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GoAir - Domestic

GoAir - Domestic

Average Monthly Passengers: 1,147,589

Air India - Domestic

Air India - Domestic

Average Monthly Passengers: 1,346,337

Vistara  - Domestic

Vistara - Domestic

Average Monthly Passengers: 453,362

AirAsia  - Domestic

AirAsia - Domestic

Average Monthly Passengers: 687,703

IndiGo - Domestic

IndiGo - Domestic

Average Monthly Passengers: 5,439,796

SpiceJet  - Domestic

SpiceJet - Domestic

Average Monthly Passengers: 1,582,457

Emirates - International

Emirates - International

Average Monthly Passengers: 687,703

What is Inflight Advertising?

In-flight advertising aims to attract new passengers traveling in a particular airline. Inflight ads are usually shown to passengers as part of in-flight entertainment, in the in-flight magazines or onboarding cards, on the seat-back tray tables, and in the overhead bins.

Inflight Marketing

Inflight advertising creates an ideal opportunity for businesses to communicate & engage with targeted customers. With airlines, you can reach hundreds of global passengers. Following are some of the common types of inflight advertising.

  1. Video ads on overhead as well as seatback screens

    These videos can run for about 30 to 90 seconds and are shown to an audience who will almost certainly take an interest.

  2. Premium in-flight advertising spots

    played during take-off when passengers are asked to switch off their electronic devices. A 30 video played during this time captivates the audience and informs everyone on board about your brand.

  3. Inflight Magazines

    Many passengers prefer reading while trying to pass the time during a flight. That’s where passengers often choose in-flight magazines. According to statistics, 80% of passengers reach for in-flight magazines while on a journey. Therefore, this is one of the most-effective forms of print advertising for flights.

  4. Overhead bin ads

    The overhead bin area is the broadest physical space inside a plane that can be used for advertising. If you use this space for your in-flight advertising, your brand will be one of the first things passengers notice when they step onboard.

  5. Table tray ads

    This is another effective advertising method in a flight. Each time a passenger slides their table tray down, they can view your message if you decide to use this form of in-flight advertising.

Why Should You Do Inflight Advertising?

Inflight advertising can be highly beneficial for your business because:

  • It is an effective way to target a premium audience.
  • Passengers on the flight are a captive audience as they have no internet and mobile network access.
  • The audience is in a relaxed environment on a flight, so they’re more likely to pay attention to the ads.

Who Should Consider Inflight Advertising?

Inflight advertising is not for all businesses, companies, and brands. It works best for those who have a pan-India presence, have been in the market for years, have an exciting and engaging campaign, and have a high budget. Moreover, another essential aspect to consider is the audience. If your target is a high-class premium audience, you must go for inflight advertising. Also, if you’re not in a position to invest a lot of money in advertising, then inflight advertising is not for you.

When Can Inflight Advertising be Effective?

Inflight ads can be effective if you have a strong message to deliver and something, a campaign with a substantial cause that passengers can actually focus on. Also, you need innovative engagement and creative campaign ideas. A simple raw message without any punch to it won’t work for inflight advertising. Therefore, it’s best to connect with renowned ad agencies like Excellent Publicity to help you develop a compelling campaign.

How Can You Get Your Ads placed On flights?

If you already have a concept, you can reach out to the airline and pitch them your idea. Since inflight magazine ads are the most popular ones businesses usually choose to go for, you need to book an ad slot in the inflight magazine. These slots are booked every month for 15 days or less.

But, in case you still need to get a planned campaign or ads, you must seek help from an experienced ad agency. Excellent Publicity is an ad agency headquartered in Ahmedabad with years of experience in the advertising industry. They have a talented team of copywriters and designers who can help you prepare campaigns and ads. Also, they are well-versed in the procedure so they can book ad slots for you without any hassle.



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