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1mg, Website

Language : English
Reach : 1.6 Million
Card Rate
₹ 0.45(per Impression)
Offer Rate
₹0.44(per Impression)
ABP Bengali, Website

Language : Bengali
Reach : 0.7 Million
Card Rate
₹ 0.16(per Impression)
Offer Rate
₹ 0.15 (per Impression)
BombayTimes_Mweb, Website

Language : English
Reach : 10 Million
Card Rate
₹15.00 (per Impression)
Offer Rate
₹13.00(per Impression)
BS Motoring, Website

Language : English
Reach : 0.5 Million
Card Rate
₹0.14(per Impression)
Offer Rate
₹0.13(per Impression)
Career India AMP, Website

Language : English
Reach :4 Million
Card Rate
₹14.00 (per Impression)
Offer Rate
₹13.00(per Impression)

Top-Notch Digital Advertising Agency in India

It's nearly difficult to imagine life nowadays without the internet media. Digitalization has had a significant influence on our lives during the last decade. Everything has to have a digital counterpart, including smartphones, digital television sets, digital sound systems, digital displays, and digital watches. The term 'digital media' means communication that uses machine-readable forms. All digital gadgets in various digital forms may readily view, save, share, and modify media created in digital language. The combination of digital media and the internet has resulted in a paradigm shift in how we interact in today's world. Apart from telecommunications and cable networks, digitalization has had a significant influence on the advertising business.

Being one of the best advertising companies in Bangalore, Delhi, and other parts of India, excellent Publicity is here to help all the businesses promote their companies virtually. From helping out with internet advertising, inshort ads, Disney world advertisement to so much more is there in our kitty for you guys.

All About Digital Advertising You Should Know

Through digital channels, the World Wide Web, and the internet, the advertising business has discovered new, innovative, and successful ways to interact with the target audience. Advertisers and companies may now reach out to their customers in a more customized way, thanks to digital advertising. Rather than developing one communication message for all, the communication message may be tailored to a specific audience's requirements, demographics, and psychographics.

To create precise, personalized, and powerful digital advertising campaigns, digital features such as real-time data tracking, online browsing history, search results, and other data collecting tools are used. Higher brand recognition, greater brand recall, higher revenues, and a larger consumer base result from such accurate and relevant digital advertising.

Excellent Publicity – The Best Digital Advertising Agency in India

Excellent Publicity was founded with the express goal of bringing strategic thought and creativity together to create innovative solutions to difficult topics and forward-thinking brands for individuals who aren't easily impressed. We offer 360° brand communication strategy and advertising solutions with numerous services, based on our knowledge of many advertising, branding, and digital marketing. We assist brands in achieving their objectives.

We have won the confidence and admiration of our partners and audience and our critics, thanks to our experience in many kinds of advertising and marketing. Our team of seasoned experts is working tirelessly to close the gap in producing high-quality work that informs and helps to make a positive difference in the lives of all stakeholders.

Being one of the best advertising companies in Delhi, Mumbai, and other parts of the nation, we have over 1200 different media options. We're a Premier Google Partner, so we can set up, manage and optimize your Google Search and Google Display ads to get the most bang for your buck. We can also help you with other self-serve platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Reddit as your digital advertising firm. In addition to self-serve channels, we have collaborated with all of India's most prominent websites, M-sites, Apps, and Facebook Pages, ensuring the greatest digital advertising prices and discounts.

Explore Different Avenues For Digital Advertising

For executing an online marketing campaign, our Digital Marketing Agency will give you the following options:

  1. Banner Advertisements: These ads often include text and images, and they are usually clickable with a call to action button.
    • Interstitials: Advertisements that span the full screen are known as interstitials.
    • Run-On-Site Ads: These can be put at any time on any page of a website.
    • Leader Board: The leader board is a rectangular advertisement that appears at the top of the page and is the first to appear.
    • Mid Page Unit (MPU): A banner ad in the center of the page is known as a Mid Page Unit (MPU).
  2. Text Ads: Advertisers post text ads on platforms like Google Search and Quora displayed to users when they search using relevant keywords.
  3. Audio Advertising: These are audio ads that may be heard on online music services like Wynk, Saavn, and Gaana are similar to radio jingles. They can also be accompanied by banner ads.
  4. Video Ads: These are video advertising that is comparable to television commercials and may be seen on websites such as Hotstar, Voot, and YouTube.
  5. Emailer/SMS: These are email and SMS campaigns which are completely dependent on the information provided by the digital marketing agency.

Expenses of Digital Advertising

Rates for digital advertising differ from platform to platform based on a variety of factors. Some sites, such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn that allow marketers to position their ads on their own, often known as self-serve platforms, give you price alternatives (CPC, CPM). The advertiser's digital advertising costs is determined by the target group, ad quality, and other advertisers bidding on the same keywords/audience.

Apart from these self-serve platforms, there are websites that enable advertisements in the form of banners, video advertising, and audio ads. The following are the many digital advertising price models that your digital marketing agency may provide:

  1. CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions): It is an important digital marketing cost word to understand if you want to use digital advertising. CPM stands for Cost per Mille or the cost of a thousand ad impressions.
  2. CPC, or Cost per Click: This one is a common digital marketing cost phrase that refers to the amount that marketers must pay when someone clicks on their ad.
  3. Cost per Install, or CPI: It is an online marketing pricing strategy that is solely relevant to app downloads. This is the cost per app download that the marketer must pay.
  4. CPL (Cost per Lead)/CPA (Cost per Acquisition): It is a digital marketing pricing strategy in which an advertiser only pays when a lead is generated or converted.

Aside from the mentioned above common choices, premium options such as paid articles and influencer material are also accessible, although they are more expensive than the popular options.

What makes digital advertising so important in today's world?

It is certainly the time to step up to the plate and go online! Digital advertising is the fastest-growing marketing medium, and it shows no signs of stopping down.

The internet marketplace has returned a significant amount of purchasing power to buyers and customers, prompting many marketers to become more innovative, authentic, and helpful. Today's consumers easily hop from network to network during the day, and those networks are digitalized.

Before making a purchase, the average customer nowadays does research on goods, solutions, and companies. Marketers now have access to a plethora of new tools thanks to digital technology, allowing them to be more strategic and focused. If you want to get your message, campaign, or promotion in front of your target demographic, digital advertising is a no-brainer.

There are many reasons why digital advertising is becoming important in the current times.

  1. Provides Flexibility Across Different Channels

    'Multi-channel is the key to digital advertising accomplishment. A piece of content may be disseminated across many platforms with digital advertising, so you're no longer limited to one page, 30 seconds, or whatever format your traditional ad was created for.

    Customers may consume information in a variety of ways, such as a fast snack or a complete meal, thanks to its multi-platform approach.

  2. It Is Targeted

    What if every advertisement you make is only seen by potential leads and members of your target demographic? Cooper would have made you a partner in no time with that kind of guarantee, but it's now the standard.

    Traditional advertising is hit-or-miss, but digital platforms are revolutionizing the industry. At every point of the purchasing cycle, SEO and PPC can bring your brand name and content marketing in front of buyers. Flexible ad choices are available on social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, which allow you to segment by geographic area, demographics, preferences, and more.

    Finally, because many types of digital advertising are in, be it from consumers who follow your blog and social media accounts to those who get your email, you can be confident that your message is reaching those who want it.

  3. Quicker To Market

    Market circumstances and trends change rapidly, necessitating fast marketing. Traditional advertising tactics' lead times are so 1990s right now. Your message and your budget suffer from being trapped into a layout that was produced months before it would see the light of day, all thanks to the time required to create an ad and the extensive lead times necessary to acquire time or space.

    Digital campaigns can be launched considerably faster, and they may be changed on the fly if necessary. This flexibility comes in helpful when dealing with budget fluctuations. Companies with an unexpectedly low quarter's revenue may cut back without paying cancellation costs, while those with an unexpected windfall can easily boost their purchasing power.

  4. Can Be Measured Easily

    Every department must demonstrate its worth, and analytics are incorporated straight into a digital campaign. You have complete visibility into who has seen, opened, recommended, or shared your material. You can also track the source of your traffic from the time it enters the shopping cart to the time it makes a purchase. This will assist you in determining which platforms and strategies produce the best results and which should receive additional funding.

    The primary reason for tracking metrics is to communicate in the very same language as your CEO and CFO. While soft measures like brand awareness, impressions, organic search ranks, and reach are essential, their true value comes in their ability to be quantifiably linked to hard metrics such as pipeline, revenue, and profit. Digital advertising provides a platform for measuring both sorts of data in order to demonstrate a real return on investment.

    Marketers may discover that digital advertising helps them make their campaigns more cost-efficient since it is easy to measure—often with real-time outcomes and data. If one of your digital advertising campaigns isn't performing well or isn't working, it's simple to make changes to guarantee that your money is properly spent and that you get a good return on investment.

  5. Can Go Viral

    Although there is no secret recipe for how or why anything goes viral, the content should, in general, appeal to our emotions. It's easy to share something that makes others laugh or feel good about themselves. It's difficult to anticipate what will cause anything to take off beyond that, but once it does, it may take on a life of its own.

Why is digital advertising more successful than traditional advertising?

Digital advertising is more accurate because advertisers may take advantage of cutting-edge technologies such as:

  • Geographic targeting: Advertisers can target a specific audience based on their geography, city, or other demographical characteristics.
  • Audience Targeting: Gender, employment, age, lifestyle, financial level, and many other factors can be used to narrow down the audience.

Tips For Effective Digital Advertising

To secure the highest ROI in the market and to ace in the competitive market, special strategies are necessary to master the art of digital advertising. The use of digital advertising to its full potential can be done with the following tips:

  1. Including innovative features to set it apart from the competitors in terms of aesthetic appeal
  2. Studying the purchasing process allows you to tailor the purchase choices to suit your needs, making it a reasonably simple procedure to reach as many users as possible.
  3. Make smart financial decisions. It's necessary since it is very probable that you may overspend on your campaign and spend more than the budgeted or essential amount. Demographic targeting on social media sites, for example, may help you save costs and make your digital marketing campaign more successful and cheap.
  4. Conduct thorough research before launching an internet campaign. Surveys and comprehensive research are necessary to learn about your potential consumers and their purchasing habits in order to create a campaign that will be more effective in influencing conversions. Pre-planned planning and activity may help shape your marketing approach and bring more individuals into your brand's viewing circle.
  5. Using social media metrics in conjunction with SEO might help you get a better return on investment (ROI). In this scenario, focusing on the factors that promote greater brand relevance and popularity is more advantageous than focusing only on the causes of conversions since this will assure long-term engagement and connection with the brand, resulting in more sales and ROI.
  6. Make effective use of Facebook for digital advertising. Facebook has revolutionized the way the world views advertising with a successful advertising strategy that elevates word-of-mouth promotion to a whole new level. Before embarking on a large-scale and sweeping branding project, it is important to do a short test to assess your alternatives before embarking on a massive scale and sweeping branding initiative.

Plethora of digital advertising choices to select from are given below

  • Social Media Platforms: Increases offline sales by attracting adolescents and students to a social cause via internet research.
  • Facebook: Generate leads and reach a large audience.
  • Google Display: Promote website traffic, app downloads, offline ad campaigns, B2B advertising, and offline sales with online advertisements.
  • LinkedIn: Connects you with decision-makers and professionals
  • YouTube/Hotstar: Use internet advertisements to support your offline campaign.

Websites in India having a large number of unique and daily visitors:






Social media


Competitive exams






Search engine


Social media


Social media


Job search



Book My Show

Events/ticket booking


Search engine




Social media


Travel/ticket booking

What are the most common types of digital advertising?

India, like the rest of the globe, has embraced the internet advertising craze and reaped substantial economic and consumer advantages. The following are some of the most common kinds of online advertising in India:

  • Adwords
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • SEO services
  • Search engine marketing
  • Mobile application ads
  • Featured ads on mobile apps

What sort of audience is targeted by digital advertising?

Unlike most other kinds of advertising, online advertising allows you to set a demographic target, which means you may choose your intended audience before launching your plan. This type of internet advertising venture provides a brand campaign with a lot of flexibility and independence in terms of reaching out to individuals from all walks of life and of all ages. You may simply change your target and audience involvement later in the campaign based on the brand's message and goals. The breadth of internet advertising is huge and successfully engaging, thanks to the simplicity with which you may choose and target your audience.

Why Choose Excellent Publicity?

Digital advertising may be a complicated process that needs knowledge in order to maximize the reach and return on investment of social media and digital platforms (ROI). We take a thorough approach to explain the finer points of SEO Services, internet marketing, online advertising, sponsored advertisements, AdWords, email marketing, and mobile app ads. To secure an overall haul in the digital area, a collaborative strategy on digital media platforms is required, and with the assistance and advice of advertising professionals, you can stay ahead in the marketing game.

Interested consumers may find ready-to-use and customizable branding solutions at Excellent Publicity, which are tailored to their specific demands and budget. We aim to make advertising more accessible and cheap for consumers in order to increase their chances of reaching out to and promoting their target audience. As a result, we've ended up working to devise the most basic yet cutting-edge technological advances in media brand marketing options in the world of advertising, which endorses our mission of providing the most advanced and efficient advertising solutions to your branding problems through great ideas and creative methods.

In addition to being an amazing digital advertising firm, Excellent Publicity also specializes in various types of outdoor and digital advertising.

Digital Advertising Rates 2021

Excellent Publicity is dedicated to providing users with the most accurate information possible. As a result, we make certain that the advertising rates are updated on a regular basis. At the start of each year, most advertising platforms adjust their prices. As a result, it's critical to double-check the most recent digital advertising prices before committing to a campaign. To discover the recently updated Digital Advertising Rates of 2021, go to the specific digital advertising option and seek those.

How can the efficacy of digital ads be measured?

Several techniques and terminology can assist you in comprehending and calculating the success of any advertising effort. These are some of the terms
CTR (Click Through Rates)
This is a ratio that shows how many times a person clicks on an ad to go to the landing page of the advertised website or brand out of all the impressions received
The number of times a person is exposed to a certain internet advertisement. 8 impressions are equal to 8 times views.
Frequency Capping
Advertisers can use this feature to prevent viewers from watching the ad after a certain amount of time.
Conversion rate
The advertiser's expectations from the advertising campaign are represented by the conversion rate. Conversion refers to the target audience's completion of actions such as 'click the ad,' 'complete the form,' 'see website,' 'call immediately,' 'download apps,' and so on.
Call to action
Ads that encourage the audience to take action as quickly as feasible. The advertising includes tags such as 'plan now,' 'contact now, 'sign up today,' 'download now,' and so on.