Popular Magazines

Ananda Vikatan

Language : Tamil
Frequency : Weekly
Card Rate
₹20,200.00 (per Insertion)
Offer Rate
₹20,000.00 (per Insertion)
Architect and Interiors India

Language : English
Frequency : Monthly
Card Rate
₹55,800.00(per Insertion)
Offer Rate
₹55,500.00(per Insertion)
Asia Spa India

Language : English
Frequency : Bi-Monthly
Card Rate
₹13,330.00 (per Insertion)
Offer Rate
₹13,230.00(per Insertion)
Better Photography

Language : English
Frequency : Monthly
Card Rate
₹64,200.00(per Insertion)
Offer Rate
₹64,170.00(per Insertion)
Business Today

Language : English
Frequency : Fortnightly
Card Rate
₹51,500.00 (per Insertion)
Offer Rate
₹51,450.00(per Insertion)

Reputed and Reliable Magazine Advertising Agency in India

Advertisements that appear throughout magazines are known as magazine advertisements. The advertisements in magazines are still an efficient way to communicate brand and product-specific messages to specialized audiences. The ability to display higher quality images than either direct mail or newspaper advertising is a big benefit to businesses. You may advertise in the most highly read and circulated national magazine even if you are a tiny business. National publications frequently publish regional editions or sections.

Due to their superior printing quality, magazine ads are generally maintained for longer than newspapers. If an issue of a magazine offers especially intriguing material, a reader may save it. Newspapers have a shorter 'life' than magazines. People may send publications to their friends and relatives, increasing the visibility of your advertisement. This type of reading leads to a full knowledge of a complicated subject or a long tale. Magazines and ads in magazines provide readers with inspiration, which frequently leads to purchases. Did you know that ads on the right side of the page cost more than those on the left? You may also have to pay a premium for advertisements positioned on the outside border rather than the middle. This is certainly because of the way how the readers scan the magazine pages.

A great advertisement in a magazine generates a memorable experience, and memorable experiences convert people into buyers. That's why we're so fascinated with catching the attention of your viewers. To create boldly innovative print and design services that communicate your message loud and clear, our design team collaborates closely with your brand as well as our media purchasing and planning specialists. If you're not sure whether or not the Magazine Ads are appropriate for your company, get in touch with Excellent Publicity, and we'll tell you!

About Magazine Advertising

The advertisements that consumers see throughout magazines are known as magazine advertising. Several elements go into establishing or managing a magazine, but one of the most essential is magazine advertising. Advertisement sales may make or break a publication, and almost all magazines rely on money produced by their sponsors to stay afloat.

Before a new magazine hits the shelves, it's critical to have magazine advertising in place. Ad income may be used to pay for staff salary and aid with startup expenditures in the beginning. Not only may that, but the appropriate kind of advertisement put in a magazine help the magazine sell more copies. Advertisers are also aware that a well-placed ad in the correct magazine may boost their revenue by a factor of ten. Many individuals have noticed that glossy publications appear to be entirely magazine ads when they look at them. The reason for this is that many of these publications are regarded as 'affluent,' and the advertisements inside their pages reflect the magazine's message and the target readership. People who read them are believed to be upper-class in terms of quality of life, as they know fashion trends and have a lot of money to spend. The advertising targets that demographic, offering fancy apparel, high-performance vehicles, and a high-end lifestyle.

Magazine advertisements cost billions of dollars each year. Due to the extremely large sums of money at stake, the brands being marketed frequently have a say in what appears in the magazine. They may specify where they want the ad to appear, what kind of information should appear next to it, and even what should not be in the magazine in which the ad appears.

Magazine advertising is one of the most effective marketing techniques available, and a well-placed advertisement in a magazine may significantly increase sales. On the other hand, editors are cognizant of the editorial adjustments that companies may make through advertising. Advertising by major businesses in magazines almost always has an impact on the content of the magazine, and this editorial power must be considered when deciding on the advertising and the amount of money involved.

Excellent Publicity – The Top-Notch Magazine Advertising Agency

Advertisers in India have traditionally relied on magazine advertising agencies to get out to their target audiences. The cost of magazine advertising is one of the cheapest ways to reach out to a specific market. An advertiser may reach out to his customers in a well-defined context when they advertise in a magazine. The print ad style of magazine advertising also allows advertisers to engage readers with engaging creativity. Interior design magazines, current affairs magazines, and in-flight magazines are the most popular magazine genres for advertising in India. There is also a lengthy list of popular Indian publications that accept advertisements.

Excellent Publicity is one of India's top magazine advertising agencies, offering the most competitive rates on magazine advertising. We provide our clients the finest and most affordable magazine advertising rates. We guarantee the greatest prices when putting an ad in a magazine because we have a tie-up with many publication houses across India. You may get the best magazine advertising deals and have your magazine advertising campaign executed by contacting us.

Various Magazine Advertising Options in India

The most common ad form for magazine advertising is regular print ads. Advertisers can choose from creative magazine advertising alternatives such as thick tabs, gatefolds, and inserting product samples in magazines when placing ads in magazines. The cost of advertising in magazines for inventions is greater than the cost of a standard magazine print ad.

Magazine Advertising Rates and Costs in India

The cost of advertising in magazines is determined by the number of readers and the extent to which the outreach is directed. The size of the page also determines the cost of magazine advertising. The cost of a magazine advertisement in a magazine will be cheaper than the cost of a full-page advertisement in the same publication. Innovative magazine advertising is more expensive than traditional ads. Excellent Publicity has the card rate for magazine advertising in India and the best-discounted pricing for magazine advertising. We've updated the finest pricing in India for the advertising number of publications.

Proper Ad Format for Ads in Magazines

Each magazine has its ad size. The magazine advertisement planning tool allows you to examine the major systems of all publications in India. The magazine advertisement must be sent to the magazine advertising agency in PDF format.

List of Popular Magazines For Publishing Advertisements

The following is a list of the most popular publications in India for advertising:


Name of Magazine




Malayalam, Hindi


India Today

English, Hindi


Reader’s Digest









Star Dust






Digit Magazine



Auto India



Indigo Hello 6E



Inside Outside



Saras Salil


Excellent Publicity has the advertising card pricing, discounted magazine ad rate, reach information, and readership for the magazine listed above, as well as hundreds of other publications.

How To Create Effective Magazine Advertisements?

  1. Grab the customer's attention

    By focusing on developing an eye-catching headline or phrase, you may capture the customer by storm. To set the tone of the message, include a graphic or logo.

    Avoid using images and headlines that are problematic. Humor should be used with caution. It's difficult to come up with a universally attractive, funny tone. Make sure you're not upsetting anybody, especially when it comes to comedy! A smart phrase or eye-catching visual, on the other hand, will be noticed and appreciated by virtually everyone.

  2. Use color whenever needed

    Add artwork wherever possible in magazines. It allows you to use four-color photos and artwork to improve the meaning and impact of your message. Make use of this effective tool. If you can afford it, give your ad some color.

    Readers have always responded well to four-color advertisements. As the usage of color is reduced—from four colors to spot color to black and white—the response rate generally falls. Spot color is a good choice if you can't afford four colors but have a budget that will enable some 'improvement' above buying standard black-and-white ad space.

  3. Make the pitch simple and concise

    Make a list of the advantages and reasons why a customer should purchase your product or service. Keep it brief and straightforward. Readers aren't going to sit down and read your ad as if it were a novel. You just have 10 to 15 seconds to grab your reader's attention and convince him or her of your products or services' unique worth. So stay away from lengthy words and charming speech. Keep it short and sweet.

  4. Better make it easy

    Don't forget to put your phone number (toll-free if available), website, or retail locations that carry your goods at the bottom of the ad to make it easier for potential customers to purchase your product or service. Include any other specific ordering information that is required.

The experts at Excellent Publicity will help you get ready with the ads for the magazine.

Why Advertise in Magazines with the help of Excellent Publicity?

  1. Advertisers may give extensive information about a product in magazines because they are a self-paced medium.
  2. You may target certain demographics and qualities that are important to your brand.
  3. Readers are more responsive to your advertisements because they want to learn about or appreciate a certain topic that the magazine covers.
  4. Readers are more responsive to your advertisements because they want to learn about or appreciate a certain topic that the magazine covers.
  5. There are cross-platform options available to maximize your visibility (e.g., apps, online sites, and social media integration)
  6. Readers frequently see magazine advertising as a source of information.

We evaluate the magazines deemed appropriate for your brand first and then narrow down the selection to a suggestion based on your specific goals and economic constraints. Because of our long-standing connections with publication houses and deep understanding of the magazine business, we can provide many discounts. Our main goal is to make sure you get the highest potential return on your advertising investment by selecting the correct magazine possibilities.

Contact Excellent Publicity for Magazine Advertising Services

Users frequently feel that magazine advertising is time-consuming, obnoxious, and prohibitively expensive. As a result, it's a common misconception that major businesses are the only ones who do this. We, on the other hand, respectfully disagree. Now you can simply book your magazine advertising with Excellent Publicity since our one-of-a-kind platform guarantees the lowest prices for your ads. We will assist you in reaching your target consumers while saving you money. We have successfully served countless businesses. After comparing our pricing, create your magazine ad and book it online now.

Knowing so much about the process to printadvertisements in a magazine must have certainly helped you understand its importance. We at Excellent Publicity are here to help all our clients in the best way possible. We assist you in classifying your advertising based on your requirements and possible clients.

Advantages of Magazine Advertisements

Being the experts in online magazine ads, we have developed some very common advantages of how these advertisements can help you.

Brand Recognition

Many magazines have a high degree of trust among their target audience, so people will get familiar with your business when you advertise in one, and trust will grow. This recognition is strengthened when people encounter you in person, whether at your place of business or at a local trade fair or charity event. This increases not only brand awareness but also brand loyalty over time. Advertisers may substantially benefit from this credibility when their ads are perceived as suggestions from a reputable source.

Longer shelf life

A commercial airs on television, and then it's done. The same may be said about radio. The daily newspaper is discarded. Magazines can sit on a coffee table for months or months longer in a doctor's waiting room. Family members may read the magazine after the buyer has finished reading it, or they may give it to a friend or donate it to their local library. Long after you've paid for the ad, you'll still be able to sell.

Safe and comfortable

People no longer have to worry about malware, phishing, or other hacking attempts when they click on Internet advertisements. With print advertisements, this isn't a problem. Just the fact that you paid for an ad in a well-known newspaper lends you credibility. It is even better if your target market is a senior demographic. They are the customers that spend the least amount of time online and are most at ease with conventional media.

Targets the Ideal Market

If your company is local, a local magazine is an excellent method to reach out to potential consumers. They are engaged in and involved in their community, so you will pique their attention. Readers are likely to prefer buying from local companies since they are proud of where they reside.


There's a lot of media traffic out there, and we have to learn how to filter it out. There are just so many pages in a magazine, and each page contains only a few advertisements. Your local advertising will be more memorable than their internet counterparts, and you will have a far higher chance of getting seen.

Gain reader's trust

While the internet and social media are 'of the moment,' your local magazine will last. It might sit on a coffee table, at an office, or in a café for a month before the next edition is released. It may be shared with relatives and friends. This implies that your advertisement will be viewed several times.

Stay in Power

People recognize the importance of your local publication since it has most likely been there for a long time. If you commit to a long-term advertising strategy, you may gradually increase your brand recognition.

Additional possibilities

Your local publication will have a strong distribution system. If you wish to add a voucher to your advertisement, then you can do that as well. When your extra promotional material arrives with a trusted local magazine, it is far more likely to be read.

FAQs About Magazine Advertisements

IRS reports the number of magazine readers, also known as readership (Indian Readership Survey). However, only a small percentage of publications are covered by the IRS, and most magazine circulation figures are self-reported.

Advertisers must share their magazine ad at least three days before it is printed

The magazine ad will be accessible for one print cycle. So, if a magazine is published once a month, the advertisement would be in the magazine for 30 days.

Some magazine agencies will not be able to assist you with ad design. Excellent Publicity, on the other hand, may assist you with the design of your magazine advertisement. The cost of generating an ad for publication in a magazine is determined by the brief and is not included in the website's magazine advertising pricing.

The cost of magazine advertising varies considerably. The price would be determined by the magazine's readership and the size of the advertisement. You may receive advertising card prices and the best offer rate for many publications in India by visiting the website

  • Choose the publication in which you want your advertisement to appear.
  • Choose a magazine ad type.
  • Check for any discounts that may be available.
  • At least three days before the print day, share the ad in the selected magazine dimension.

Once the ad is printed, the magazine advertising agency will send you a soft copy of the magazine. Within a few days of the hard copy magazine going into circulation, the magazine advertising agency should send you a physical copy.

No, it isn't required often. This would be a waste of money in most cases. Small advertising, even in low-circulation periodicals, will look shabby if they don't have engaging visuals.

Color is a great deal for magazine advertisements. It may cost roughly half as much as a comparable black-and-white commercial, but it generates double the reaction.

As opposed to a one-color film for black-and-white advertising, the production of a four-color film is an additional cost to consider when printing such an ad. The cost of publishing a tiny ad in a limited-circulation newspaper may be greater than the cost of placing the ad! However, if you run the ad frequently or with simple black film text updates, the production expenses will become a lesser part of your overall costs.

Although black-and-white advertisements can be effective, color advertisements are more likely to pay off.

Advertising salesmen will try to persuade you to place advertising in their publication as frequently as possible. Even if your ad didn't get a reaction the first time it ran, they'd do it again. One magazine ad, unlike radio or television advertising, should yield results. If it doesn't, no matter how many times you repeat the same message in the same medium, you won't enhance your odds of making an effect on the readership.

When evaluating the outcomes of a magazine ad, keep in mind that magazines are an excellent medium for image advertising. The format's periodic nature makes it difficult to elicit quick action from a potential customer.