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Advertising on Asianet

Asianet (formerly known as Asianet Global and also known as Asianet News) is a famous and most viewed 24x7 Malayalam language news & current affairs channel covering all Regional, National and certain International news. Asianet is owned and operated by Asianet News Network a sub of Jupiter Entertainment Capital Ventures. It’s operating since 2003 in India. It’s headquarter is located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Asianet was restructured into four companies having different genre in June 2008 (general entertainment, news, radio and media infrastructure) by Star India (Star Communications). Asianet channel recently claims a spike in its viewership and popularity even on its social media pages and has received a good response and built a network of correspondence and trust with its viewers because of the best quality updated news with truth and speed and knowledge delivered to their viewers and public at large. It has wide range of programs those appeals to all members in the family. This is what makes Asianet a recommended channel for brands to run a Television Advertising campaign and grabs attention of its premium target audience within a specific geographical area and limited period of time.

Asianet Advertisement Rates

If you decide to advertise on Asianet with Excellent Publicity you will receive the best rates! The rates are calculated for per second of airtime. So e.g. If cost to advertise in Asianet is mentioned as Rs. 250/sec approx. and your ad is 10 second long, the cost for playing the ad once on Asianet will come to Rs.250 X 10 = Rs.2,500 approx. or up to few lakhs approx. The cost may vary according to viewership data & Stats for particular programmes on particular channels and also as per the time band and length of advertisement or size of creative and number of repetitions and based on the type of advertisement campaign on Asianet. Prime Time or Super Prime Time rates will be higher than the Non-Prime Time. For good rates register yourself with us and get in touch with our representative to know more.

List of shows on Asianet

Asianet is a successful Malayalam language 24/7 news and current affairs channel which has a wide geographical reach. Asianet is currently one of India’s top news channels as per BARC viewership data as it keeps updating its shows content with the latest exclusive trending Regional and National news and certain International news, Breaking Top News countdown, socio-economic and political current affairs, weather forecast, business (commerce and teleshopping), sports, Bollywood, science & environment. It also brings light to the burning news topics, controversies and has debates, bursting scams and much more. Asianet is associated with famous and recognized journalists and hosts and zonal heads. All this has led to an increase in its followers on social media too.

Online media research for Asianet

It is recommended to do your personal research on the particular chosen channel for more details and have a look at the content, shows and the anchors before confirming with any agency. This will help you plan the right time slot on Asianet as the advertising rates vary accordingly.

Types of advertisement on Asianet

Advertising in Asianet can be done both by playing ads during breaks as well as playing the content during the news shows. Some of the popular ad forms are:-

  • Asianet Video Ads – Video Ads are telecasted during ad-breaks also known as FCT. Its calculated based on 10 seconds.
  • Asianet Aston Band – Horizontal line ad flashing on bottom side on screen branding while news show is played.
  • Asianet L Band – Vertical left side plus Horizontal bottom side ad flashing on screen branding while news show is played.
  • Asianet Scroller Ads – Ad scrolling from one end of screen to the other while news show is displayed.
  • Asianet Laptop Branding – A sticker of your brand on the Laptop displayed during the news shows.
  • Asianet Customized show integration for Brands – These are customized media options for brands and branding campaign as per advertisement budget allocated and as per channels / shows. It is a personalized solution for the brand for unique and creative advertising

How to advertise on Asianet?

  • Share your requirements for advertisement campaign on Asianet.
  • Approach our efficient planners and executors.
  • Plan the advertising campaign with us
  • We will assist you in terms of choosing the target audience, right advertisement format, audience reach, and campaign duration to have a successful campaign on Asianet.
  • Receive the best quotes
  • We provide lowest assured rates with best services for television advertising across various channels.
  • The ad rates differ depending on different shows, prime time, non-prime that is selected.
  • Provide us with an attractive creative to show case your brand on-screen. The acceptable format of creative in television advertising is a CDR file for image creative and a MOV File for Video Creative.
  • Once you share the creative we will get it converted in the acceptable ad format that will be utilized on the television
  • Go Live with your advertisement and get your brand in front of the masses.
  • See your brand on-screen within a bare minimum timeframe and achieve the desired response.

Agency selection for advertising on Asianet

Media Agency plays an important role for advertisement in Asianet. As Excellent Publicity being a media agency we figure out that is Asianet a good channel for you in line with your brand and objective. For this we use BARC data to check the right channel with the highest viewership. The next would be to plan the frequency and timing of the advertisement with right price. Scheduling of your ad depends upon your marketing objective and pricing. We would help in recommend to advertise in prime time or non-prime time in order to reach the right number of audience with the lowest cost possible per reach. Other variables like buying media space and such would be handled by media agency. The last step would be then to ensure your ad is played and how much reach has been covered and to send you the proof of same (Log reports & Telecast Certificate) at the end of campaign.

Similar Asianet Channels

Asianet – Middle East & North Africa:  Asianet – Middle East & North Africa has been seen a fast growth among the News channel in India and had expanded even to the Middle East (UAE) and North Africa signed a deal with popular and leading cable networks out there covering International News & Current Affairs. It has become a popular channel because of its content and has a demand among advertisers because of it growth in viewership.

Asianet Movies: Asianet Movies is an Indian pay television channel that was launched in 2012. This channel is owned by Asianet Digital Network under Star India. Along with broadcasting Malayalam-language films, it also airs live sports broadcast with Malayalam commentary.

Asianet Plus: Asianet Movies is an Indian pay television movie and general entertainment channel all in Malayalam language that was launched since 2005. This channel is owned by Asianet Digital Network under Star India. It’s shows consists movies, serials, comedy and reality shows and much more. Some of its popular shows include Badai Bungalow, Comedy Stars, Seethayanam, Swami Ayyappan, etc.

Why advertising in Asianet?

The initiatives that Asianet took include the above and below steps that gave over the counter results as listing Asianet more ratings than any other platforms.

  • Premium Features: Asianet being one of the oldest successful news channel keeps on updating itself with top trending regional and certain nationwide and International news, business (commerce and teleshopping and markets), current affairs, politics, morning prayers and mantra and astrology, weather, sports, Bollywood, trending controversies and debates and many more for the premium Malayalam speaking audience. It also interacts with them on social media pages and brings out facts to light. Thus it becomes a popular recommended channel for an ad campaign.
  • Best Rates: Asianet offers cost effective rates compared to other news channels.
  • Key approach factor: Any client who wishes to expand reach for their business with a quick performance and within a short period of time.
  • Choice of Type & Time of ad campaign: Asianet offers advertisement options that are of various types some of which are mentioned above and also for prime time / days and non-prime time / days shows give a flexibility of choice to the advertiser. Thus brands can advertise in right shows or at right times during maximum viewership and gain the desired attention for their product.

What will be the rates for advertising on Asianet?

You can contact our agency regarding the rates of advertising on Asianet; we can then further guide you with the same with the lowest possible advertising rates with maximum reach to the audience.

How many people will be able to see my ad on Asianet?

Advertisement reach depends upon your campaign duration, ad repetition and your overall budget for the ad.

Can I choose to advertise on particular show or during particular time on Asianet?

Yes you can choose a particular shows / time (prime time, non-prime time) to run your ad. Contacting our agency can guide you as in what will work best for you.

Is agency necessary for advertising on Asianet?

Media agency can help you guiding through the entire process from reaching the correct target audience (keeping in mind your brand product/ services and advertisement objective) to buying media space and such would be handled by media agency.

The Steps in Execution

  1. 1

    Share your requirements

    Approach our efficient planners and executors and share your requirements for a campaign.

  2. 2

    Plan the campaign with us

    We will assist you in terms of choosing right locations, right time band, the right branding type in terms of Video Ad or L- band, to have a successful campaign on board.

  3. 3

    Receive the best quotes

    We provide lowest assured rates with best services for Television Advertising across India.

  4. 4

    Provide creative

    Provide us with an attractive creative to show case your brand on television after we share the creative time bands. The acceptable format of creative in television branding is Audio Video File (TVC) and CDR file for L-Band or Aston Band. Once you share the creative it will be converted into jpeg format absolutely free of cost. We will share the converted creative with you for approval. After receiving your approval the creative will be send to the TV Channel team.

  5. 5

    Go Live

    See your advertisement broadcasting in the selected time band and shows by you.

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