The Best Airport Advertising Agency In India

By enlisting the help of TDI, you may increase brand awareness through Airport advertising and create a bright and glorious image of the firm. We use communication to target audiences across four main airports in India, the pioneered airport advertising agency in Mumbai, Delhi, and other parts of India.

As a result of the vulnerability of being seen, you have the opportunity to present your brand creatively and distinctively. Businesses have benefited greatly from unparalleled advertising fronts to emphasize it with light advertising at airports.

Excellent Publicity arranges the positioning of advertisements at the various areas of the airport based on the best use of airport space. As an airport advertising firm, we offer advertising on luggage trolleys, conveyor belts, overhead gantries, and other locations. We help in the networking of national and international audiences to maximize income. Airport advertising entices viewers by displaying a variety of adverts in a staggered format. It reaches the audience with little wastage by improving the possibilities of being seen and seen. As a result, the attitude is improved by directly producing revenue for retailers.

More About Airport Advertising Services

In India, airline and airport advertising is a relatively new practice. With the rise in airline passengers and airport traffic, many new airline advertising opportunities have emerged. The opening of new major airports has resulted in innovative advertising concepts. Indigo Airlines, Spice Jet, and Jet Airways are just a handful of India's major airlines.

Similarly, the Mumbai Airport, Delhi T3 terminal, Bengaluru Airport, and Chennai Airport are just a handful of India's big airports that provide unique advertising possibilities to target premium travelers. While airline advertising prices and execution are usually nationwide, airport advertising expenditures are specific to a certain location. As a result, airline and airport advertising gives opportunities for both hyper-local and nationwide marketing efforts.

Despite popular belief, not all flights and airport transportation are costly. In-flight advertising, often known as airline magazine advertising, is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to airline passengers. The top two popular airline publications available for advertising in India are Jet Wings and Indigo Hello 6E.

Various Options In Airport Advertising

Businesses nowadays use airport advertising as a 'golden asset' in marketing efforts to promote brands, goods and expand their client base. Based on the campaign's goals, businesses might select from the following forms of airport advertising.

Video Wall Screen:

This is a screen-type that allows installers to customize the screen size to their preference. These multiple tiny high-resolution displays are combined in a monitor simultaneously for sharp, clear pictures. They are kept at the airport entrances, ticket counters, cafes, airport terminals, or the airport's control center.

Floor-stand LCD screen:

Customers can see if they are standing in any posture thanks to the proper height of the LCD panel. The best position is next to the luggage carousel, where travelers are waiting for their bags.

Wall-mounted LCD screen:

Advertising on a wall-mounted LCD panel is extremely versatile. That is to say, the screen may be installed in various locations, including the front of the gate, the security check area, and the check-in area.

These forms of LED and LCD screen airport advertising provide the finest display quality, ensuring a favorable customer perception of the business as well as eliciting emotions and affection from viewers while viewing commercials. Above all, firms may profit from a variety of advantages.

  1. LightBox Advertising

    The term 'lightbox' refers to a kind of airport advertising in which the backdrop is made up of billboards with led lighting. The mix of light, colors, and pictures make it more enticing to customers, even though it is a static advertising technique.

  2. Airport Billboards

    A huge billboard at the airport may be found on the roadway leading to the airport. These billboards are typically placed in high locations with a wide and clear view, allowing them to reach many potential customers.

    Most billboards include at least 5–10 lights on each side so that people can view advertisements even at night. These billboards are placed on the highway leading to the airport, where there is a significant traffic flow, making it simpler to reach customers. Users may be approached in a variety of ways. For example, a billboard in a high position with wide visibility can reach consumers from various places and perspectives, using appealing pictures and words.

  3. LCD Advertising

    The most appealing and comprehensive approach to transmit information to clients is to use LED and LCD panels to show ads. There are three basic types of advertising screens:

  4. Phone Charging Advertising

    Many passengers will certainly use the time spent waiting at the airport to charge their phones. And companies may use these charging stations to market their products and services. The ideal locations for making these charging stations are:

    • VIP or regular lounges
    • Drop-Off Area
    • Business-class passenger area

Excellent Publicity – The Best Airport Advertising Agency In India

Excellent Publicity offers the best airport advertising and airline advertising. We are the first airport advertising agency in Delhi, Bangalore, and other parts of India. You will discover the cheapest pricing for all advertising choices accessible inside airlines and airports thanks to our tie-up with all airports and airlines in India.

Being the best advertising agency, we are specialized in airline and airport advertising. We can assist you in developing innovative advertising concepts for airlines and airports based on our expertise working with clients throughout the airline and airport industries. In India, we have the greatest out-of-the-box advertising concepts for airline and airport advertising. You may contact us for the lowest price and have your campaigns carried out at any airport or airline.

List Of Popular Airlines And Airports In India For Airport Advertisement

The following is a list of India's most popular airports and airlines for advertising:



Type of Media


Jet Airways

Airline Advertising


Go Airways

Airline Advertising


Indigo Airlines

Airline Advertising


Spice Jet

Airline Advertising


Air India

Airline Advertising



Airline Advertising


Air Costa

Airline Advertising


Kochi Airport

Airline Advertising


Delhi T3

Airline Advertising


Mumbai Airport

Airline Advertising


Chennai Airport

Airline Advertising


Bangalore Airport

Airline Advertising

Why Choose Airport Advertising?

  • Huge Captive Audience: a large group of people in FY 2018-19, both the domestic and international passengers passed through airports.
  • Airports with Rapid Growth: The number of passengers flying via airports has increased by 10% in recent years.
  • Extremely cost-effective: The cost per thousand impressions for targeting the same intended audience at airports is 4–5 times lower than at other major metropolitan airports.

6 Successful Tips For Airport Advertising

It's not easy to create or develop an effective airport marketing campaign. Every small detail must be considered. Airport advertising is the most effective since numerous travel companies, airlines, and hotels use it as a marketing hub.

  1. Content must be Updated

    Airports are, without a doubt, the finest places to market your business. It makes a significant difference to use a material that generates authenticity and conveys the consumer experience. As part of a marketing strategy, well-curated pictures and videos may be used and taken from social media. Week after week, airport marketing firms devise fresh themes and concepts. They value user-generated material because it is low-cost, fresh, and genuine.

  2. Collaboration Between Brands

    Businesses constantly benefit from collaboration. It is financially advantageous, as well as providing fantastic chances to acquire new consumers, in addition to the collaboration. Partnerships between brands have a favorable influence on airport advertising statistics in this area. Collaboration with food, airlines, and drinks is suggested in airport marketing efforts. It provides a fantastic chance for marketing and sales. Collaborative agreements have shown to be highly beneficial for airport sales, according to research.

  3. Increase Customer Satisfaction

    You are typically busy snapping photographs and movies at the airport, especially if you are going. You might request that passengers use social media to share their experiences. You may also hold a contest to engage the target audience and encourage them to contribute their trip stories. Airport marketing initiatives include the goal of accumulating social media followers to increase consumer interaction. There is a strong possibility of client involvement via social media posts.

  4. Utilize Content Marketing To Its Full Potential

    Airport marketing campaigns are created by incorporating content marketing into the mix by a team of specialists. It provides tourists with access to information while also promoting the airport. Travel bloggers frequently mention experiences, recommendations, and advantages and disadvantages. They purposefully share the airport experience with their audience. When it comes time to travel, content marketing will come in handy.

    Apart from the fact that content marketing is used in various sectors, it is also quite popular. However, when it is included in an airport's marketing plan, it adds to the fun of flying and visiting an airport.

  5. Provide Rewards and Discounts to Passengers to Make Them Happy

    Customers that are pleased are fantastic, and the greatest way to make them happy is to give them discounts and prizes. Discounts for hotels, vehicle rentals, and other travel bargains are available. Airports can also use the most popular method of offering discounts and incentives. They can design any activity through which customers can earn points that they can subsequently redeem. These credits may be used for shopping and dining at airports.

  6. Empower employees to serve as brand ambassadors

    Employees are a company's true face. As a result, the situation remains unchanged. Make your employees brand advocates by encouraging them to think forward. Employees can also serve as online advocates for your company. It's also important to treat your staff well. Employees also help to raise brand awareness and establish relationships with customers. A distinct department for staff management exists in many businesses.

    Advertising at an airport is just as important as promoting on other platforms. For quite some time, the airport sector has faced difficulties. Digital marketing and social media platforms have had a big influence on the company's marketing tactics. The aviation sector is now trying to figure out how to deal with the marketing revolution as well. As a result, they choose to develop airport marketing initiatives. As a result, marketing specialists can test which advice works best for the airport.

Why Do Brands Prefer Airport Advertising In India?

The next significant trend in advertising in India is airport advertising. The marketer sends a powerful statement with such striking static and digital displays. It helps with brand marketing and spreads knowledge about an event, launching new products and services, and affecting buying decisions. In general, airport advertising is one of the most common revenue-generating techniques for businesses.

As India's air travel proportion rises, advertisers are entering a new era of airport ad advertising. Excellent Publicity has seen how brands are these days inclined to this trend of airport advertising. Here's why!

  1. Large target audience

    Airports are filled with movement. India is the world's third-largest air transport market, with approximately 130 million passengers flying through the country. To accommodate the rising demand for air travel, the government declared that 100 new airports would be developed in the following ten years. As a result, brands benefit the most since they are assured a captive audience. Airports are one of those unique environments where people actively seek out advertising and brand messaging.

  2. It gets to the right people

    According to reports, more than 40% of individuals travel a lot for work three or more times every six months, with 36% of travelers visiting a website to learn more about product lines advertised in airport advertisements and 30% downloading an app connected to airport advertising. Responses to airport advertisements are 20% greater than those to roadside or other out-of-home advertising. Not only does the airport setting give travelers constant access, but it's also a great place to meet tech-savvy passengers and corporate decision-makers.

  3. Holding time is long

    Every traveler spends an average of 70-90 minutes in airports during the whole arrival and departure procedure. According to a study, the active time to advertising exposure is one hour, 79 percent of regular fliers purchased for food/beverages, 67 percent dined at a restaurant, and 51 percent shopped for travel accessories/technology placed on airport commercials.

  4. Various possibilities

    Airport advertising agencies assist with advertisements in airports by allowing you to market to businesses in various ways. Advertisements on hoardings, conveyor belts, luggage and trolley bags, digital LED boards, huge banners, and glow sign boards are available for companies to select from, depending on their needs and budget. The cost of airport advertising varies depending on the type of ad.


  5. Extremely Economical

    Since airports are open 24 hours a day, companies may benefit from maximum exposure at a low expense.

  6. Innovative Opportunity

    Brands' state-of-the-art means of communication make it very easy for their advertisements to be recognized. Intel, for example, utilize airport advertisements to contact attendees attending a supercomputing convention by asking incoming passengers to visit Intel's convention booth for a presentation

Airport Advertising Rates In 2021

Excellent Publicity is dedicated to providing users with the most factual data possible. As a result, we make certain that the advertising rates are updated regularly. At the start of each year, most advertising platforms adjust their prices. As a result, it's critical to double-check the most recent airport prices before scheduling your campaign. To discover the most up-to-date Airport Advertising Rates 2021, go to the specific Airport Advertising Option and seek the most up-to-date Airport Advertising Rates 2021.

Advantages of Choosing Airport Advertising

Three out of every four business frequent flyers pay attention to and read airport advertisements. The business travel industry in India has seen tremendous expansion as firms go global, income levels rise, and the government implements supporting laws and regulations. In addition, our nation is expected to be among the top six global business travel markets. The majority of business travelers are business owners or senior executives of companies. The easiest method to reach out to these decision-makers would be to advertise at airports.

Since we are experts in airport advertising for years now, here are some advantages that you need to know about

Round-The-Clock Investment
Passengers who spend a lot of time in baggage claim areas and airports get a lot of exposure to airport advertisements. This makes it simpler for companies to communicate with intelligent consumers, who constitute a captive audience.
More Exposure
As airports are open 24 hours a day, companies may benefit from maximum exposure at a low expense. Furthermore, modern communication methods make it very easy for advertisements to be spotted. The minimalist mode of communication is perfect for conveying brand messaging clearly and concisely.
Assured Visibility
Airports provide free standing kiosks, illuminated dioramas, plasma panels, L.E.D. Scrolling displays, stairwell columns, luggage pushcarts, gates, wall wraps, freestanding baggage claim directories, and terminal walls, all in one location. These provide optimum brand exposure.
Maximum ROI
Increased conversion rates mean a higher return on investment. Since the airport advertisements reach decision makers immediately, conversion rates are at their greatest. Being digital aware allows business travelers to quickly search up information about the items being marketed and make purchasing judgments. The ease with which they may use the internet at virtually all of India's major airports adds to their convenience. As a result, companies with effective airport advertising campaigns may reap the most for their buck.
Target More Audience
Due to the obvious minimal price of flights, many people prefer them over alternative forms of transportation. As a result, nearly every airport in India is overflowing with passengers. This allows companies to reach out to a larger audience and get into previously untapped target areas.

Types of Airport Advertising Services

The ideal type of airport advertising for your goods is determined by your budget and the type of product you wish to market. The following are the six most common choices.


Spectaculars are large lightbox static advertisements that may be up to 15 feet wide. You may purchase them in various locations, including rental vehicles, taxi lines, and other locations.

Backlit Dioramas

These can be purchased at a reduced price at the airport terminal, gate, or baggage claim. For passers-by, backlit screens illuminate your ad. They're available in a variety of sizes, freestanding or mounted on a wall.


Between the ceiling and the top of a door or entrance, airport banners span a large section of the walls. Since these displays have a higher price tag and catch people's attention, you'll see many big-name advertising on them.

Mini Spectaculars

This is a tiny version of a standard spectacle. Arrival areas and concourses are common places for them.

Digital Video Screens

Skybridges and entryways in airports are littered with digital video screens, just as they are in malls as you move between businesses. Advertisers may create video ads to share with other advertisers and play on a loop.

Airport Shuttles

Shuttles transport people between terminals and feature advertisements on the interior, which does well due to the extended dwell time.

FAQs About Airport Advertising

The amount of passengers carried by the airline determines its reach. The DGCA, a government agency, reports the number of passengers carried by each airline every month.

No. Since an aircraft travels many areas during the day, airline advertising is constantly nationwide. When you advertise on an airline's aircraft or in a magazine, your ad will be seen all across the country.

Because of all the security clearance and regulations required, any idea implemented in aircraft or airports outside of magazines takes longer than a regular medium. The safety authorities must approve any material used for airline branding, which takes time.