Biggest Releases of the Year are here: Thugs of Hindostan, 2.0, Zero & Simmba

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Mar 19, 2022

The Festive Season is here. This is the most cheerful time of the year when people are relaxed and visit friends and family, exchange gifts and spend quality time together. The most common outing here is for entertainment and in general Movies. Malls, multiplexes, mini-theatres & single screen theatres witness a significant rise in footfalls. And when it is joined by four blockbuster releases one after the other, it’s a treat for the advertisers as well. This festive season is marked by releases of Thugs of Hindostan, releasing on 8th November 2018, Robot 2.0 releasing on 29th November 2018, ZERO releasing on 21st December, 2018 & Simmba releasing on 28th December, 2018. The hype around these movies is unprecedented and it’s THE BEST time to take full advantage of all the hype & hoopla around these movies.

Upcoming Movies

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Why advertising on Cinema this festive season is must?

  • Back to back four mega-blockbusters with the most popular star cast and larger than life visual effects. Such movies are enjoyed on bigger screens only by people.
  • Attraction, Hype & Popularity of these movies across India, due to them being released in multi languages. 2.0 is being released in 13 different Indian languages, which is again unprecedented.
  • Festive season is the time when people are relaxed and plan for movies quite often with families, since in major parts of India, watching movies together is the only source of entertainment.
  • Increasing multiplexes and number of screens make for better viewing experience for mass audience and thus, cinema halls across India have been slowly experiencing higher number of footfalls.

Why Cinema Advertising?

  • Huge Screen, Huge Display, Huge Impact, Huge Results
  • A medium of advertising where audience cant miss watching the advertisement, due to its inherent nature, thus it tends to lead to greater attention towards the advertisement, making it more memorable
  • Highly affordable – Cinema advertising costs approximately Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per show and at time even lower with the average capacity of 200 people per show.
  • Guaranteed quality audience of all demographics
  • Guaranteed display of advertising without any distraction
  • Engaged, seated & relaxed audience with a leisurely mindset
  • Catchy advertisement of your brand with audio makes your brand Larger than Life on silver screen.

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