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Founded in 1947, Nai Dunia has secured a vast influence on its 150000 loyal audiences through the years. By advertising in Nai Dunia newspaper, brands can tap into the newspaper's well-established reputation for trustworthiness and reliability. The wide reach and exposure offered by Nai Dunia can help businesses enhance brand recognition, build credibility, and achieve their marketing goals.

About Nai Dunia

Founded by three Freedom Fighters, Nai Dunia is one of the most read and trusted newspapers of the Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh regions.

Nai Dunia newspaper advertising enables brands to connect with a huge crowd. Nai Dunia newspaper engages with a discerning and intellectually curious readership through its responsible, fearless, and unbiased journalistic pieces.

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Categories Of Brands Who Can Advertise In Nai Dunia

Through its reach in major cities, ads in Nai Dunia newspaper can be beneficial to brands operating in the following industries:

  • Daily Commodities
  • TV Movie or Show Promos
  • Sales or Offers
  • Insurance

Over the years, firms like Vaseline, Colors TV, AJIO & Oriental Insurance have made their mark in their respective industries through newspaper ads that led to a boom in their revenue & prestige. This is proof that Nai Dunia ads are highly effective in brand advertising.

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Types Of Advertisement In Nai Dunia

The advertisements in Nai Dunia newspaper include Jacket Ads (Front, Back & Both), Classified Ads (Text + Display) & Display Ads. The advertisement size options in Nai Dunia newspaper include Fixed Sizes such as Half Page, Full Page, Quarter Page, as well as customizable sizes to suit the specific needs of advertisers. Some of the specialty ads include:

  • Skybus: Sized 32.9 cm X 5cm, these horizontally full width narrow ads are mostly seen just below the title of the newspaper.
  • Pointers: Sized 4cm X 5cm, these small ads are placed on the front page. They must have at least 30 inserts.

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The Cost Of Advertising In Nai Dunia

Nai Dunia newspaper ad ratesmay differ for each brand, depending on their specific preferences and requirements. Nai Dunia newspaper has basic rates for classified ads and display ads, with modification charges added as necessary. Additional charges may apply for the following options:

  • Colour or B/W
  • Page placement of the ad
  • Enhancements with screen/ border
  • Tick & Color
  • Advertising option
  • Publication City

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