Cricket Icon Kapil Dev Teams Up with Disney+ Hotstar for Free ICC World Cup Streaming

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Sep 29, 2023

In a bid to promote its free streaming of the ICC Men's World Cup, Disney+ Hotstar has rolled out a captivating advertisement featuring cricket legend Kapil Dev. This move underscores the OTT platform's commitment to providing a wide array of free content, with a special focus on the upcoming ICC Men's World Cup. This campaign follows closely on the heels of another recent ad featuring popular actor Kartik Aaryan, emphasizing the availability of free content on the platform.

From a marketing perspective, Disney+ Hotstar is making a bold entry into the world of cricket streaming by offering complimentary access to the highly-anticipated ICC Men's World Cup matches. In the new advertisement, Kapil Dev finds himself kidnapped by a group of villagers who demand an uninterrupted power supply during the World Cup. However, the police steps in to suggest a more reasonable solution - enjoying free streaming services from Hotstar right on their mobile phones. This creative ad has been masterfully crafted by MANJA.

It's worth noting that Kartik Aaryan took the spotlight in a previous ad as part of the 'Itna Sab Free' campaign, promoting the same free content offerings. These advertisements are all part of Disney+ Hotstar's strategic efforts to capture the hearts and loyalty of cricket enthusiasts across India.

However, beneath the glitz and glamor of these promotional endeavors, a simmering dispute is unfolding. The All India Digital Cable Federation (AIDCF), representing cable operators and industry stakeholders, has expressed concerns about how Disney+ Hotstar's free cricket streaming might affect their businesses. They argue that their customers are increasingly demanding access to live cricket broadcasts without incurring additional charges, which poses financial challenges to cable operators.

The AIDCF has escalated their concerns to the Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) in hopes of finding a resolution to this issue. The tribunal's decision holds the potential to reshape the landscape of sports streaming in India, as it weighs the balance between viewer enjoyment and industry sustainability.

Amidst this intriguing drama, Disney+ Hotstar's marketing campaigns featuring cricket legend Kapil Dev and Bollywood star Kartik Aaryan inject an extra layer of excitement into the ongoing clash between entertainment and business interests. As cricket fever continues to sweep the nation, the outcome of this dispute will undoubtedly influence how fans access and savor the sport they hold dear.

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