Tricycle Branding is a relatively newer transit advertising medium that is now available in various cities of India. In this type of advertising special boxes baring ads are propped up on tricycles which make rounds slowly across the pre-decided routes. Since these tricycles are meant solely for the purpose of advertising, the advertiser has a lot more control over the medium than they may have in other transit mediums. The exact areas to be covered and the timings are all entirely based on the advertisers need and the audience to be targeted.

Why go for Tricycle Branding?

Tricycle branding can be an extremely effective as well as efficient medium for advertising. Being a newer and more innovative medium, it can easily grab attention of the passers-by even from a distance. From it, the advertisers are able to enjoy the benefit provided by outdoor mediums like hoardings at the same time getting an additional advantage by its mobility.

Tricycle Advertising is extremely flexible as the advertiser can decide upon the time schedule and routes according to their needs which isn’t usually possible through other transit mediums.

It also extremely cost effective as it can bring in great results even with a smaller investment.

By its innovative design it can capture the viewers’ attention for a greater time span than any conventional medium therefore leading to better recall.

Other than this since the tricycle moves at a relatively slow speed it gives the viewer enough time to view the entire advertisement which might not happen in other transit mediums.

Tricycle advertiser leads to better targeting as the routes and timings are all based on the target audience chosen by the advertiser.

The Steps in Execution

  1. Share your requirements: Approach our efficient planners and executors and share your requirements for a campaign.
  2. Plan the campaign with us: We will assist you in terms of choosing right locations, quantity of tricycle, type of tricycle that would be Box shape, curve shape or hut shape(which differ from city to city), the illumination type that would be non-lit or back-lit which also includes to have a successful campaign on board.
  3. Receive the best quotes: We provide lowest assured rates with best services for Tricycle branding across India.
  4. Provide creative: Provide us with an attractive creative to show case your brand on tricycles after we share the creative dimensions. The acceptable format of creative in tricycle branding is CDR file. Once you share the creative it will be converted into jpeg format absolutely free of cost. We will share the converted creative with you for approval. After receiving your approval the creative will be send for printing and installation.
  5. Campaign duration: The campaign duration for tricycle is 6 hours a day that would be 11 am to 5 pm for non-lit tricycle and 3 pm to 9 pm for back-lit tricycle.
  6. Go Live: See your brand moving on wheels within a bare minimum timeframe and achieve a grandstanding response.
  7. Receive proof of execution: Receive photographs of all the tricycles after the installation process is accomplished successfully.
  8. Track a campaign: Receive a live tricycle location photograph during the start of the campaign on a daily basis.

Why hire Excellent Publicity for Tricycle Branding?

“The name says it all”

Excellent Publicity is an emerging and fastest growing advertising agency headquartered Ahmedabad with branch setups in Mumbai, Pune, Surat & Vadodara started its journey in the year 2012. Excellent Publicity is the one stop solution to provide best services and accomplished advertising techniques to have remarkable tricycle advertising campaigns all over the nation. We have as many years of experience in media buying, planning and execution and can provide high quality services with comparatively lower rates. Team Excellent has served thousands of clients and helped them in promoting their brands and reach the target audience successfully.

Team excellent is a talented and well experienced group of people who provide a focused and to the point assistance to their clients and works with the motive of providing high quality services that combines creativity and value pricing.

So what are you waiting for, the best tricycle advertising plan is just a few clicks away.

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