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Boasting a readership of 800,000 people, The Economic Times is a highly preferred advertising platform where you can opt for a wide variety of ads ranging from custom-sized ads to full-page ads. Advertising in economic times helps your brand have a wide reach and audience through its premium digital solutions for your smart campaigns.

About The Economic Times

The Economic Times is the go-to platform for informative and helpful content about the states of the Indian economy, finance, and business.

It is quite reputed for its high-value business journalism and professional reporting. Its digital page receives 44 million unique site visitors, due to which many people prefer advertising in Economic Times newspaper. Our team of marketing experts at Excellent Publicity, a newspaper advertising agency, will help you accomplish your marketing goals.

Categories of Brands Who Can Advertise On Economic Times

Since Economic Times has a loyal audience, brands operating in the e-commerce, insurance, FMCG, restaurant, and banking niches among others choose to advertise in Economic Times. For advertising in Economic Times, you can opt for any format from the following: fixed size, custom-sized ads, jacket back side, jacket both sides and jacket front side.

With the expertise of our marketing teams at Excellent Publicity, we can help you plan and execute your marketing campaigns to deliver results. Contact us at Excellent Publicity to reach your intended audience and foster positive brand visibility!

Types of advertisements in Economic Times

There are many types of formats that you can opt for when you choose Economic Times newspaper advertisement:
Classified Ads
Classified ads can come under different categories like sale of real estate, renting, education, and more.
Recruitment Ads
Companies hiring people advertise in newspapers hoping to be matched with job searchers.
Business Ads
Companies often advertise their unique products or services via business ads. This helps them reach their audience and creates brand awareness.
With the help of Excellent Publicity, brands can choose the ads that will help them achieve their marketing objectives.

The cost of advertising in Economic Times

Economic Times advertisement rates are fixed and can vary greatly depending on the format, type, location, and placement. Economic Times classified ad rates cost only 110 INR per sq cm in Bangalore while in Pune, it amounts to 330 INR per sq cm.

The Excellent Publicity Team will give you comprehensive information about the various price packages. With this information, we will help you choose the pricing that your budget allows for and also, deliver positive results.

How can Excellent Publicity help you advertise in Economic Times

Excellent Publicity has accumulated 11 years of experience in running advertisement campaigns on newspapers and streaming platforms with clients from all over the world. It can help you ideate, plan, and execute digital campaigns that reach vast audiences.

With our team of experts, our marketing agency will help you choose ads that will hook the readers. Keeping your budget constraints in mind, we will also help you choose the optimal ad format and placement. If you work with us, advertising in Economic Times will be easy and fun!

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