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Outdoor Advertising

Popular Outdoor Advertising Options

Unipole - Shaheed Path, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Adv. City: Lucknow
Adv. Type : Unipole
Card Rate
₹90,200.00 (per sec)
Offer Rate
₹90,000.00 (per sec)
Platform Panel - Akshardham, Delhi, Delhi (NCR)
Adv. City: Delhi
Adv. Type : Platform Panel
Card Rate
₹40,500.00 (per sec)
Offer Rate
₹40,500.00 (per sec)
Inside Metro station Panel - Karol Bagh, Delhi, Delhi (NCR)
Adv. City: Delhi
Adv. Type : Inside Metro station Panel
Card Rate
₹39,500.00 (per sec)
Offer Rate
₹39,000.00 (per sec)
Utility - Bhairon Marg, Delhi, Delhi (NCR)
Adv. City: Delhi
Adv. Type : Utility
Card Rate
₹501,000.00 (per sec)
Offer Rate
₹500,000.00 (per sec)
Rooftop - Bodla Crossing, Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Adv. City: Agra
Adv. Type : RoofTop
Card Rate
₹31,000.00 (per sec)
Offer Rate
₹30,000.00 (per sec)

Top-Rated and Reliable Outdoor Advertising Agency in India

For centuries, outdoor advertising has been a very effective communication and advertising tool. No other electronic advertising medium can match the reach and visibility of this medium. Even outdoor advertising moves from static to digital to keep up with current times of the internet and technology, but the transformation is slow and steady in the Indian market. When creating an effective advertising strategy, outdoor advertising is still an important part of the mix.

Know More About The Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising was previously believed to be too expensive or unachievable for small businesses and solo practitioners. Still, it is now more inexpensive than ever and available in so many diverse mediums that almost any firm of any size may profit from it. In ways that digital and in-home advertising cannot, outdoor advertising may help you establish your brand and market your products and services.

As the market gets increasingly flooded with what customers see as 'nwanted' digital advertising, promoting your business outdoors may be advantageous in various ways. Understanding how to handle an outdoor advertising campaign can be difficult, but using an outdoor advertising marketplace like Excellent Publicity will help you get your campaign up and running quickly and painlessly.

Allowing us to handle your campaign from beginning to end will not only increase your productivity and save you time and money. We also help you track the progress and reach of your campaign and calculate the sales produced by your advertisement.

Excellent Publicity – The Best Outdoor Advertising Agency In India

Excellent Publicity is the top outdoor advertising company in India. As a competent Outdoor advertising firm in Mumbai and other areas of India, we specialize in billboards, bus shelters, outside hoardings, and all other viable outdoor choices. We guarantee the best prices for all your Outdoor needs since we have served many customers in Mumbai. Our online planning tool is completely free to use, and it can help you create a custom strategy for your Hoarding needs in Mumbai. Using mobile data, we assess the reach of each of your hoardings, metro pillar, and bus shelters throughout India. Throughout a campaign, it is monitored to ensure that the strategy is carried out as planned.

In Mumbai, there are numerous options for acquiring a plan for your hoardings requirement. Obtaining a list of hoardings, conducting a poll, and selecting the best options based on your needs are the conventional methods. Instead, you may contact us and tell us about your requirements to develop a campaign strategy for you. Being the best Outdoor Advertising agency in Delhi, Mumbai, and other parts of India, we complete the planning, on-site survey, selection of appropriate hoardings, and purchase at the correct price, printing branded material, mounting, and monitoring. Our Outdoor advertisement planning team uses specific technologies to ensure that the campaign runs smoothly and efficiently for each of these phases.

Expenses of Outdoor Advertising in India

Outdoor advertising costs very in India depending on the type of media utilized and the area. The cost of advertising on hoardings, metro pillars, bus shelters, and other public areas varies based on several factors. The following are some of them:

  1. Location: The price of outdoor advertising varies not just by the city but also by location within a city. Hoardings in high-traffic or high-footfall locations cost extra.
  2. Media Type: Hoardings are more expensive than bus shelters and subway pillars.
  3. Dimensions: Large billboards cost more than medium and tiny billboards.
  4. Visibility: Some hoardings are more visible than others. These hoardings have higher advertising rates than regular hoardings.

Advantages of Outdoor Advertising

We're frequently asked at Excellent Publicity what the advantages of outdoor advertising over other kinds of media are. To assist media planners in understanding the benefits of outdoor advertising, we've put up a list of reasons why it's a good idea to factor it into your marketing budget:

  1. Reinforcement of the media mix

    According to advertising conventions, the average customer must view something at least 10 times before responding to a call to action. Companies may use billboards and bus shelter advertising to supplement their digital, print, and radio advertising with a consistent marketing message that can be seen many times and reach a whole region.

  2. Keep Your Eyes on the Road

    With exception of radio or television advertising, outdoor advertising does not allow the viewer to change the channel. Consumers are more concerned about their environment and pay attention to advertising in their field of vision while they're on the move, be it the early commuters or foot traffic in a densely populated area.

  3. Market Capacity

    One of the main advantages of transit advertising is that even a single outside bus advertisement provides comprehensive market coverage. For the simple reason that transit management needs to balance out the amount of route-miles buses travel each day, most transit advertising is not route-specific. This implies that your ad will most likely be seen in every part of a transportation system's footprint during the duration of a 4-week advertising campaign.

  4. The Advantages of Using a Blank Canvas

    Each type of outdoor advertising is distinct. Marketers have the freedom to use the area in unconventional ways that are highly visible to the public.

  5. Encourages the use of public transportation.

    The goal of any advertising campaign is to improve a company's bottom line. One of the main benefits of transit advertising for values-driven and community-minded organizations is that most ad revenue generated is funneled directly back into publicly-funded transit systems to support their primary mission of getting people from point A to point B.

  6. Billboards

    People see them at all hours of the day and night — If you know your target audience is only a short distance away, there's no better way to catch their attention than by placing a billboard along a major thoroughfare. Billboards have the advantage of being on all the time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  7. Increases Brand Awareness Immediately

    Unlike print, television, or radio advertising, which broadcasts numerous commercials in a row, outdoor advertising allows marketers to reach a captive audience with a single, uncomplicated message.

  8. A Budget-Friendly Mobile Billboard

    Looking for a cost-effective way to reach a large group of people with an eye-catching message? Transit advertising is an excellent approach to raise brand knowledge and familiarity, particularly in places where billboards are prohibited, such as Maine and Vermont.

  9. Conversion Rate Is High

    According to consumer research, two-thirds of travellers make their shopping decisions outside of their home during a typical week; more than half say they make their purchasing decisions most frequently while they are not at home.

Different Outdoor Advertising Options Available At Excellent Publicity

  1. Advertising on Bus Shelters

    Advertising in all the important nooks and crannies of the city is critical if you want to ensure maximum brand engagement among viewers. And, when it comes to important metropolitan landmarks, there are few sites as popular as bus stops or bus shelters. More than lakhs of people use bus services to go to their destinations every day. People rely significantly on a city's bus services for travelling to their employment, institutions, and marketplaces. As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that they are a city's lifelines. As a result, bus shelter advertising becomes an important part of brand engagement initiatives.

    Bus shelters at key urban crossroads are also commonly employed as connecting hubs to various parts of the city. Thousands of passengers pass through these bus stops every day, and they also serve as commercial centers in cities. To serve the individuals who utilize bus services daily, various companies grow up around and around bus stops. As a result, bus shelter branding allows you to promote your company to both passengers and passers-by. As a result, bus shelter advertising makes it simple to market your product to people of various races and socioeconomic levels.

  2. Advertisement for the Resident Welfare Association

    RWA branding is the newest entry in the non-traditional outdoor advertising media alternatives. Branding in flats or residential societies is known as RWA branding or resident welfare association branding. Advertisers select lobby spaces, residential complex gates, outdoor places for kiosks, digital displays, and posters in the common areas of apartments, among other locations. In request, branding may also be done on the WhatsApp groups of the residential complexes. As a result, RWA branding is a powerful tool for advertising your company to certain demographics.

    RWA branding helps target special individuals since people from similar economic backgrounds live in the same apartment or community. Residents will come into contact with your business every time they leave or enter their homes, thanks to RWA Gate Branding. As a result, RWA Gate Branding specializes in personal branding. It has been proven that this has a major impact on people's purchasing decisions.

    RWA Gate branding promotes brand impressions among passers-by in addition to residents. As a result, RWA Gate branding is one of the most successful geo-targeting and hyperlocal advertising strategies available.

  3. Advertising on Gas Station Pumps

    Most people think of hoardings and banners in big public spaces like malls and marketplaces when they hear the term 'out-of-home advertising.' The idea of gas station advertising, on the other hand, does not even cross their minds. Outdoor branding has taken on a new twist thanks to branding at gas stations. For gas station advertising, hoardings, standees, banners, and other media are utilized. Petrol stations are ubiquitous in metropolitan areas, and they may be found at nearly every major intersection. Additionally, car owners and drivers use these gas stations regularly.

    As a result of all of this, gasoline pump stations are ideal sites for businesses to promote. The hoardings and standees in a petrol pump produce substantial advertising impressions when vehicle owners, drivers, and even passengers stop by to replenish their cars. Furthermore, fuel stations are generally clutter-free zones where your brand may readily stand out.

Tips To Effective Outdoor Advertising

Everything you need to know about billboards

Do you want to make sure that a large number of people notice your outdoor advertising? Great. Then billboards are an alternative that you should consider. Yes, these might be pricey at times, but they can pay off handsomely when done correctly. So, here are some of the most important considerations to make while engaging in this sort of effective outdoor advertising.

  • Check to see whether you're telling a narrative.
  • You should be able to tell your narrative through any billboard for it to be effective. However, you must do this task in a very short time. In a couple of seconds, people will be passing by the billboard. The majority of billboard designs will include some striking images and text. However, not everyone will be able to read the writing as they pass by. So use as little language as possible and rely on the images and components in your design to deliver your idea.

  • Impression and ease of use
  • Keep your billboard design as simple as possible to impact and generate that lasting impression in only a few seconds. This will help folks grasp what your brand is all about. And will assist you in increasing the number of viewers. Make use of big, bold typefaces that are simple to read when paired with complementary colors. Avoid script typefaces that appear to be thin. Choose your design colors based on the location of your billboard. If the billboard is to be placed in a rural region, avoid using green, blue, or brown colors. Keep it bold and colorful.

  • The location is crucial
  • Outdoor advertising that is carefully placed is the most effective. This entails using the location's unique characteristics (e.g., nicknames, iconic sites, and sports teams). This will make an immediate impact and make it easier to transmit messages.

  • Memorability is essential.
  • Because of the nature of outdoor advertising, you must ensure that it stands out from the surrounding images. This is why we've been emphasizing individuality and sending a strong message. A powerful call to action is included. With your CTA, try appealing to emotions - humor, empathy, rage, intelligence, or even patriotism and pride may be effective.

What Is It About Outdoor Advertising That Makes It So Productive?

Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest types of advertising, and marketing behemoths still regard it to be the most successful branding strategy. Due to its relevance and ability to attract more interested customers every day, outdoor advertising is the uncontested king of the advertising industry in India today. A handful of the many reasons why working outside is effective are given below:

  • An advertising option available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including print and digital media options.
  • Through its uncontrolled and participatory approach, outdoor advertising provides you with the benefit of branding without the stress of addressing a specific target audience.
  • Outdoor advertising has an undeniable influence. According to research, all forms of outdoor advertising captivate 86 percent of consumers; therefore, companies rely heavily on this type of advertising to announce their entry into the market. Outdoor advertising is a very powerful and effective source of information about your business among people, breaking through the clutter of competing companies, thanks to its stand-alone exposure, larger-than-life approach, strong marketing, and promotional activities.
  • Outdoor advertising has unrivaled cost-effectiveness. Outdoor advertising has one of the highest return-on-investment (ROI) in the advertising industry, second only to television. Outdoor advertising is more efficient when more time and money are put into it.
  • With each passing day, the time people spend in traffic increases, boosting their chances of spending more time around ads, resulting in more brand exposure.
  • It is well recognized that outdoor advertising improves brand value and image. As a result, an increasing number of advertising firms are turning to outdoor advertising as a sure-fire way to boost a brand's ROI.
  • Since, the spectators are primarily focused on getting to their destination while driving and are most receptive due to fewer distractions, the brand image and message penetrate the onlookers' subconscious minds. Consequently, the brand has a larger resonance in people's thoughts and a better recall value, resulting in increased sales.
  • There is no other kind of advertising that is as compelling as an outdoor ad campaign. You can assure increased consumer involvement and loyalty for your business by using the correct picture and messaging.
  • Outdoor advertising guarantees a continuous and prolonged awareness to expand the brand's reach since it adds the aspect of increased receptivity and attractiveness, making other advertising alternatives such as radio, television, and internet platforms successful.
  • Finally, location-based outdoor advertising is certain to bring in more consumers who are familiar with the business. More than half of shoppers engage in compulsive shopping, with just 13% going to stores with a specific list of items and brands in mind. Thus, outdoor advertising provides you a lot of leeway in persuading people to buy your goods since the ratio of individuals who see your brand's marketing and those who end up buying it is 11:9.

How To Organize A Successful Outdoor Advertising Campaign?

As outdoor advertising reaches beyond a specified range of target customers, a huge number of individuals may be reached with a few well-thought-out techniques. The following are some of the techniques that might be used:

  • Conduct a thorough ground survey of the region to determine the best locations for capturing the most traffic. If an advertising firm is engaged with your outdoor advertising campaign, feel free to request a ground data analysis and market research from them. As a result, the best places to position your advertisements are on the traffic lights that connect major highways, near a train station, malls, or even airports. This work will not only assure maximum brand exposure for your company but will also minimize the risk of your investment failing since you will know ahead of time where the most effective outdoor advertising locations are in a certain city.
  • Newer designs and concepts clinch the sale when consumption and the influence of advertising are at their peak. Organically, creative and out-of-the-box branding expands the reach. The design will invariably generate a buzz among people and will have a high likelihood of being shared via word-of-mouth promotion. Bold designs, experimental digitals, and innovative marketing are excellent ways to leave a lasting impression on potential consumers.
  • Examine your market's competition. This will not only help you obtain ideas and inspiration for your branding activities, but it will also help you maintain your brand and company ahead of the competition. Your rivals will assist you in gaining a thorough understanding of current marketing tactics and initiatives. As a result, they'll push you to come up with a more persuasive marketing strategy. However, be cautious not to take the rivalry too seriously by publicly criticizing your competitors in public forums, as this will do nothing to help your brand and will completely damage your company's name and image.
  • However, regardless of your brand's branding or marketing endeavor, you should keep things simple. This allows you to communicate your brand's message in loud and clear tones, making it easier for consumers to understand the concept and meaning of your brand. Placing pictures and tag lines may be the key to immediate brand identification. They will become the brand's associated identity and the locus for the narrative of the brand's story.

Outdoor Advertising Price In India At Excellent Publicity for 2021

Excellent Publicity is committed to giving the most up-to-date information to its consumers. As a consequence, we make sure to update the advertising rates regularly. As a consequence, before planning your campaign, double-check India's most recent outdoor advertising prices. Check out our website for the most up-to-date outdoor advertising pricing.

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