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Newspaper advertising accounts for the majority of total marketing expenses. Display ads and classified ads are the most common types of advertisements in newspapers. Newspaper ad rates are determined by the viewership and page number. Front-page ads command a higher price than ordinary newspaper ad prices. The classified advertisements in the newspaper are for small businesses. Classified advertisement paper is less expensive to advertise than display ads. In India, most newspaper ads are sold through a newspaper advertising agency.

With offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, Excellent Publicity is India's top newspaper advertising agency. We provide our clients the most affordable newspaper advertising rates. We understand your objectives and recommend the best newspaper to advertise in based on our extensive advertising expertise. Since, the cost of a newspaper advertisement is frequently determined by circulation, you may compare the cost of a newspaper advertisement to circulation data for each location on the publication page. This will assist you in making an informed selection and reaching out to your customers successfully.

Know More About Newspaper Advertising

In many regions, newspaper advertising is still one of the most prevalent forms of advertising. It is sometimes less expensive than broadcast advertising and generally has a larger market share in many places. Furthermore, to hear the message of the advertising, newspaper advertising does not require the target audience to have a television or radio on at a specific time. Newspaper advertising is divided into two categories: display and classified. Advertisements that span many columns horizontally and typically contain graphics and borders are classified as display advertising in newspapers. In-column ads in newspapers follow the natural flow of the column down the page vertically.

When it comes to pricing, your print ad prices will be determined by various factors. This list includes the size of your ad(s), the publication(s) you choose, the parts of the paper(s) you want your advertisements to appear in, the frequency with which you run the ads, and whether or not you utilize color in your ads. About working with the publication, each newspaper will assign you a salesperson who will give you pricing and time frames and assist you in designing your ad. Daily advertisement papers are the most expensive of your options in terms of pricing. They're best handled with yearly contracts because these newspapers make committing to one ad at a time prohibitively expensive—rates drop substantially even for the shortest contract, compared to the one-time fee.

If daily ads in newspapers are too expensive for you, you may save money by just placing your advertising in the local portions that all daily give to their customers. These are tabloid-style pieces that appear only once a week and cover news from tiny geographic areas or communities.

Newspaper Advertising Cost & Rates

The size of newspaper advertisements, circulation and audience, chosen publications, versions, chosen sections and locations of the papers, the volume with which you run the ads, and whether or not you use color in your ads are all factors that influence the cost of newspaper advertising. As a result, a half-page ad will cost more than a quarter-page ad. Premium newspaper ad places are more expensive than non-premium ads. Excellent Publicity is a prominent newspaper advertising agency in India that provides clients with newspaper advertising services at a low cost. Excellent Publicity has always been a great place to place newspaper advertising in national and regional newspapers.

The cost of newspaper advertising is expressed in terms of per square centimeter. For example, if the rate card for a Newspaper ad says Rs. 200, it implies that it costs Rs. 200 to book one square centimeter of space in the Newspaper. The money saved on a newspaper card is based on the size of the ad, the number of inserts, and the product category.

The following factors determine the newspaper advertising card rate and reduced cost:

  1. Newspaper readership refers to the number of people who read a newspaper. The larger the number of readers, the higher the price will be.
  2. Page position - Advertising rates are higher on the front and first pages of newspapers than on the inner pages.
  3. The size of the ad is measured in volume. Larger orders receive greater discounts.

Excellent Publicity – The Best and Efficient Newspaper Advertising Agency

Excellent Publicity is one of the top newspaper advertising agencies which assists its customers in obtaining the best possible newspaper advertising rates. We are pleased to be associated with hundreds of newspapers and publishing firms across India. Our team guarantees the greatest prices to clients who want to publish their ads in the newspaper through us. Here, you can discover the newspaper advertising card as well as discounted newspaper advertising rates for over 1000 Indian newspapers, Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar, The Hindu, The Telegraph, Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, and Dinakaran.

We offer great discounts on tariff costs as an advertising agency approved by major Indian newspapers to book newspaper advertisements. Check out our unique deals for buying online newspaper Classified Ads with us and having them published in some of India's most popular newspapers with growing readerships. In other words, you may now advertise your product, service, or whatever you're selling to millions of people. So, what do you have to lose? Begin the ad booking process by selecting a publication.

Different Types of Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper advertising is of three types:

  1. Classified advertisements
  2. Display advertisements
  3. Innovative advertisements

To begin with, let us take classified ads into account. Ads in the newspaper's Classifieds section are low-cost advertisements. Run-On-Line (ROL) and classified Display advertisements are the two sorts. Matrimonial advertising, recruitment ads, property ads, announcements, business ads, public notices, astrology ads, services ads, and education ads are some of the sub-categories. In newspapers, ROL might take the form of plain text (Classified Text) or graphics (Display Classified Ads). The hindu classifieds could be a good example to place name change ad in newspaper and excellent publicity will provide you e=with the mmost affordable newspaper advertisement cost for name change. The above-mentioned classified newspaper advertising charges are computed per line or per square centimeter. For ROL classified newspaper ad placement, the minimum ad size is five lines, and for Times Display classified ad placement, it is 3X5 cm.

The most common ad that we encounter is the second kind of commercials, known as display advertisements in newspapers. They are also known as normal newspaper advertising or printed newspaper advertising. These newspaper ads come in various sizes, and the size of the ad determines the cost of newspaper advertising. As a result, a half-page ad will cost more than a quarter-page ad. Full-page advertisements, half-page ads, quarter-page ads, and smaller format ads are the standard newspaper advertising alternatives.

Outside of display advertisements and classifieds, the third area of Innovative Newspaper advertising comprises advertising alternatives. These ad alternatives are more expensive than standard advertising prices. The Ear Panels, Pointer advertisements, Newspaper Jackets, and Samplings are the third type of newspaper advertising service.

Newspaper advertising size and ad format

While the exact size of the ads in newspapers varies depending on the publication, the following list of newspaper ad sizes will give you an idea of square centimeters. This table also lists the many sorts of advertising that may be seen in newspapers.


Advertisement Type

Dimension (in sq. cm)


Full Page Newspaper Advertisement



Quarter Page Newspaper Advertisement



Half Page Newspaper Advertisement



Jacket Newspaper Advertisement



Sky Bus Newspaper Advertisement



How to Book Advertisements in Newspapers?

We've been in the advertising market for years now and have discovered that advertisers want a simple ad booking option. Every time an ad for the newspaper is booked, there is no time to go to the local agencies. As a result, we've added an online ad booking option for our advertisers.

With 5 simple ad booking procedures, Excellent Publicity can now aid you in booking advertisements for newspapers immediately.

  1. Begin by choosing a category for your booking ad.
  2. Next, choose between classified text, classified display, or display for your ad format.
  3. Choose your preferred newspaper, choose an ad booking package or an edition, and then either create your ad or upload your prepared ad matter.
  4. You'll need to choose a sub-category under your ad's primary heading at this point.
  5. Finally, choose your publishing dates and pay using one of our many online or offline payment options.

However, if you want to advertise in the display format, you may choose the ad category and then contact us to begin negotiating ad pricing and then book an ad.

The three advertisement booking forms that you must choose from to put advertising in the country's top newspapers are classified text, classified display, and display ads.

Why Choose Excellent Publicity for Newspaper Ads?

The whole procedure of booking newspaper advertisements has been streamlined and given a thorough makeover by Excellent Publicity. There is no longer any need for you to trek all the way to the various offices. You also don't have to manually fill out forms with messages. All of this and more is possible with Excellent Publicity from the comfort of your own home, workplace, or even while traveling.

Excellent Publicity has been known to be an efficient platform for booking advertising in national and regional newspapers on several occasions. You may pick from a range of newspapers while keeping your target audience in mind, then choose the category that best fits your classified ad and pay over a secure channel. Excellent Publicity allows you to book advertisements in prominent newspapers such as, Dainik Jagran, Hindustan Times, The Times of India, Hindu, Amar Ujala, Indian Express, and Tribune, eenadu ads, lokmat advertisement, sakal advertisement.

Customers may simply book many sorts of advertisements, such as dainik bhaskar matrimony page, matrimonial ads in Punjabi newspapers or others, Recruitment, Property, Education, Name Change, Notices, and Obituary ads, using our services at affordable costs. Additionally, we provide bespoke packages as well as an adequate media strategy. We assist you in placing advertising in publications, radio, television, and cinema, as well as on the internet. Excellent publicity also helps you in name change ad in newspaper, name change ad in newspaper for passport with the most affordable newspaper advertisement cost for name change.

In the world of online newspaper advertising, we've carved out a space for ourselves, and our work speaks volumes about our skill and ethics. Come see how simple, quick, and painless it is to book advertisements now!

Why Place Advertisements in Newspapers?

Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, Times Of India, Hindu, Tribune, Dainik Bhaskar, the hindu classifieds and other prominent Indian newspapers are extensively circulated throughout the country.

All of these publications have a sizable audience and are quite popular. People nowadays believe newspapers to be sham advertising mediums. However, the truth is that there are numerous advantages to newspaper advertising, including the following:

  • The high-quality content of these publications satisfies readers, resulting in a large readership, ensuring that your advertisement in the newspaper receives the attention it deserves.
  • The extensive coverage allows commercials to reach every region of the country in one fell swoop, achieving the advertiser's advertising objectives.
  • Newspapers are the most cost-effective medium for advertising. Newspaper advertisements are inexpensive. There are special offers for advertising in various forms such as basic text, displays, quarter page, and full-page adverts to keep the advertiser's wallet happy.
  • Every newspaper offers special ad booking packages that span numerous locations, allowing marketers to access a bigger readership and target market.
  • The low deadlines enable advertisers to book advertising in the quickest period possible.
  • If you're ever convinced, pick your favorite newspaper and then post your ad under the relevant category header.

Newspaper Advertising Rates 2022

Excellent Publicity is dedicated to providing users with the most accurate information possible. As a result, we make certain that the newspaper advertising rates are updated on a regular basis. At the start of each year, most advertising platforms adjust their prices. As a result, it's critical to double-check the most recent newspaper advertising rates before committing to a campaign. To discover the most up-to-date Newspaper Advertising Rates 2022, go to the specific newspaper advertising option and seek the most up-to-date newspaper advertising rates 2022. If you do not find it, then prefer contacting the experts at Excellent Publicity

Newspaper Advertising Agency Contact Number

You've gone over all of the classifications, kinds, and other related information about newspaper advertising. We hope that this information assisted you in determining a suitable strategy and implementing your existing approach.

Excellent Publicity now gives you the option of contacting us for the greatest prices and also get your newspaper advertising campaign executed by us.

Advantages of Newspaper Advertising

The most common advertising format among all accessible media is newspaper advertising. We can offer a few advantages of advertising in newspapers based on our experience as a top newspaper advertising firm.
Makes Possible Last-Minute Marketing
This may not appear to be an advantage initially, but as a marketer, you must consider the newspaper cycle. Newspapers are published on a daily or weekly basis. This implies that you may place time-sensitive advertising and anticipate rapid responses.
National and Local Reach
One of the biggest advantages of newspaper advertising is that you know exactly who you're targeting. If you're a local business wanting to increase foot traffic to your store, leftover newspaper advertising is a good option. For businesses, the chance to expand beyond their local market and tap into the national market without compromising their demographic is equally attractive.
Builds Trust
Newspapers aren't dead; in fact, they're still quite useful for marketing to certain groups of customers. When you publish an ad in a newspaper, you're speaking to a captive audience who will pay attention to your message because they trust the content in that publication.
Creates Brand Awareness
Advertisements in newspapers are more likely to be spotted, and readers scrolling through the pages are more likely to be aware of what they see. If you can consistently position ads in newspapers, customers who read newspapers on a regular basis will notice your message and be more inclined to listen to it than if it were provided on other marketing or advertising platforms. Announcements, new product launches, and sales ads are all popular in newspaper advertising. Brands may also lend credibility to their image by advertising in newspapers. Excellent publicity also helps you in advertising in the hindu classifieds, sakal advertisement, eenadu ads, lokmat advertisement, dainik jagran advertisement.
Various Sizes And Dimensions Of News
With newspaper advertising, you may choose the size of your ad based on your budget and available space. Larger advertising is typically favored, although a succession of smaller ads has shown to be beneficial in many cases.
Ideal for Split-Testing Advertisement
Split testing data may be gathered very rapidly because of the nature of newspaper cycles. Marketers may experiment with different headlines and coupon codes to see which is the most effective. In the long term, this will make marketing efforts considerably more efficient.
Higher Leads At A Reduced Cost
The cost is generally the first benefit that marketers consider when it comes to remnant advertising. Being able to reach a bigger or more targeted audience for less money can result in qualified leads, which can subsequently be converted into paying customers. Large businesses use newspaper advertising for long-term brand building at a cheap advertising cost. In contrast, small brands and SMEs use it for advertising their products locally at a cost-efficient low advertising rate.

FAQs About Newspaper Advertising

The amount of money saved on newspaper card rates is determined by the length of the ad, the brand category, and the number of inserts. When you share this information with newspaper ad companies, they will be able to provide you with the greatest reduced cost on newspaper advertising.

The cost of newspaper advertising varies considerably. The price would be determined by the newspaper you choose, the chosen edition, and the ad size. You can get pricing for more than 2000 newspapers in India and their editions on our website.

One day before the newspaper's publication date, the ad must be booked. As a result, for a Daily Newspaper, the ad must be shared by the previous evening.

The approved format for newspaper advertisements is PDF.

  • Choose the newspaper in which you want your advertisement to appear.
  • Choose the date on which you want to run the ad and the ad type.
  • Check for any discounts that may be available.
  • Share the ad in the desired newspaper ad format.
  • Pay the invoice.

The IRS reports the number of readers of a newspaper, often called readership (Indian Readership Survey). Because this is a paid service, please request it from your newspaper's advertising agency or the publisher. Before placing an ad in the newspaper, this information should be reviewed.

Not every newspaper agency will be able to assist you with ad design. However, Excellent Publicity promises to assist you in creating your newspaper ad. The cost of designing a newspaper ad is determined by the brief and is not included in the site's newspaper advertising fee.

No. The above rates are not the best available for newspaper advertising. Newspapers are always coming up with new discounts and advertising packages. Any extra discounts should always be checked with their newspaper advertising agency or the publication directly.

Yes. Advertisers can cancel their ads once they have been booked, as long as the newspaper ad has not yet been printed.

On the day the ad is placed, a newspaper advertising agency will send you a soft copy of the ad. The newspaper advertising agency should send you a physical copy of the newspaper in a few days.