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Instagram is largest social networking platform. When you Advertise in Instagram, you can reach out to the precise target group. Advertising platform of Instagram provides targeting like gender, location, interest, education level and age. It is one of the most targeted forms of social media advertising.

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Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising

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Prajakta Koli who is an youtuber and also  an actress who make funny videos, she is mostly known by her youtube channel name “mostlysane”.Her vidoes are mostly related to daily life situitons. She has also done an amazing webseries mismatched with Rohit Saraf. She has more than 6m subcribers on youtube and more than 4m on Instagram. She has also done collaboration with other youtubers like Ashish chanchalani and Bollywood personalties like Kajol.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Influencer marketing is to promote our product or brand via people who has good follower base on social media.

You should select the influencer on the basis of target audience of the product. For Example our product is from cosmetic category we should select Influencer from Beauty and Life Style.

Since bloggers have huge follower base on social media, they can create brand awareness via content creation. More over the trust the followers have toward the influencer is higher and the scope of sale for an endorsed product is higher.

Brand only need to provide objective for the campaign. Content creation will be handled by the Influencer.

We can judge the quality of Influencer with their Engagement ratio on social media.

We can ask influencer for insight of our brand post to check the exact engagement of our post.

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