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Advertising in Prajavani newspaper offers a valuable opportunity for brands to reach a diverse audience in major metro cities like Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. With a circulation of approximately 156,079 newspapers, brands can gain unprecedented exposure, establish increased brand credibility, and boost their business through effective advertising strategies in Prajavani newspaper.

About Prajavani Newspaper

Prajavani Newspaper was founded by K N Guruswamy in Bangalore and has gone on to become one of the leading Kannada newspapers. Also called the Kannada voice of the people, Prajavani newspaper helps companies increase their ROI with its market dominance.

With a huge reader base of around 492,000, the Printers (Mysore) Private Limited owned broadsheet newspaper is one of the most lucrative ways for advertising. Advertisements in Prajavani newspaper give businesses an edge in approaching the Kannada speaking regional population.

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Categories Of Brands Who Can Advertise In Prajavani Newspaper

Catering to a massive audience, advertisements in Prajavani newspaper helps the following category of brands:

  • Broadcasting stations: Radio stations like Radio City are seen in Prajavani newspaper ads promoting their services and festive offers.
  • Telephone Manufacturers: Brands like Celkon have often used newspaper ads to launch and promote new products.
  • Banks: Institutions like SBI put out advertisements in newspapers to promote their services time and time again.
  • Motor Vehicle Firms: Newspaper ads are frequently used by companies like TATA Indica to announce offers and new launches.

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Types Of Advertisement In Prajavani Newspaper

Prajavani advertisements provide maximum flexibility, whether it is in terms of size, placement, or distinct types. Size wise, Full Page ads, Half Page ads, Quarter Page ads, and custom sizes are also available in the paper. Placement wise, Pointer ads and Skybus ads typically provide efficient visibility at the lowest price. The main three ad types are:

  • Display Ads: Ads with visual clues
  • Classified Text Ads: Simple run on line ads
  • Classified Display Ads: Combination ads showing text with images, designs, logos, etc.

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The Cost of Advertising in Prajavani Newspaper

Prajavani newspaper advertising rates are determined by several factors such as the selected position, size, city, and advertising option. The pricing also varies depending on the type of ad selected, with Classified ads being charged per word/line and Display ads being charged in Rupees per square centimetre. Further modifications include:

  • Premium charges for select pages
  • Packages as per the advertiser's requirements
  • Discounts depend on the ad volume and other criteria

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At Excellent Publicity, we provide clients with a business advantage through our vast experience and strong reputation in the media industry. Through our meticulous and collaborative process, we help brands reach their targeted audiences. Our additional competitive edges include:

  • Profit oriented campaigns
  • Web based overseas advertising
  • National and international reach

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