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Architectural Digest is a dynamic monthly tribute to global design brilliance, showcasing innovative residences, products, decor inspirations, cultural insights, and wanderlust destinations. Originally a California trade quarterly in 1920, it has grown into the epitome of refined living. With nine international editions, AD wields immense influence in the realm of interior design today.

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Category Safety and Security Circulation 20000 Frequency Monthly Language English

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Magazine Advertising

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You should book your ad at least before a week to advertise on the front page.

Yes you can book for advertising for a whole year.

We email the e-copy of the newspaper on the day the advertisement has been published and when we send the invoice, we attach a copy of the magazine along with the invoice.

Depending upon your target audience you can choose your month to advertise. For example, holidays are good for consumer products ad and rest of the year for Business ads.

The magazine ad will be accessible for one print cycle. A magazine is published every month of the year. You can choose in which edition you want your advertisement to be published. The advertisement will remain in that particular magazine for that edition only indefinitely.

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