflight advertisement rates are usually higher because you have a "captive audience" while on the plane. Airline companies may even charge more for ads in their first- or business-class sections since they're often used by elite travelers.

Overall, the inflight advertising cost can vary a lot and might need some negotiation with the airline, or you can contact an experienced agency like Excellent Publicity to get the best inflight advertising rates. Your advertisement won't be beneficial if it contains only a simple message with no impact. For this reason, you must consider collaborating with a top-notch advertising agency like Excellent Publicity. We can help you create a campaign that will effectively capture people's attention and soar your brand to new marketing heights.

Team up with Excellent Publicity for expert advertising solutions that get the best results. Our talented copywriters and designers will help you create fantastic ad campaigns while also handling the logistics and ad placement for stress-free advertising. Furthermore, with our specialized marketing and advertising skills, we can deliver the best in-flight advertising options to help your business reach a premium audience.

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The below-listed points are the advantages of in-flight advertising:

Captive audience - Inflight advertisements capture the attention of the passengers in a receptive state of mind during their travel.

Global reach - Inflight media provides a wide reach of both domestic and international travelers.

Wide exposure - With flights taken by frequent travelers, inflight advertisements>/b> provide wide and repeated exposure.

Highly targeted audience - Inflight advertising allows agencies and marketers to target audiences based on their locations, preferences, and purchasing habits.

In-flight advertising targets potential consumers on airplanes through various channels. The best inflight advertising example would be commercials during in-flight entertainment, ads in magazines and on boarding passes, and placements on seat back tray tables and overhead storage bins. Flight attendants may also engage in sales pitches to promote products or services.

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In-Flight advertisement may include the following:

In-Flight Video

Video advertising available on overhead as well as seatback screens. These videos can run anywhere from :30 to :90 seconds, and they are presented to an audience who is almost certain to be engaged.

In-Flight Magazine

Many passengers will reach for something to read while trying to pass the time during a flight – and in-flight magazines are often the material of choice. one of the most-effective forms of print advertising available.

Seatback Inserts

The back of the seat is the perfect place for an In-flight advertising message, as it is directly in the line of sight of the passenger

Overhead Bins

The biggest physical space on the inside of a plane that is available for advertising is the overhead bin area. one of the first things passengers notice

Table Tray Advertising

Each time a passenger brings their table tray down in front of them, they will view your message

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