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Mar 15, 2023


The IPL is one of the most eagerly anticipated cricket tournaments in the world, with millions of fans eagerly awaiting its arrival each year. Given the popularity of the tournament, it is likely that cricket fans around the world are already eagerly awaiting the start of the IPL 2023. It is the most highly anticipated cricket tournament that attracts millions of fans worldwide, making it an ideal platform for IPL advertisement.

The upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League, slated to be held in 2023, will mark the sixteenth season of the much-awaited cricketing extravaganza. Popularly known as IPL 16 or Tata IPL 2023, the tournament is expected to be a grand affair, featuring some of the best cricketing talents from around the world. As per the official IPL calendar for 2023, the tournament is scheduled to kick off on March 20, and the final match will be played on June 1, making it a marathon event spanning over two months. The fans can look forward to 74 thrilling matches that promise to be full of excitement and entertainment.

One of the key highlights of the IPL 2023 is the inclusion of ten teams, which is an increase from the eight teams that have featured in previous editions of the tournament. This means that fans can expect more matches and more opportunities for their favorite teams to showcase their talent. In keeping with the tradition of the IPL, each club is expected to play 14 league games, providing a fair and equal opportunity for all teams to progress to the playoffs. With a total of 140 league games, fans can expect nail-biting finishes and high-intensity cricket action throughout the tournament.

For the upcoming season of the Indian Premier League in 2023, Viacom18 has secured the rights to broadcast the matches on digital platforms. This means that Star India channels will hold the broadcasting rights for TV, while JioCinema will have the rights to stream the matches live on digital platforms. The agreement ensures that Viacom18 has exclusive rights to broadcast the tournament on digital platforms in India, enabling them to offer high-quality streaming of all the matches. This development has increased competition in the digital streaming market, as other platforms may also look to secure rights to broadcast the tournament. With this move, cricket enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing the IPL in a new and engaging way, with digital platforms offering a range of exciting features and interactive experiences for fans.

Jio Cinema, Jio's digital platform, is expected to stream IPL 2023 matches, allowing cricket fans to watch all of the action from the comfort of their own homes, for free! Jio Cinema, with its user-friendly interface and high-quality streaming capabilities, is the ideal platform for IPL 2023 fans to enjoy thrilling matches. It is a golden opportunity for brands to leverage IPL advertising on Jio Cinema to reach a massive audience and create a lasting impact. Visit their website for more information and match schedules.

How can your brand take leverage of IPL 2023?

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a massive platform for brands to connect with a large and diverse audience. As one of the most popular sporting events in the world, the IPL presents a plethora of opportunities for brands to showcase their products, services, and values to a global audience.

IPL advertisement offers multiple options for brands to gain exposure and recognition. By sponsoring teams, players, or events, brands can increase brand awareness and recall. IPL matches provide an opportunity for targeted advertising, especially on OTT platforms and TV. Social media campaigns and unique fan engagement experiences like contests and giveaways can create brand loyalty and enhance awareness. The grandeur and popularity of the IPL make it one of the greatest sporting events in India, allowing brands to gain maximum exposure.

The IPL's viewership has steadily increased over the years, reaching new heights with each season. The IPL has a huge and growing fan base, both in India and around the world. The tournament provides a massive opportunity for brands to connect with and gain widespread exposure from a large and diverse audience. Let's look at the IPL's viewership statistics on both television and digital platforms:





More than 300 million


More than 20 million


More than 500 million


More than 75 million


Positive brand association with the popular IPL can improve a brand's image while tapping into the emotional connection of fans can create a deeper bond with customers. The increased exposure during the IPL can also lead to increased sales.

Associating with the IPL can be a significant boost for brands, as it provides a platform for them to reach a massive audience and create a lasting impact on the minds of customers. By leveraging the IPL's popularity, brands can become big in the eyes of customers, leading to increased brand awareness and recognition.

 What are the ad options available on Jio Cinema?

  IPL advertising on JioCinema offers several ad options for brands to reach their target audience:

  • Pre-roll ads: These are video ads that play before the start of a video. They typically run for 15-30 seconds and are an effective way to capture the audience's attention before they start watching the main content.
  • Mid-roll ads: These are video ads that play in the middle of a video. They typically run for 15-30 seconds and are useful for brands that want to engage with viewers who are already invested in the content.
  • Post-roll ads: These are video ads that play at the end of a video. They are an effective way to leave a lasting impression on viewers and increase brand recall.
  • Banner ads: These are static or animated display ads that appear at the bottom or top of the screen during video playback. They are an excellent way to complement video ads and reinforce brand messaging.
  • Native ads: These are non-intrusive ads that blend seamlessly into the content, making them less disruptive and more effective. They typically feature high-quality visuals and a compelling call to action.

JioCinema also offers targeted ad solutions based on audience demographics and behavior, allowing brands to reach their desired audience effectively.

IPL 2023 advertising rates

The IPL advertisement cost on digital platforms in 2023 is likely to be higher than in previous years, given the tournament's increasing popularity and the fact that it will feature 10 teams instead of 8. Advertisers can expect to pay a premium for ad slots during the tournament, with rates varying depending on factors such as the time of day, the platform, and the targeted audience.

Digital IPL ad cost 2023 may also vary based on the type of ad format used, such as pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ads, as well as the duration and frequency of the ad. Advertisers can also consider running social media campaigns and influencer marketing to promote their brand and connect with fans during the tournament.

  • For Pre-roll ad video: INR 250 for a 10-sec video for 1000 ad impressions
  • For mid-roll ad video: INR 225 for a 10-sec video for 1000 ad impressions

The cost of additional targeting factors, such as target city, age demographic, and device price point, will increase the CPM cost.

How do you measure the performance of your campaign?

To start with, excellent publicity can help a brand create a strong brand image and brand recall among the IPL audience. IPL viewers are likely to remember the brand that has advertised well during the tournament, and this can result in higher brand recognition and customer loyalty. The more memorable the advertising campaign, the more likely consumers are to recall the brand and consider purchasing its products.

Moreover, excellent publicity can help a brand stand out among its competitors. With so many brands advertising during the IPL, it is essential to create an advertising campaign that is unique and captures the audience's attention. By doing so, a brand can differentiate itself from other brands and increase its chances of being noticed by potential customers.

Furthermore, the agency can also help a brand measure the effectiveness of its advertising campaign during the IPL. By tracking metrics such as engagement rates, reach, and conversion rates, a brand can determine how well its advertising campaign is performing and make necessary adjustments to maximize its ROI. By reaching a large audience through IPL advertising, a brand can increase its customer base and generate more sales.


Excellent publicity is essential for a brand to keep track of its advertising campaign during the IPL and maximize its sales and revenue. By creating a unique and memorable advertising campaign, tracking its effectiveness, and increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty, a brand can increase its chances of success during the IPL and beyond.

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