Over the years, it has been observed that Transit Advertising has had exceptional results for advertisers all over world, and this has led to a heavy increase in demand for these mediums. In order to meet these demands of advertisers, there are various new types of transit mediums that can further help brands in expanding their reach and awareness amongst the target audience. One such new medium is- Tricycle Branding, within the short period this medium has gained a lot of popularity and is now available in various cities of India. In this type of advertising special boxes baring ads are propped up on tricycles which make rounds slowly across the pre-decided routes. Since these tricycles are meant solely for the purpose of advertising, the advertiser has a lot more control over the medium than they may have in other transit mediums. The exact areas to be covered and the timings are all entirely based on the advertisers needs and the audience to be targeted.

Why go for Tricycle Advertising?

Tricycle branding can be an extremely effective as well as efficient medium for advertising.

  • Catchy- Advertising is a creative process and the more innovative and creative an ad is the greater would be its chances to be seen by a large number of people. With the mainstream advertising mediums like newspaper or hoardings the aspect of creativity is solely limited to the ad creative and its content but with new and unconventional advertising options like Tricycle Branding the creativity extends to the medium as well. Being noveland more innovative, thismedium,can easily grab attention of the passers-by even from a distance.
  • Flexibility- Flexibility is another important aspect that advertisers must focus on. Tricycle Advertising is extremely flexible as the advertiser can decide upon the time schedule and routes according to their needs which isn’t usually possible through other transit mediums.
  • Impossible to skip- One feature that distinguishes these ads from the ads on television, radio and a lot of other mediums is that they cannot be skipped or ignored easily. Besides this it does not even require the viewer to consciously access the medium before the ad can be presented and can instantly capture attention.
  • Reach Out to Everyone- Since people passing by these ads can belong to all classes of people these ads can effectively target both upper and lower segments of the society. With the correct selection of routes and timings in the right areas Tricycle Branding would allow brands to reach out to their targeted demographic easily.
  • Targeting- Targeting is the key to effective advertising, any flaw in targeting can lead to serious consequences for the advertiser and their brand. Not only would it increase the cost of the campaign but also have negative impact on the sales. Geo-targeting is one of the very important ways of targeting and pole kiosk ads can provide the level of geo-targeting that is necessary to reach out the right audience. The advertisers get to choose the exact city, area and even the street that they wish to advertise on. Tricycle Branding can also be used for demographic targeting of audience if planned carefully.
  • Better Recall- One major hurdle that OOH ads suffer is the competition that they face form other outdoor ads. With the number of ads that consumers are exposed to at the same time, it is fairly difficult to hold their attention for longer through the conventional mediums. But with Tricycle Branding, you can actually have your viewers stop by to look at your ad. It captures the attention of the viewer for a longer period of time leading to better recall.
  • Cost Effectiveness- It also extremely cost effective as it can bring in great results even with a smaller investment. Not only is it affordable but due to the massive reach that this medium has, the cost per view is significantly low.
  • Extended Exposure- One major flaw that has been observed with a lot of transit mediums that since they sometimes move at a very high speed, they do not give the viewer enough time to go through the entire message but in case of Tricycle Branding the viewer is able to go through the entire advertisement as the tricycles move at a speed relatively slower than that of most transit mediums like bus, autos and cabs.
  • Illumination- With Tricycles brands have the option to choose any time schedule that they prefer to target their audience. Unlike most transit advertising mediums, these come with the option of illumination if the advertiser wishes to advertise in the evening and night. Advertisers can go for Non-Lit Tricycles if they wish to advertise during the day and Back lit for advertising in the evening and night.
  • Size- Visibility is a very important factor in advertising. Ads that are easily visible are able to have high reach and better retention amongst viewers. One very effective way to expand the visibility is to use large sized ad displays. Ads propped on these tricycles are quite big in size allowing them to be seen even from a good distance.
  • Eyelevel Visibility- Tricycle Ads unlike most OOH mediums have eye-level visibility that is they’re present within the average viewers’ line of sight or at least closer to it than the hoardings and billboards that are propped at great height, thus it is fairly difficult to miss out on these. These can be easily viewed by everyone whether they are people in cars, on bikes or pedestrians.

From it, the advertisers are able to enjoy the benefit provided by outdoor mediums like hoardings at the same time getting an additional advantage by its mobility.


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