Popular Radio Station

Radio Mirchi - 98.3, Mumbai

Language : Marathi, Hindi, English
Frequency : 98.3
Card Rate
₹120.00 (per sec)
Offer Rate
₹110.00(per sec)
Red FM - 93.5, Bengaluru

Language : Hindi
Frequency : 93.5
Card Rate
₹60.00(per sec)
Offer Rate
₹50.00(per sec)
Radio City - 91.1, Bengaluru

Language : Kannada
Frequency : 91.1
Card Rate
₹60.00 (per sec)
Offer Rate
₹58.00 (per sec)
Big FM - 92.7, Mumbai

Language : Hindi, Marathi
Frequency : 92.7
Card Rate
₹110.00(per sec)
Offer Rate
₹100.00 (per sec)
My FM - 94.3, Ahmedabad

Language : Gujarati, Hindi
Frequency : 94.3
Card Rate
₹35.00 (per sec)
Offer Rate
₹30.00(per sec)

Best FM Radio Advertising Agency in India

Radio advertising can certainly be called 'word-of-mouth' advertising. In this type of promotion, a company spends money purchasing commercials to advertise the services and products. An advertiser (company or business) pays a commercial radio channel for airtime in the radio commercials. And, then the radio station broadcasts the advertisement to its listening audience in return. Radio FM Advertising in India has conclusively demonstrated to be an extremely flexible and amazing platform for big brands to interact with their intended audience via the radio stations available almost in all the metro cities of the country.

Excellent Publicity is the leading radio advertising agency in India. We promise the best and efficient advertising services to our clients, irrespective of where they belong from and what their business is. Our team has some of the youngest and passionate members who are all set to create 'memorable and unforgettable' advertisements for the clients to enhance their brand image.

Learn More About FM Radio Advertising in India

Along with the unveiling of Radio City Bangalore as India's first private FM radio station, FM Radio Advertising in India also debuted on July 3, 2001. All India Radio, or AIR, was a government radio station in India that aired radio content and advertisements. Around the world, radio FM advertising accounts for nearly 10% of total marketing spend around the world; however, in India, radio advertising accounts for less than 5% of complete marketing spend.

Radio Mirchi, Red FM, Radio One, Radio Fever, Big FM, Radio Mango, Radio City, Surya FM, Radio Nasha, Rangila FM, AIR FM Gold, AIR FM Rainbow, Vividh Bharti, Magic FM, Best FM, and Magic 106.4 FM are some of the most popular FM stations. In India, there are up to 80 FM stations spread across the different cities of the country. Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Mumbai are major FM radio markets. Being the best radio advertising agency in Mumbai, Delhi, and many other parts of the country, we promise to guide you about every step of the process

Expenses of Radio Advertising

The radio advertising rates completely depend on the length of the commercial, the location of the radio station, and the time of your ad release. Generally, the cost of the radio ads varies somewhere between 50 rupees per 10 seconds to as high as 3000 rupees per 10 seconds. The radio station can create even advertisements for minor charges. Let us now take an example. An advertisement is listed by the radio advertising agency for Rs.800 on a radio station. It implies that the price of a single jingle advertisement of 10 seconds is 800 rupees. If the advertiser plays a 60-second advertisement at least four times a day for a week, the cost will be equal to 1,34,400 rupees.

Hope the above example has cleared off your doubts and queries regarding the pricing of radio advertising in India for your brand.

Whenever you wish to advertise your brand through radio commercials, the FM radio stations will share a rate card with you. Based on the volume of your advertising campaign, the special discounted rates are then shared with you. Thus, it is always a great idea to collaborate with a radio advertising agency to get the discounted radio ad rates for advertising. We at Excellent Publicity promise to provide our clients with reasonable prices for their promotion.

Different Time Bands for FM Radio Advertising

The timings of the commercial are categorized into three different types.

Id Band Timings Cost
1 Morning Prime Time 7 AM TO 12 NOON Premium Charges
2 Evening Prime Time 5 PM TO 9 PM Premium Charges
3 Afternoon Band 12 NOON TO 5 PM Normal Charges

Excellent Publicity  Your One-Stop For Radio Advertising in India

Excellent Publicity is certainly the best ever FM radio advertising agency in India that promises to deliver your message to a wider mass of audience. We are a full-fledged advertising agency that is known for its strategic brand service. With properly done in-depth research and excellent creative work, we become the best. We will certainly assist you in marketing your products and services on FM Radio stations in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata, along with 80 more cities where FM Radio advertising is advantageous due to high listening audience.

As the best radio advertising agency in Bangalore and other parts of India, we are tied up with many radio stations. From Radio Mirchi, AIR Radio Fever, Red FM, Radio Indigo, Suryan FM to Radio One can be at your fingertips when working with Excellent Publicity.

To our audience, we promise that our services will be the best for them and also help in achieving the desired results. You can now very easily find the list of all radio stations in India along with their rates. Be it the Radio Mirchi ad rates, Big FM advertising rates, or any other rates that you want to know, we can provide you with all of it quickly and easily.

Contact Excellent Publicity at +91 8980004451 or mail us at inquiry@excellentpublicity.com for promoting your content via this box of your listening audience. We promise that our company will make this task an easy=peasy one for you.

Perks of FM Radio Advertising

This type of radio advertising has indeed been able to play a significant role in comprehending the scope of advertising. They can promote a specific product across the entire population of a country. At the same point, they can bring in an increasing number of customers for your product. As a result, various types of benefits have been linked with this to the maximum extent possible.

Let us take you through those perks!

  1. Affordable and Best

    This type of advertising method has been the most affordable of all available in the market to promote your services or products. It's doesn't impose any additional fees on the consumer. It just charges the domain rates and networking fees that are reasonably charged by every radio advertising agency. As a result, it enables every company to benefit from the motion, which would otherwise be unable to spend large sums of money on brand promotion. As a result, we at Excellent Publicity make sure that every single type of business, be it a larger or smaller one, has ample potential to succeed in this competitive environment.

  2. Helps You Advertise Products Easily

    This type of radio advertisement effectively promotes the goods in the shortest amount of time. It's very beneficial for long-term usage, and they are readily available from radios that stream on mobiles and traditional devices. This makes it much easier to expand the visibility of information to various people around the country to enhance the knowledge about the specific product and services you provide.

  3. Higher Accessibility

    It is extremely crucial to include the possibility that some people will not hear to the radio. This facility is now accessible even on smartphones that you use nowadays. This feature is now readily accessible on the smartphones you carry. Thus, if a business wants to support the product across the entire length of the country in the cheapest and easiest way possible, then radio advertising is the best form of advertisement that can be used to market the product.

Why Choose Excellent Publicity?

Excellent Publicity is a well-established and rapidly expanding advertising agency here in India. We provide the best radio advertisements to all our clients from different parts of the country.

Our educated and professional team will guide you through the process of choosing the right type of band for yourself. Everything will be decided as per your preference from various advertising formats, time slots, amount of repetitions, and promotional campaign length. All of this is to create a feasible and eye-catching marketing strategy that will allow you to optimize and grow your brand by reaching out to a large number of consumers at a minimal price.

We have enormous experience and expertise in our field, that you will not need to panic about anything. Be it planning, implementation, organizing, or any other step of the entire process, Excellent Publicity is here to help you with your radio advertisement.

We are a talented and knowledgeable group of people who provide focused and up-to-date assistance to their clients. Our team works intending to provide high-quality solutions that incorporate innovative ideas and legit pricing strategies. Thousands of clients have relied on us to efficiently advertise their products and reach their target audiences.

Excellent Publicity believes in Publicity with Excellence!!!

Proof of FM Radio Ad Campaign Implementation

FM radio stations do provide a timetable to both the radio advertising agencies and the advertisers. The ad-time schedule specifies the correct time at which the ad will be broadcast on FM and is made accessible to the advertiser ahead of time.

The FM radio station will also provide the radio ad broadcast certificate once the campaign is over. This certificate acts as proof of execution for the advertiser. Radio stations can also provide you with the recordings of RJ mentions and other FM advertising options upon request.

FM Radio Advertising Guidelines

Below are some important guidelines that you need to know before heading for such services.

  1. Seek to have your radio commercial ad placed just near to the advertisement breaks of the radio programs.
  2. Choose your FM radio advertising time slot based on your target audience's listening habits.
  3. In a radio advertisement campaign, use various jingle lengths to improve or enhance your impact first and maintain consistency.
  4. Request FM free advertising goodies such as RJ brand mentions.
  5. Do not purchase from the FM advertising rate card. Inquire with your radio agency about a discount price.

Prices for Radio Advertising in 2022

Excellent Publicity is dedicated to providing users with the most reliable statistics possible. As a result, we make certain that the advertising rates are kept up to date regularly. At the beginning of each year, most of the advertising platforms review their radio advertising rates. It is important to evaluate the most recent radio ad rates before reserving your campaign. To get the latest updates rates of radio advertising in 2022, you can certainly check on the website. If still there is any problem, then contacting us is always your way to rescue.

Call Excellent Publicity for Assistance!!!

Being the best in business, we promise to provide the finest to our clients who need help from our team. Excellent Publicity is always there at your convenience whenever you are looking forward to promoting or market your brand through the widely expansive radio advertising. You can always contact us via email inquiry@excellentpublicity.com or call at +91 8980004451 for more in-depth and clear conversation.

Various Methods of FM Radio Advertising

Excellent Publicity offers the following types of radio advertising services to its clients.
RJ Mentions
RJs are experts in making the most boring thing appear as the most interesting one with their tricky words and tone. Hence, we can help you get the RJ's talking about your business, product, or brand. The RJ will talk about the company and tell numerous things for the benefit of the listeners, saving the brand's advertising dollars.
Sponsorship Tags
Next, moving on further, we also promise to assist advertisers in developing their brand recognition through profound on-air sponsorships. Radio sponsorship has a significant positive impact on listeners' minds and creates brand awareness by connecting directly with them. The primary advantage of using this type of radio commercial is that a normal sponsored radio ad has always been prioritized to be slated for the first spot all through commercial breaks. It makes this one audible to more people before they switch to other platforms. It typically has a higher reach than other types of radio advertisements.
Jingle Advertising
Jingles are the most popular medium used by the 93.5 Red FM advertisement and many other FM radio stations. A radio jingle that can last anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes is played. It certainly ds help you to get recognized by the audience. Jingle advertising rates are the lowest of any radio advertising media option. Besides this, a classic jingle uses the relation between songs and memory to help commercials stand out unique amongst the listeners for longer periods of time than their competitors.
Contests on Radio
Radio commercials can also build rapport with the audience by holding fascinating game contests. The radio station makes a connection with the audience and starts talking about the advertiser, allowing listeners to win a prize supplied by the advertiser. Isn't that a great move to leave a long-lasting impact on the listeners?
Outdoor Broadcast
The radio station's RJ and group also airs the off-site at the advertisers' request. This is a high-end innovation, but it is well worth the investment to capture the attention of as many listeners as possible.
Roadblock is the method whereby a label continuously taps the listener's brain to inculcate 'every time' brand awareness. In this case, a brand uses up all available ad spots in a set amount of time.
Studio Shift
Radio DJs can host the events and cover them at the advertiser's place. This is among the most costly FM Radio advertisement options, with radio stations charging a significant premium over the standard red FM advertising rate card and that of many others.
Live Reads
Live reads are some of the most basic and efficient radio advertising methods. It needs a host or anchor of a specific radio program on a specific radio station to individually voice the advertising campaign of your brand. In the middle of a talk show, a host might announce the radio ad campaign script to sell a localized commercial property. There are several advantages to marketing via live read, including ad targeting, enhanced engagement, and real-time script personalization. This type of radio ad is best suited and also most effective for brand development in local businesses.
Radio Testimonials
Hearing about other people's experiences with a specific product or service can be convincing. Testimonial advertisements on the radio are exactly what they sound like: real people telling you how they discovered your product or service. As human beings, we feel more comfortable and confident trying something different and new if someone else has already used a certain product before us. It is because, we think that advertisements are created with the sole intention of making something appealing enough for you to purchase the products. Using testimonial radio advertisements increases the audience's receptivity and gives value to the brand.

How Do We Work?

The following are the steps that we, being the best radio advertising agency in Mumbai, adhere to.

Let us know your requirements

Discuss the campaign specifications with our knowledgeable and expert campaign managers and executors.

Plan the campaign

For a productive and successful on-air radio commercial campaign, we will assist you in selecting the right radio stations, the appropriate ad theme, audience approach, ad frequency, ad duration, promotional duration, and time slots.

Get the estimated price quotes

We give the best prices and services to radio channels all across India.

Get the audio made

Reap the most for your brand by working with our skilled and excellent creative team to create audio creative for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about FM Radio advertising

RAM is the acronym for Radio Audience Measurement, which analyses the FM radio listenership across India. This is a fee-based service. The RAM survey does not include all stations. The number of people in a listening public within a given market is measured by radio audience measurement.

It is the form of money used to sell and buy commercial radio airtime. Broadcasters also use it for programming, governance, and editorial planning.

If the cost of advertising on a radio station is Rs.300 per second and your advertisement is 20 seconds long, the cost of playing your promotion once is Rs.300 X 20, which totals to be Rs.6,000.

Radio advertising is an excellent way to increase your company's profits and brand recognition. Every other radio station is assigned a specific population and industry segment. By selecting the station, you can lock in your prospective consumers and grow the frequency with which the ad message is delivered. Also, it is much less expensive than other types of media channels. Radio advertising uses limited resources while reaching a specific audience in very little time.

Radio jingles are created either in a big production studio or at the radio stations. Radio advertising agencies frequently assist advertisers in getting their jingles recorded

Well, there is no maximum number of days to advertise yourself on the radio; however, it is recommended that you advertise on FM radio for at least a week.

To create an excellent FM radio ad that leaves an impact on the listeners, you must have a really interesting story on the table. Remember that radio listening is a passive experience, and ads must be fascinating for people to acknowledge and notice them. Offers are often used to entice listeners to listen to a radio commercial

You can always hire the leading and trustworthy radio advertising agency to run your advertisement on FM radio. They will then assist you in the beginning phases of selecting the appropriate FM radio channel and obtaining the best prices for FM marketing campaigns. Excellent Publicity has years and years of experience in marketing, internet marketing, and imaginative arrangements. It is widely regarded as one of India's leading advertising organizations.

We are recognized as a reputable company for creating significant missions and long-lasting brands for promoting and marketing. Also, we promise to provide the best advertisement planning at the most affordable prices.

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