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Advertising in Malls with Excellent Publicity

Mall Marketing

Advertisement is very effective to amplify a brand’s voice. We help you with mall advertising for better audience reach. When you advertise with us, you get recognised the right way. A great challenge for an amenity is to get a wider range of audience by reaching an interesting composite part out of the whole population. Let’s get to know the information on how we help you with your mall advertisement and mall branding.

What is Mall Advertising and why should you consider doing Mall ads?

Mall advertising is a way through which malls advertise with the help of manual and digital banners, posters, etc. Advertising in Malls is the best way to channelise all the information to potential customers by using several unique means to get their attention. The mall is the place that remains the busiest and it is a great platform for mall branding that increases audience reach and also sales.

Why should you invest in Mall Advertising?

With the help of Mall ads, you can drive more traffic to your brand and also influence the buying decision of the customers. Marketing is an advantageous tool which is used widely for advertising in malls but getting it done the right way is what grabs the attention of the people. A mall is a place where everything is curated in one place such as clothing brands, luxurious brands, home essentials, accessories and much more. Therefore, there can not be a better place to reach the target audience than the malls. When visitors enter malls, the majority of them notice the decorative ads and get intrigued by them, that is the power of mall branding and mall ads. Mall advertising is one of those places where the audience is in the buying mood, hence, investing in mall advertising can never go wrong for your brands.

Right Place where you should place Your Ads in Malls

When you are aware of the right way to advertise your brands through mall advertisements that make it obvious for the customers to notice the ads being displayed at different places in the mall. To achieve this goal, you first need to know how to strategically put across your ad so it does not go unnoticed. The places where you can place the mall ads are as follows:

Mall Kiosks: These are the small retail merchandising units which are centered in the mall to grab customers’ attention. They have limited items stacked up there but the best ones are loved by the people who try them on. Once they like it, they go on to purchase them. This is a way of mall branding which brings great deals to the customers.

Escalators or Elevators: These areas are best suited for mall ads, especially for multi-level malls. These ads are wrapped around the escalators and effectively get your ad in places which are highly trafficked by the visitors inside the malls.

Cinema ads: Movie theaters are densely populated inside the malls. Also, you must have observed that the advertisements are played on the screen before the movie and during the intervals. It is also a creative mall advertising which is used to capture the attention of people.

Why should you consider doing Mall Advertising?

You should consider mall branding when you are looking to advertise your brand the right way and want a great return on the investment that you make. The mall is a disguise of place-based media which gets the branding done in the right way. It can not be denied that the mall is not merely a retail store but more than that. It is a great place for entertainment which is why creative mall ads are a great way to catch the buyer’s eye. People are often confused when buying online because there are size and quality issues, most of the time. By going to the mall, one can experience a try-on and a better customer experience. All these things are what pull people back to the malls and creative mall ads catch their attention.

How can you do Mall Branding and Advertising?

You can get in touch with an ad publication agency which can help you with the mall branding and displaying your mall ads righteously. Mall ads alleviate the sales for the brands 10 times which not even commercial ads can do. Hence, it is very important to get the ads displayed in the right way. Everyone can do marketing but unique marketing is what it is all about. It shall be very important to display your brand’s ad in a way that it stands out from the rest. Excellent Publicity is a renowned media, advertisement and publication agency which has expert team members that help you with mall branding and advertisement. We are based out of Ahmedabad with roots spread to Pune, Delhi and Dubai. Our highly expertise team members are there to help you with your queries ranging from understanding the mall branding to displaying them in the malls for better and wider reach.


The benefits of mall advertising is a highly effective strategy for boosting sales, increasing brand awareness, and driving foot traffic. With limited locations where audiences are in a ready-to-buy mindset, mall advertising provides a prime opportunity. Timing plays a crucial role for both advertising agencies and brands, making it essential to seize the moment and capture the attention of potential customers in this ideal environment.

The three essential benefits of mall advertising are as follows:

1) High foot traffic

Mall advertising attracts large shopper audiences, making it ideal for businesses to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

2) Targeted audience

Mall advertisement attracts diverse audiences, allowing businesses to target specific demographics like families, young professionals, or seniors.

3) Convenient location

Malls’ convenient locations attract both shoppers and businesses, increasing the chances of consumers noticing advertisements while they are out and about.

Mall advertisements include digital screen ads, backlit board ads, drop down ads. The mall advertising costs could vary depending on the different spaces where the activity is being executed. The costs could also vary on the mall and its popularity, and the size of the advertisement.

Mall advertising is a powerful tool for achieving brand awareness and guiding consumers through the purchase funnel. It provides a highly efficient, interactive, and strategic approach to reaching your target market. With a captive audience, mall advertisement enables meaningful connections with consumers, leading to increased sales and conversions, making it an effective advertising strategy.

Mall branding is important for several reasons. Firstly, malls attract a large and diverse audience of shoppers, providing businesses with a valuable opportunity to increase brand exposure and reach potential customers. Secondly, mall branding advertising allows businesses to create a physical presence and establish a strong brand identity within a popular retail environment. It helps build brand recognition, trust, and loyalty among consumers. The best mall branding agency in India is Excellent Publicity. This is a 360° advertising agency, a one stop solution to all the advertising needs.

Shopping mall ads entice customers through captivating designs, irresistible offers, and compelling calls-to-action, while utilizing strategic placement, integration with digital channels, and interactive elements. With targeted messaging, consistent branding, and optimization measurement, these shopping mall advertisements effectively attract and engage potential shoppers.




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