Emirates - International

Advertising in Emirates - International

Emirates offers robust advertising opportunities, as well as a direct route among the most valuable customers internationally. Emirates considers in-flight advertisement as an essential and extremely popular element of the passenger experience. It targets customers globally and provides brands with quality and diversity in advertising to make it appealing.

Key Insights
Airline Emirates Average Monthly Passengers 687703 Route International

Advertising Options in Emirates - International

Commercial Bollywood Package

Commercial Bollywood Package

  • Seat back Branding & Head Rest Cover
  • Boarding Pass & Boarding Ramp
  • Inflight Sampling & Skyline Panel

ICE Package

ICE Package

  • Seat back Branding & Head Rest Cover
  • Boarding Pass & Boarding Ramp
  • Inflight Sampling & Skyline Panel

How to do In-flight Advertising in Emirates

Emirates is one of the world's largest airlines, and also one of the most successful and fastest-growing international carriers. Emirates was founded in 1985 as the flag carrier of the Emirate of Dubai, which is part of the United Arab Emirates. Emirates serves a wide range of countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, the Pacific, and the Indian subcontinent. In-flight advertisement with Emirates will not only make your brand visible internationally but will also allow you to broaden your target audience.

What are the Rates for In-flight Advertising in Emirates (Domestic)

With a truly international influence by proudly displaying celebrities as well as teams and a brand that evokes a sense of luxury, Emirates is one of the leading sponsors for major events worldwide, and is ideal for global but targeted high-end consumer in-flight advertising campaigns.

Inflight advertising costs may change quickly depending on the details. Boarding passes, skyline panels, meal trays, in-flight sampling, and other options are available. As a result, only after considering all of the details can a suitable advertising option be selected. Excellent Publicity provides you with the best in-flight advertisement rates and details on media options.

What Are The Advantages Of In-Flight Media Advertising in Emirates

Global Reach

With over 250 aircraft in its fleet covering 157 destinations, Emirates is unrivaled in the world of commercial aviation - first class is the only option for the ultimate Emirates experience. The airline reaches people from all continents and diversities. Your brand gets immense global reach by advertising in Emirates.

Captivating Audience

Inflight advertising provides a unique opportunity for brands to reach their target audience in a captivating way. With the average flight duration of several hours, brands have the ability to reach a captive audience with creative, impactful ads.

Increased Shelf Life

Did you know that in-flight ads can last for up to six months? Yes, these advertisements last longer than other forms of traditional media. In-flight media receives maximum exposure and attention for months, whereas other advertisements may only receive attention for a few seconds or a day.

Why You Should Choose Excellent Publicity for In-flight Advertising in Emirates

Excellent Publicity thrives to be one of India's top in-flight advertising agencies. We offer reasonable rates and can help you integrate and run campaigns across multiple platforms. If you are looking for innovative advertising ideas and solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply contact us by email at inquiry@excellentpublicity.com. To learn more about the best In-flight Advertising Agency in your city, contact our experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • For Domestic we have Spice-Jet, Indigo, Air India, Go Air, Vistara, Air-Asia for branding.
  • For International we have Emirates, Etihad, British Airways, Fly Dubai for branding.

Skyline Panels, Seat Back, Meal Tray, Inflight Sampling & many more.

No, you have to select whole aircraft for advertisement.

No. City & Route specific targeting cannot be done.

Minimum duration for inflight branding is 1 Month

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