TV9 Bharatvarsh

Advertising in TV9 Bharatvarsh

Advertisement on TV9 Bharatvarsh is very fruitful. An Indian news station in Hindi. Within a year of its debut; the recently created station overtook the No. 2 Hindi news channel in India. To ensure that an advertisement receives the most attention; it can be shown on TV9 Bharatvarsh during peak hours.

Key Insights
ChannelGenre Current Affairs Language Hindi

Advertising Options in TV9 Bharatvarsh

Aston Band

Aston Band

  • FCT & Non – FCT Advertising
  • Prime Time & Non-Prime Time
  • L Band & Aston Band

L Band

L Band

  • FCT & Non – FCT Advertising
  • Prime Time & Non-Prime Time
  • L Band & Aston Band

Scoller Ads

Scoller Ads

  • FCT & Non – FCT Advertising
  • Prime Time & Non-Prime Time
  • L Band & Aston Band

Video Ad

Video Ad

  • FCT & Non – FCT Advertising
  • Prime Time & Non-Prime Time
  • L Band & Aston Band

TV9 Bharatvarsh Advertising

Touching over 179634550 individuals monthly,TV9 Bharatvarsh advertisements have the ability to broadcast your brand’s personality, thereby generating effective leads. With a prime audience and 12% metro share, the TV9 Network owned channel rose to fame through its influential columnists and moderators.

With TV9 Network’s biggest news studio, BOT news trackers, and supreme Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality systems, advertising in TV9 Bharatvarsh can set your brand a class apart from your competitors. To have an impeccable team of advertisers on board, call us at Excellent Publicity now!

Which Brands Categories Will Be Benefitted By Advertising On TV9 Bharatvarsh

With a dynamic approach, advertising on TV9 Bharatvarsh grants brands an instant reach to their target audience, becoming instrumental for brands like:

Household Commodities: Leveraging TV ads on TV9, brands like Lizol and Rupa Frontline have become leaders among advertisers with a solid boost in ad volumes over the years.

Automotives: Car companies like Mahindra & Mahindra and Hyundai Motors have a significant presence in the television advertising space, with their ads directly or indirectly reaching a vast majority of consumers.

Consumer Products: Showing a 6% amplification in ad volumes, brands like SINGER, Nutrela and many more have established themselves as seasoned players in the TV Advertisements.

FMCG: Consumer product brands like MDH, Hindustan Lever Ltd and more have become major names in the TV Advertising market, showing huge ad volume growth in 2021.

Cosmetics: The calibre of TV Advertisements is clear through the recent elevation in ad volume of cosmetic product firms like Nykaa.

If you are looking to expand your brand’s awareness by influencing a myriad of audience groups, we, at Excellent Publicity, are your go-to TV advertising agency.

Cost Of Advertising On TV9 Bharatvarsh

The TV9 Bharatvarsh Advertising Cost depends on the choices made by the brands to match their needs. Through a line-up of Scroller Ads, Video Ads, L-Bands, Aston bands, along with brand integrations, the rates for advertising can be selectively customised. Also, the ad’s air time, customised slots specifically targeting individual shows, and choice of broadcasting between breaks and shows are included in the factors affecting TV9 Bharatvarsh advertisement rates.

Feel free to get in touch with Excellent Publicity for the best rates for advertising on TV platforms.

How Can Excellent Publicity Help You Book The Ads On TV9 Bharatvarsh?

Excellent Publicity can be your ideal partner for TV advertising due to:

  • An international presence in Dubai and a national presence across India in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune
  • A decade of experience in media buying and planning across a variety of domains
  • International digital campaigns designed to optimise your reach and revenue
  • A well defined collaborative process operated by industry experts

Consult us for seamless promotion of your brand through TV9 Bharatvarsh advertising at the best rates in the market.

How to Get Started?

Share your requirements

Approach our efficient planners and executors and share your requirements for a campaign.

Plan the campaign with us

We will assist you in terms of choosing the target audience, right ad format, audience reach, and campaign duration with proper scheduling of Ads in Top Channels.

Get the Best Cost

Excellent Publicity Provides the lowest rates with best services in Television Branding across different channels nationally & regionally. The Advertising rates will vary according to channels & Region selected.

Creative Process

Creative to be provided by you with eye catchy content & brand logo to go Live on the channel. The format which is acceptable in channels for Static Ads: PSD File & PNG File, For TVC - .mov format(TVC Being Television Commercial Ad).

Go Live

Track your brand On Television Channel with the Time Band selected & get your brand building response.

Post Execution Report

Campaign Report to be shared after the completion of the Campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Main 2 Types of Branding in Television: FCT & Non FCT Branding.

  • FCT : Free Commercial Time (RODP – Run on day Period) where in Branding is done in Equal Split throughout the day.
  • NON – FCT : Non – Free Commercial Time – Where Branding is done with the Static Ads. Ex. L Band, Aston Band, Logo Bug etc.

  • L Band: L Shaped Advertising which appears during the program / show for duration of 10 seconds.
  • Aston Band: Aston Band is a horizontal band for duration of 10 seconds.
  • Logo Bug: Logo Bug is branding of just Logo which appears on the down-right side of the screen

  • Prime Time is considered to be the time with highest viewership during the day. In television morning 8:00 – 11:00 & evening 18:00 – 23:00 is considered as Prime Time
  • Non – Prime Time is that time during the day where the viewership is medium. In television afternoon time 12:00 – 18:00 is considered as Non-Prime Time.

In Television – The minimum seconds of TVC & Non – FCT is 10 Seconds

There are Major 2 Genres in Television – News & GEC – General Entertainment Channels.

Reach out to our Media Expert for more details about Television Advertising