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About Inshorts Advertising:

Inshorts is a news app that selects latest and best news from multiple national and international sources and summarises them to present in a short and crisp 60 words or less format, personalized for you, in both, English or Hindi. All summarised stories contain only headlines and facts, no opinions, to help you stay informed of the current affairs. Whether it’s the latest government policies or shakeups in bollywood, we get them covered and delivered super-fast! Get updated with the latest news and current affairs in a jiffy!

Rates for advertising on Inshorts:

Inshorts follows the CPM Model ensuring that you are charged only when your ad reaches your target audience, making sure that your budget is not unnecessarily utilized. The rates would differ for various ad types. You can contact our agency and we can provide you with the lowest possible rates for Inshorts advertisements with maximum possible audience reach.

For Instream displays and Spotlight frames, it is charged as per the rates of CPC (Cost per click). If the rate is 8₹ CPC, then the amount you’ll have to pay is CPC*Number of clicks. For example the CPC is 8₹, and 1000 people see your ad. You’ll have to pay 8*1000= 8000₹. For Pre-roll and Mid-roll ads the price model is based on CPM- price per 1000 impressions). If the rate is 200₹ CPM, then the amount you’ll have to pay is CPC*Number of impressions/ 1000. For example the CPM is 200₹, and 1,00,000 people see your ad. You’ll have to pay 200*1,00,000/1000=20,000₹.

Types of targeting done on Inshorts:

  • Demographics:

Target audience based on their age and gender

  • Geography:

Target audience based on specific state or city

  • Interest:

Choose your audience based on their interests and preferences. Through interest-based targeting, you'll be able to deliver highly relevant messages to your audience.

  • Language:

Advertising based on different languages preferred by your audience.

  • Devices:

Targeting done based on the device audience use, right from affordable to premium devices.

  • Mobile Carriers:

Targeting done s based on audience preferred mobile carriers.

  • Custom Audience:

If you have an existing audience that you'd like to reach out to on Inshorts, you can do so with custom audiences. You can create a custom audience based on:

  • Advertising IDs
  • Email IDs
  • Phone numbers


Why advertise on Inshorts:

  • Improved audience targeting:

Inshorts provides option of advertising to the custom audience as per your target group where you can choose according to the geography, language, device price point, international travelers, mood and genre. This improved targeting helps you to show your ad to your targeted audience only.


  • Reach a larger audience:

As more people are switching from traditional medium to online platforms for watching shows, web series, sports content and news contents. The number of viewers are increasing daily. With Inshorts having 300 million+ subscriptions which makes your advertisement reach higher.

  • Boon for regional brands:

As Inshorts provides target audience as per geography and languages it is a boon for regional brands as wastage becomes minimum as compared to TVC or any other traditional mediums.


  • View ability Measurement Metrics:

You get the range of what would be your audience reach in line with your budget and CPM (Cost in terms of impressions). This gives you better insights to your brand that how many people will be seeing your ad.


  • Better ROI:

As you feature your ad to the targeted audience there is less wastage of your advertisement budget which in turn increases the rate of interest of your advertisement.


  • High in demand:

As OTT Platforms are high in demand this day’s getting your advertisement featured on Inshorts would be a plus for your brand to reach to the already engaging audience. Also all the age groups are switching to watch shows on OTT platforms.


  • Watch anywhere:

As Inshorts supports in multiple devices like television, mobile phones, computer screens and laptops. The audience has the benefit to watch anywhere on the go.

This lets advertisers provide flexibility for advertising too.


Inshorts Ad Formats:

  • Pre-Roll Ads:

These are 5-6 Seconds Video Clickable, Non-Skipable Ads, which play before the show/Movie Plays


  • Mid-Roll Ads:

These are 10 to 60 Seconds Video Clickable, Non-Skipable Ads, which play

During a Show/Movie/Live Sports Segment.


  • In-stream Display:

These are 10 Seconds static slideshows just before viewer enters stream/ during streaming ad breaks.


  • Spotlight Frames:

Spotlight Frames - These are clickable Banner Ads present as the Second Fold on Entertainment Page, Sports Page.

  • How to select the right agency for advertising on Inshorts / Agency selection for advertising on Inshorts / Why Excellent Publicity for Inshorts advertising:

Media Agency plays an important role for advertising on TV. As Excellent Publicity being a media agency we figure out that which is a good platform for you in line with your brand and objective. We will then suggest you to what ad formats would be suitable, what campaign period should you keep. Also the targeting as per your preferred audience would be done. With other variables like buying media space and such would be handled by media agency. The last step would be then to ensure your ad is played and how much reach has been covered.


  • For advertising on Inshorts you can follow the following steps: / Steps for advertising on Inshorts / Guide for advertising on Inshorts / How to advertise on Inshorts
  • Share your requirements
  • Approach our efficient planners and executors and share your requirements for a campaign.
  • Plan the campaign with us
  • We will assist you in terms of choosing the target audience, right ad format, audience reach, and campaign duration to have a successful campaign on the digital platform.
  • Receive the best quotes
  • We provide lowest assured rates with best services for Digital Marketing across various Apps. The advertising rates differ depending on the App that is selected
  • Provide creative
  • Provide us with an attractive creative to show case your brand on-screen. The acceptable format of creative in cinema advertising is a CDR file for image creative and a MOV File for Video Creative.
  • Once you share the creative we will get it converted in the acceptable ad format that will be utilized on the Digital Platform
  • Go Live
  • See your brand hit on-screen within a bare minimum timeframe and achieve a grandstanding response.
  • Receive Campaign Reports
  • Campaign Reports will be shared with you on regular intervals, to keep you updated with the campaign Performance.

How to Get Started?

  1. 1

    Share your requirements

    Approach our efficient planners and executors and share your requirements for a campaign.

  2. 2

    Plan the campaign with us

    We will assist you in terms of economical and impactful Mall Branding, choosing right locations with maximum visibility, campaign duration, the illumination in terms of non-lit, front-lit and back-lit, the right branding option i.e. Facade, Backlit Signage’s, Parking media options, Dropdown, FSU etc.to have a successful campaign on board.

  3. 3

    Receive the best quotes

    We provide best rates with best services for Mall Branding across India. The rates for Mall Brandingdiffer according to Location, Footfall, festive – No festive seasons and Brand availability in the Mall.

  4. 4

    Provide creative or Print

    Provide us with an attractive creative to show case your brand on selected Mall media. The acceptable format of creative will be provided by planner at the time of confirmation of site. Once the creative is approved by Mall Management we can go ahead for print and installation.

  5. 5

    Go Live

    See your brand hit on the selected mall media within a bare minimum timeframe and achieve a grandstanding response.

  6. 6

    Reminder for extension

    7 days prior to the end date of a campaign we will remind you for any extension of a live campaign and would require confirmation for the same.

  7. 7

    Receive proof of execution

    Receive Start date photographs of media on the first day of campaign and End date photographs on the last day of campaign, Photos will be system generated Date and Location stamp to prove its authenticity.

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