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Founded in 1923 by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Sandesh newspaper is one of the most prominent newspapers in Gujarat. It has strong editorial sections that reach more than 484,000 people monthly. Through a circulation of 550207 units every month, it talks about politics, culture, economics, sports, entertainment, and social issues, granting brands an ideal platform for a variety of verticals.

About Sandesh Newspaper

Sandesh Gujarat advertising has gradually spread throughout the state of Gujarat and beyond, reaching more than 484000 individuals. Through the years, it has come out with 4 more editions. Being one of the oldest Gujarati newspapers, it has also ventured into TV & digital platforms over the years.

Highly popular in the educated middle class readers of Gujarat, the daily newspaper is known for its hard-hitting and reliable journalism. The newspaper also has an impressive history of successful advertising, making it home to many popular brands. Get in touch with us at Excellent Publicity for best-in-class advertisements.

Categories Of Brands Who Can Advertise In Sandesh Newspaper

Due to its dominance across various sections of the population, Sandesh Gujarat advertising can be helpful to brands rooted in:

  • Education
  • Retail
  • Services
  • Travel
  • Astrology

Enterprises like Horlicks, Toyota, UREnergy, etc have frequently advertised in Sandesh newspaper and have recorded significant boosts in business.

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Types Of Advertisement In Sandesh Newspaper

There are mainly three kinds of advertisements published in Sandesh newspaper with two subcategories within classified advertisements in Sandesh newspaper. Depending upon the requirements, the choices available to brands are:

  • Classified Ads: Simple text ads
  • Classified Display Ads: Combination of text & images
  • Display Ads: Ads with mostly visual elements

According to the reach that every brand desires, the ad options can be chosen either separately or in combinations as deemed suitable.

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The Cost Of Advertising In Sandesh Newspaper

Sandesh Gujarat advertising costs depend upon the needs and choices of the advertisers. The overall rates for classified ads are charged on the basis of word per line while for display ad rates, the charges are in rupees per square centimetre. The page selected for the placement of your ad also determines the final rates for advertising in Sandesh newspaper.

Varying for every page and category, there are additional premium charges when you choose the front, back or the 3rd page. The advertising option in terms of the ad size & format along with the target city are also considered in the final pricing.

The options available for Sandesh ads are:

  • Custom Sized
  • Quarter Page
  • Half Page
  • Full Page
  • Jacket Front
  • Jacket Back
  • Jacket Both
  • Skybus
  • Pointer Ads

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How Can Excellent Publicity Help You Advertise In Sandesh

With 11 years of experience, we, att Excellent Publicity, have an expert team that is dedicated to giving you the best advertising experience. To get you the best possible reach, we strategically design a brand campaign tailored to your target audiences. Apart from having a multi-city presence throughout the country, we also boast of an international impact in Dubai.

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