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With a readership of 1.2M individuals, The Times of India is a widely read newspaper that offers a versatile advertising platform for brands from various industries. From classified ads to visually appealing display ads, the newspaper offers a myriad variety of ads, making Times of India advertising a reliable promotion medium, especially for tier 1 brands.

About Times of India

As one of the most widely read English-language newspapers in the country, The Times of India covers a diverse range of subjects, including politics, business, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle.

Renowned for its in-depth reporting, insightful analysis, and high-quality journalism, The Times of India boasts a loyal readership base of 1.2 million people. Need help advertising in Times of India newspaper? Contact Excellent Publicity today to explore how we can help you reach your marketing objectives.

Categories of Brands who can Advertise on Times of India

Brands from various industries, such as FMCG, consumer electronics, automobiles, real estate, education, and healthcare, are highly inclined toward Times of India ads. The newspaper offers multiple ad formats, such as classified ads, display ads, Times of India newspaper job advertisements and more. Big brands such as Amazon, HDFC Bank, Samsung, and BYJU'S have successfully advertised their products and services through the Times of India platform.

With the help of Excellent Publicity, brands can leverage effective advertising campaigns that reach a massive yet targeted audience.

Types of Advertisement in Times of India

The following types of Times of India newspaper ads cater to many critical marketing needs for brands:
Classified Ads
These are text-based ads that are placed in specific categories such as recruitment, education, real estate, and more.
Display Ads
These are larger, more visually appealing ads that can be placed on different pages of the newspaper. Display ads can include multiple design elements.
Job Ads
Specifically designed for companies looking to fill vacancies, job ads are placed in the recruitment section.
Business Ads
Business ads are designed for companies looking to promote their products or services. With the assistance of Excellent Publicity, brands can choose from any of the above and run personalised newspaper advertising.

The Cost of Advertising in Times of India

Times of India advertisement rates vary depending on the type of ad and its placement in the newspaper. Classified ads rates are generally the most affordable, starting as low as a few hundred rupees.

Times of India display ads rates are typically more expensive. Excellent Publicity can provide you with detailed information on different price packages and help you choose the right option.

How Can Excellent Publicity Help You Advertise in Times of India

With 11 years of solid experience in media buying and a global presence, Excellent Publicity is a reliable digital marketing agency that can help you with advertising in Times of India.

Our team of expert professionals can help you create effective and engaging ads that grab the reader's attention. We also help you choose the right type of ad and placement to optimise your campaign's ROI.

With a crew of specialised strategists, Excellent Publicity can assure seamless newspaper advertising.

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