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Advertising Rates in Wynk, App

Wynk is an online music platform with a wide catalogue of Indian and International songs. Wynk has millions of users from different demographic. Banner Advertisement can be run on Wynk for efficient and effective reach to the right audience and increase brand awareness.

Key Insights
Category Music Language English PricingModel CPM,Fixed Reach/Impressions 62 Million

Advertising Options in Wynk, App

Audio Ad + Companion Banner

Audio Ad + Companion Banner

  • Video & Display Ads
  • Roadblocks & Content Integrations
  • Performance Campaigns

Wynk Music app is a popular music streaming platform with a large user base of 100 million individuals in India. With an established young audience and real-time tracking capabilities, it is a great medium for digital advertising for businesses.

How To Do Wynk Advertisement With Excellent Publicity

Wynk is a music streaming app that offers a vast collection of songs in multiple languages. Wynk Music Advertisement facility utilizes a data-driven advertising approach to reach consumers at all stages of the buying process, guiding them from one stage to the next. The advertising solution is curated to effectively promote businesses, products, and services to a broad audience, resulting in increased brand visibility, sales, and more. Aside from offering smart targeted ads, the platform also gives brands access to 2000+ premium publishers.

What Are The Rates For Wynk Advertisement

Wynk's advertising rates vary depending on the chosen ad format and targeting options. With Excellent Publicity, you can begin with a minimum budget of INR 3,00,000 to launch your brand on Wynk. The available cost models are CPM, CPL, CPC, and CPA. We provide complete timeline liberty to our customers, allowing them to allocate their budget according to their needs. Ask us how we can get you the best rates for Wynk advertising.

What Are The Types Of Targeting Done On Wynk Advertisement

Here are some targeting options available at Excellent Publicity for the Wynk app:
Brands can target their desired audience based on their age and gender using demographic targeting.
Businesses can customize their advertising based on the language preferences of their target audience.
It enables advertisers to reach their audience based on the devices they use, ranging from affordable to premium options.
This allows brands to target a specific state or city, effectively reaching their desired audience in a particular location.
Interest-based targeting
This allows brands to choose their audience based on their preferences and interests.

How To Choose Wynk Advertisement for Your Brand

Share your requirements

Approach expert planners at Excellent Publicity and share your requirements for advertising in Wynk app.

Plan the campaign

Our team will assist you in choosing the right target audience, ad format and reach.

Receive the quotes

Excellent Publicity provides cost-effective rates with quality services for advertising on Wynk.

Go live

See your brand go live on the Wynk app. You will begin receiving responses soon.

Campaign reports

Regular campaign reports will be shared with you to keep you posted with the campaign's performance.

Why Prefer Working With Excellent Publicity On Wynk Advertising

Excellent Publicity is one of the best digital advertising agencies in the country for several reasons. We’ve been a trusted media partner to FMCG, E-Commerce, Wellness, and BFSI brands for more than 11 years. Excellent Publicity also has a team of in app advertising experts who craft campaigns that resonate with the relevant audience in your area. In addition to that, we assist you in building robust strategies to boost lead generation and conversion rates.

How to Get Started?

Share your requirements

Approach our efficient planners and executors and share your requirements for a campaign.

Plan the campaign with us

We will assist you in terms of choosing the target audience, right ad format, audience reach, and campaign duration to have a successful campaign on the digital platform.

Receive the best quotes

We provide lowest assured rates with best services for Digital Marketing across various Apps. The advertising rates differ depending on the App that is selected

Provide creative

Provide us with an attractive creative to showcase your brand on-screen. The acceptable format of creative in cinema advertising is a CDR file for image creative and a MOV File for Video Creatives.Once you share the creative we will get it converted in the acceptable ad format that will be utilized on the Digital Platform

Go Live

See your brand hit on-screen within a bare minimum timeframe and achieve a grandstanding response.

Receive Campaign Reports

Campaign Reports will be shared with you on regular intervals, to keep you updated with the campaign Performance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In-App like Hotstar, SonyLiv, Voot, MX Player etc. and Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.

There are three main types of pricing applied to online media purchasing: CPC, CPM, and CPA

CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) is a paid advertising option where companies pay a price for every 1,000 impressions an ad receives.

Cost-per-click (CPC) bidding means that you pay for each click on your ads.

An impression is the number of times the users views your advertisement. A click is when somebody clicks on your advertisement and is redirected to your website or play-store.

They are Video ads, Audio ads, Banner ads and product integration and various other sponsorship levels during the shows and sports events.

Various Objectives are Brand Awareness, Increase Traffic, Generate Leads, Re-Marketing etc.

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