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An Indian daily newspaper published in Hindi is called Rajasthan Patrika. The fourth-most read Hindi language daily in India is Rajasthan Patrika, while Patrika came in sixth. Getting a mention/insert on this platform can help the brand achieve their objective


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About Patrika Digital PR

Owned by Patrika group based in Rajasthan, the news portal provides 24X7 latest news, increasing trust among its readers. A maximum of 95% of the website's traffic comes from organic and direct searches. An average visitor spends 3 minutes 33 seconds on the platform. Using Patrika digital PR , you can reach a qualified audience to strengthen your brand position and increase your ROI.

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Which Industries Should Go for a Digital Press Release in Patrika?

While the average age of visitors on the Patrika News website ranges between 18 and 35 years, 70% are males, and the rest are females. Many brands, like Dabur, Volkswagon, Reliance, Mario, and Hero Motors, are promoting their products and leveraging the audience strength of Patrika to create buzz around their new product launches.

As a renowned news portal among Hindi audiences, Patrika offers promotion for different industries, such as:

  • Entertainment,
  • Gadgets,
  • Sports,
  • Education,
  • Business

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What Are the Rates for Digital PR in Patrika?

Digital PR in Patrika is primarily used for article-based promotion. However, banner and video ads options are also available. Although Patrika offers digital PR options in multiple categories, the campaign rates can differ based on factors such as:

  • Ads placement,
  • Total campaign runtime,
  • Number of advertisements,
  • Product category.

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What are the Benefits of Digital PR in Patrika?

Digital publicity in Patrika has eliminated the hustle in traditional promotion methods brands face. The most significant benefit of digital PR in Patrika is its reach among the Hindi audience, which suits brands targeting mass regional audiences. Also, once published, the article stays there for an extended period, supporting the brand’s online presence and helping in deriving referral traffic to your website. Additionally, these campaigns are easy to track and measure the results once completed. This allows businesses to calculate their return on investment more precisely.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The rates for advertisement would be different for various publications. You can contact our agency regarding the rates for Digital PR, we can then further guide you with what all publications you can choose with the lowest possible advertising rates and maximum possible reach to the audience.

You can contact our agency and we can guide you which publication will be best suitable for you in line with your target audience, campaign objective, brand image and other factors.

It totally depends upon which publication you are choosing. Though major of the publication house format allows inserting backlink in the article

Advertisement reach depends upon which publication you are choosing, campaign duration and your overall budget for PR

Media agency can help you guiding through the entire process from choosing the right publication, reaching the correct target audience (keeping in mind your brand product/ services and advertisement objective) to buying media space and smooth execution would be handled by media agency.

The sooner you start, the earlier you get the edge over it. As there is no time-tested strategy for it.

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