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With the increasing popularity of Television and Internet one might believe that the significance of Radio as a medium of entertainment and mass communication is fading but the reality is far from it. Radio till date continues to remain an extremely integral part of lives. While the way and purpose of listening to it might have changed over the course of years but its relevance still remains. In the bigger cities people usually listen to radio while they are in car but when it comes to the tier 2,3 and 4 cities radio still continues to remain one of the major sources of entertainment as it was in the bigger cities at one point of time.

Radios are one such advertising medium that have an exceptional reach amongst the audience in all places. Radio is quite a unique medium with various features which remain unmatched by most mediums. Its ability to give a voice to your brand, its loyalty amongst the listeners and the impact that creates. But for advertisers that are new in the business or have never made use of this medium, understanding how it works and how its priced can get a little complicated which is why we have listed down certain criteria on the basis of which the rates for this medium are determined.


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Radio Advertising

The city that the advertiser wishes to run the campaign in is an extremely important factor. Different cities of the country differ from each other in terms of the radio stations that are playing there, the language, the demand for the medium and the listenership and thus the rates also vary accordingly. The rates are usually the highest in the tier 1 and tier 2 cities due to massive demand and high listenership in these areas.
Radio Station
After deciding on the city, advertisers have to select the exact radio stations on which they would like to advertise. Different Radio stations target different age groups and have different listenerships and language of presentation and thus the advertiser has to first be clear with their requirements and then decide on the radio station. Radio Stations that have high listenership create a much wider impact for brands due to which they are very much in demand thus, the cost for advertising on these stations is the highest. The advertisers need to select the radio stations very carefully as different radio stations are popular amongst different groups of people and thus advertisers have to consider the age and other characteristics of the segment that they wish to target before choosing the Radio Station.
Advertising on Radio can be done in multiple formats. The most popular one amongst all the formats is through ad jingles. Besides this different radio station offer different options like RJ Mentions, Contests etc. The rates for each format differ from each other on different bases.
Frequency refers to the number of times the jingle is played throughout the day. The higher the frequency the better would be the overall impact in terms of both the reach as well as the impact on individual listener. The greater the number of times that a person listens to a particular ad jingle the higher would be the recall rate as well as the brand awareness. While higher frequency would increase the total cost of the campaign but it most agencies would reduce the average cost per ad spot if an advertiser goes for a high frequency.
The length of the ad jingle is also an important determinant of the total cost of the campaign. Sense there is a time constraint when it comes to mediums like radio and thus, the ad spots are sold on the basis of each seconds. The longer the duration of ad jingle the higher would be the total cost. But the same time, a longer jingle does have its own advantages, it allows the advertiser to have sufficient time to convey their message and create a lasting impact.
Time Slot
This is probably one of the most important factors in Radio Advertising. Choosing the right time slot is extremely important. Time Slots determine not just determine the rates but also the reach as well as the audience that gets exposed to the ad. Radio does not have balanced listenership throughout the day, there are particular times during the day when it is the highest and also times when it is the lowest. There are basically 3 time slots from which the advertisers can pick as per their needs and budget. The first is the Prime Time which includes morning and early evening hours when maximum people are listening to radio as they are traveling to their work place. Due to the high impact and the demand of this slot the rates for advertising in this slot are the highest. The second is non-prime time which includes hours with lowest listenership and thus the rates for advertising in this slot is the lowest. It can also be used to target specific audiences like housewives or the older people who might listen to radio as a source of entertainment. The third is RODP or mixed slot in which the ads get equally placed through the prime time and non-prime time hours. The cost of advertising in this slot is moderate.
Campaign Time Period
Just like all other mediums, the campaign time period that is the number of days for which the advertisers wish for their ads to be played also influences the cost. While the total cost of advertising for a greater number of days might be higher but in certain cases the agency might offer a discount if the campaign period is considerably higher.
Agency that you select for the execution of your campaign also creates a vast difference in cost. But cost shouldn’t be sole criterion when selecting the agency as the execution and the effectiveness of the agency also plays a key role. It is advisable not to buy services directly from vendors and instead go through with a trusted agency as they not only have greater bargaining power but also ensure smooth and hassle-free execution.