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With a total readership of 7.9 million people, Hindustan Times is a daily English newspaper categorised under the general interest category. Offered by the second most widely read newspaper in India, Hindustan Times newspaper advertising reaches over 175,000 people monthly and helps brands augment their ROIs and impressions.

About Hindustan Times

Catering to a diverse audience, advertisements in Hindustan Times newspaper targets consumers through regional and global news. This flagship publication of HT Media has elevated its credibility as an advertising platform through its impeccable editorial quality and journalistic ethics.

Hindustan Times offers valuable insights on current affairs, along with a diverse range of articles and topics. Contact our team at Excellent Publicity to get tailor-made branding campaigns for you!

Categories Of Brands Who Can Advertise In Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times ads have played a vital role in promoting brands in the following sectors:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Foodstuffs
  • Airlines
  • Investments

Through ads in Hindustan Times, brands like GlaxoSmithKline, India Gate, Lufthansa, and SBI Mutual Funds have not only increased their brand visibility and business but have also established themselves as market leaders in their respective industries.

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Types Of Advertisement In Hindustan Times

There are many options for advertisements when it comes toadvertising in Hindustan Times. Along with the most common Classified and Display Ads, there are a variety of sizes and placements available with possible customisations. The options within Classified and Display ads include Jacket Ads, Skybus Ads, Advertorial Ads and Pointer Ads. The mainstream fixed size options include:

  • Full Page
  • Half Page (Horizontal)
  • Half Page (Vertical)
  • Quarter Page

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The Cost Of Advertising In Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times ad rates are determined by several factors. While the basic parameters of all ads are uniform, certain elements such as Front Page ads, Last Page ads, Jacket ads, Skybus ads, and Page 3 ads may have higher charges than others. Brands may also be eligible for discounted rates, particularly for Pointer Ads, based on the ad size and category of the ad. The basic criteria for the costing are:

  • Ad size
  • Ad placement
  • Demand
  • Season
  • Product category
  • No. of Ads

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How Can Excellent Publicity Help You Advertise In Hindustan Times?

  • A decade of experience : Our vast experience in the media industry has positioned Excellent Publicity as a leading advertising agency for brands seeking to reach their target audience effectively.
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  • Seasoned team : Our media experts can help you develop a plan that enables our clients to achieve their marketing goals while maximising their return on investment.

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