Learn About The Top 7 News Portals to Work with In Your Next PR Strategy

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Jul 14, 2023

Introduction On How You Can Implement Successful PR Strategy

In the digital age, leveraging the power of reputable news portals is crucial for a successful PR strategy. Collaborating with top platforms can amplify the reach and impact of your press releases, helping you connect with a wider audience and build brand credibility.

In this article, we will explore the top seven news portals in India—Times of India, Economic Times, Hindustan Times, Livemint, Money Control, Zee News, and Forbes India—and highlight their unique strengths for your PR endeavors. Additionally, we will discuss the significance of PR Agency In India, and how our Online PR Services assist in achieving your communication goals

7 News Portals to Work with In Your Next PR Strategy

Times of India

The Times of India is a highly influential English-language newspaper that commands a vast readership throughout India. Advertising in the Times of India offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain substantial visibility and exposure for your brand. With its wide reach, you can connect with a diverse audience, ranging from professionals to general readers. Being featured in The Times of India helps establish your brand's credibility and enhances its reputation in the market. The Times of India continues to maintain the unchallenged market leadership position among English daily publications with a total readership of more than 1.73 crore. Due to its substantial audience and online credibility, Times of India is a crucial forum for getting acknowledged.

Economic Times

As India's leading financial newspaper, the Economic Times is a primary source of business, finance, and economic news. Partnering with the Economic Times enables you to effectively reach professionals, investors, and business leaders. By leveraging this platform, you can share valuable financial insights, industry trends, and showcase your expertise to a highly targeted audience. Collaborating with the Economic Times allows you to position your brand as a thought leader in the financial domain and gain credibility among stakeholders in the business world. An English-language daily newspaper from India is called The Economic Times. The Economic Times is the most widely read English-language business newspaper in India, and www.economictimes.com, its website, is the best place to get business news there. The complete run of The Economic Times has been read by over 4.2 million individuals. Contact Excellent Publicity today to know more about advertising in Economic Times.

Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times is renowned for its comprehensive coverage of national and international news. Advertising in the Hindustan Times provides your brand with exposure to a broad range of readers, including business professionals, policymakers, and individuals seeking in-depth news analysis. Being featured in Hindustan Times can significantly enhance your brand's visibility and credibility. It allows you to engage with a discerning audience that values well-researched journalism and relies on Hindustan Times as a trusted source of information. One of the most popular English-language daily newspapers in India is Hindustan Times. According to the 2014 Indian Readership Survey, HT is the second-most read English daily in India after The Times of India. Gaining a mention or insert on this platform might aid the brand in achieving its goal.


Livemint is a highly popular business and finance news portal that offers valuable insights into the Indian economy, markets, and industries. Collaborating with Livemint provides a unique opportunity to engage with a niche audience of finance-savvy readers.Advertising in Livemint enables you to establish thought leadership in the business domain and share expert opinions, industry analyses, and market trends. Being featured on Livemint positions your brand as a trusted source of information and enhances its reputation among professionals and decision-makers in the business world. The daily financial journal in India is published by the Delhi-based media organization Livemint, a division of HT Media. Readers who are business decision-makers and leaders will find it most appealing. The first newspaper in India to be published in Berliner format is this one.

Money Control

As a prominent financial news platform, Money Control attracts a vast readership seeking real-time updates, market analysis, and investment insights. Collaborating with Money Control positions your brand as an authoritative voice in finance and allows you to engage with an audience interested in personal finance, stock markets, and investment strategies. Being featured on Money Control enhances your brand's visibility and credibility among investors, traders, and individuals seeking financial advice. It provides an excellent platform to showcase your expertise, share market insights, and connect with a highly targeted audience interested in financial news and information. The best website in the country for financial information is moneycontrol.com. With over 17 million visits each month across all of its platforms, it is now India's largest online financial platform (web, mobile, and tablets). Excellent Publicity can help you with advertising in Money Control, contact us today and get your brand featured.

Zee News

Zee News is a leading Hindi news channel and online portal that reaches a wide Hindi-speaking audience across India. Advertising in Zee News allows you to connect with a significant segment of the Indian population, ensuring that your message reaches diverse regions and communities. Being featured on Zee News enhances your brand's visibility among Hindi-speaking audiences, enabling you to establish a strong presence and build a loyal following. Zee News offers a platform to share news, opinions, and stories that resonate with the Hindi-speaking population, helping you connect with them on a deeper level.

Forbes India

Forbes India, the Indian edition of the renowned global business magazine, is highly regarded for its coverage of business, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Partnering with Forbes India provides a unique opportunity to establish your brand as an industry leader. Being featured in Forbes India allows you to gain access to a sophisticated and influential readership interested in business trends, success stories, and industry insights. Forbes India provides a platform to showcase your brand's achievements, share thought-provoking content, and position yourself as an expert in your field. Collaborating with Forbes India enhances your brand's credibility and reputation, opening doors to new opportunities and networking with key stakeholders in the business world. Network 18, a media organization owned by Reliance Industries, manages the Forbes India edition. Since its establishment in 2008, Forbes India has expanded significantly. Business executives and ardent young leaders read this publication, which is regarded as a premium publication. You can contact Excellent Publicity if you have any questions regarding advertising in Forbes India.

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Incorporating the top news portals—Times of India, Economic Times, Hindustan Times, Livemint, Money Control, Zee News, and Forbes India—in your PR strategy can significantly enhance your brand's reach and reputation. Collaborating with these reputable platforms allows you to connect with diverse audiences, establish thought leadership, and gain credibility within your industry. Furthermore, partnering with Excellent Publicity can provide the expertise and guidance necessary to navigate the digital landscape effectively.

By leveraging our knowledge, media connections, and digital marketing strategies, you can optimize your PR efforts and achieve your communication goals in the dynamic and ever-evolving Indian market. Visit our website today and learn about the channels and portals we work with.

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