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Disha Rathi Mar 19, 2022

What is Newspaper Advertising?

Newspaper advertisements are the classic type of advertising, where companies place printed or online ads for their products or services in periodicals or ads in newspaper. These are common strategies for drawing customers' attention to a company or a brand. But do they still work in the age of digital marketing? Yes, they are still effective and offer many opportunities for brands to raise their profile and customer awareness. According to a survey, 34% of people still enjoy reading newspapers and consider them reliable sources of news.

Even though it might seem a little old school, choosing different newspaper advertising formats is not an easy task. To choose the best type of advertisement in the newspaper for one's product, services, or brand, one must first understand the various types available.

But first, here are some points in support of the claim that newspaper advertisements are still popular:

  • The newspaper industry is evolving quickly as the sector moves toward integrating this media with IT to understand advertiser interests and match them with customer needs and desires.
  • Millennials prefer print media because they believe that using digital technology can be harmful to their health.
  • In small towns, local businesses continue to prefer newspaper ads as a form of communication.

Types Of Newspaper Advertising:

There are various newspaper advertisement types, but many businesses overlook which of these will best represent their brand. Therefore, the first step in using printed media as part of a marketing campaign is to understand the different types of newspaper advertisements.

There are primarily 3 categories into which newspaper advertisements can be placed:

. Classified ads

Usually found on the newspaper's left side, these brief advertisements are small. These messages are typically organized into separate sections under different headings. There are different types of
Classified Advertisement In Newspaper:

A. Business

Business offers, proposals, sales promotions, and ads looking for business partners are all included in business classified ads. In contrast to other platforms, a lot of small and medium-sized businesses concentrate on placing ads in classified ads.

B. Communications

Typically, individual advertisers place these advertisements. They are typically used as references for personal or official purposes. Among them are private announcements like "lost and found," "name, address change," "legal notifications," and "notice of marriage."

C. Property

These types of advertisements include renting, selling, and purchasing houses on behalf of property brokers, individual owners, and landlords.

D. Recruitment

These types of advertisements are common in both classified and display ads. They are a great place for small and medium-sized businesses to attract job applicants. Job applicants can also describe their qualifications and skills in hopes of employment opportunities.

E. Obituary

Advertisers usually use this to place messages of condolence, remembrance, and funeral invitations. These advertisements allow advertisers to post images of the departed along with a heartfelt message.

F. Public Notice and Tenders

The information in these advertisements is frequently too lengthy to fit on a single line. It's a particular kind of public announcement. Changes in laws, local ordinances, general rules, or anything else related to the government are announced in these advertisements to the public.

G. Education

This format is a good way for advertisers to reach their targeted audience at an affordable price. These advertisements are usually used by coaching institutes.

H. Personal

Individuals usually place advertisements about something very important to them. Personal messages like birthday wishes, seasonal greetings, and personal achievements are also distributed through classified advertisements.

I. Matrimony

This is one common classified advertisement. A close family member places a text advertisement or a classified display advertisement that consists of either the bride or groom and seeks a prospective groom or bride, respectively.

Classified advertising in newspapers can be:

A. Classified Display Ads

This includes images along with the text in the classified section of the newspaper, making it look more appealing. These types of ads are usually taken by small businesses that want to present their products and services to the local market.

B. Text Classified Ads

This form of advertisement just has text and is placed in the classified section of the newspaper. This type of advertisement is usually done for job recruitments, lost and found, matrimony, name change, etc.

C. Regular Classified Ads

These are normal text advertisements. They are usually without graphics and are column wide.

 Why advertise in Classifieds

  • Reaches your target audience based on the segmented demographics.
  • It is a simple format that gets directly to the point.
  • It provides prospects with multiple ways of contacting you.
  • In comparison to other print media formats, classified ads are significantly more affordable.
  • It is low cost when compared with other forms of advertising.
  • This form of advertising has a wide reach.

2. Display ads

These are the types of advertisements that are highly visual, which in turn helps draw the reader to the message. These ads are enormous and can take up a whole page of a newspaper. Everyday products can be advertised through these ads. They usually occupy a square or rectangular space in the newspaper.

Why do display advertising

  • You can use eye-catching imagery to grab the attention of the audience.
  • You can build brand awareness and promote your goods and services. 
  • Display advertisements have a high reach and can target a large audience.
  • You can target a specific demographic based on age and gender.

3. Insert/innovative ads

They are full-page advertisements posted in a newspaper, usually in the form of a pamphlet or card. As insert ads are stand-alone, they can be pulled out of the newspaper and placed in the hands of the reader.

Why do Insert Advertising

  • It reaches a huge audience. It has the potential to get your message to your readers.
  • It sets your brand apart.
  • It is highly targeted based on demographics. Insert ads give you the power to get your message to your potential customers.

Benefits of newspaper advertising

  • Placing your advertisement in a newspaper provides you with the advantage of knowing that your audience is more likely to notice it if they are habitually reading the newspaper.
  • Focus on a targeted audience based on demographics.
  • They are affordable.
  • Newspaper advertising is effective as readers frequently look at advertisements in this medium. It is also a more trusted medium.

Best Rates for Newspaper Advertisements

Rates for advertisements in newspapers vary depending on the organization of the newspaper, the location, the size of the advertisement, and where the advertisement must be placed. For instance, a five-line TOI (Times of India) advertisement would cost 650 rupees, and a matrimonial advertisement would cost between 2000 and 3000 rupees. The cost of newspaper advertising is given as a cost per square cm. The discount on the newspaper card rate is determined by the ad size, number of inserts, and product category. There are many dedicated newspaper advertisement agencies that work as an excellent medium for negotiating prices as well as helping to choose from the best ad options in the newspaper available.

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