Roadshow branding is an interactive advertising format in which Mobile Vans are used to promote a brand and its products in the market. Roadshows are extremely effective in increasing not just brand awareness but also product knowledge among the target audience. Roadshows create a unique experience and convert who could have simply been passive viewers into active participants through interaction. It can be an especially impactful form of advertising for newly launched products that the market might not be familiar with.

Why Road Show Branding?

One of the most important advantages of Roadshow Branding is that it helps in developing a direct one to one relation with the audience. While most other advertising mediums simply spreading a message among the audience, Roadshow Branding goes one step ahead and involves a two-waycommunication process through interaction.

Because of the unique experience that it gives to the audience, Roadshows can be a lot more likable for the audience which makes them even more memorable and interactive.

Road shows are extremely flexible advertising mediums as the decision regarding the location and timings remains in the hands of advertiser.

Roadshows are one of the best ways of raising product awareness and knowledge in the market which can extremely beneficial for newer products. Roadshows allow the advertisers to explain the offering in a more detailed manner which may not be possible through other mediums.

The mobility feature allows it to interact with a larger audience spread over wider geographical area.

The Steps in Execution

  1. Share your requirements: Approach our efficient planners and executors and share your requirements for a campaign.
  2. Plan the campaign with us: We will assist you in terms of choosing right locations, quantity of mobile vans, promoter activity, anchors, sound system, LED display, etc. to have a successful campaign on board.
  3. Receive the best quotes: We provide lowest assured rates with best services for road show across India.
  4. Provide creative: Provide us with an attractive creative to show case your brand on mobile vans after we share the creative dimensions. The acceptable format of creative in mobile van branding is CDR file. Once you share the creative it will be converted into jpeg format absolutely free of cost. We will share the converted creative with you for approval. After receiving your approval the creative will be send for printing and installation.
  5. Go Live: See your brand moving on wheels within a bare minimum timeframe and achieve a grandstanding response.
  6. Receive proof of execution: Receive photographs of mobile vans after the installation process is accomplished successfully and receive a report of an activity involved at the end the campaign on a daily basis.

Why hire Excellent Publicity for Road Show Branding?

“The name says it all”

Excellent Publicity is an emerging and fastest growing advertising agency headquartered Ahmedabad with branch setups in Mumbai, Pune, Surat & Vadodara started its journey in the year 2012. Excellent Publicity is the one stop solution to provide best services and accomplished advertising techniques to have remarkable road show advertising campaigns all over the nation. We have as many years of experience in media buying, planning and execution and can provide high quality services with comparatively lower rates. Team Excellent has served thousands of clients and helped them in promoting their brands and reach the target audience successfully.

Team excellent is a talented and well experienced group of people who provide a focused and to the point assistance to their clients and works with the motive of providing high quality services that combines creativity and value pricing.

So what are you waiting for, the best road show advertising plan is just a few clicks away.

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