Types and Benefits of Auto Rickshaw Brandings

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Jan 23, 2023

Introduction About Auto Rickshaw Brandings

When we talk about branding, there are many technical definitions such as the voice of the business or reputation of the business products or services in the market, and more. But, in layman's terms, branding is what people feel and think when they see a product or business name. In India, offline branding is prominent because a huge percentage of the population is not even exposed to digital/online media. In this scenario, one needs a medium to reach the maximum number of people and one such popular channel is the auto-rickshaw. Yes, you read it right! Auto rickshaw branding is creating a stir in the market for quite some time now as auto is not only an affordable transport channel but also it covers the narrow, cranky roads and areas where digital marketing or other vehicles might not reach.

Interesting right?? Let us delve deeper into auto-rickshaw branding to know what it is, how to do it, what are its different types, what can be its advantages, and more…

What is auto rickshaw branding and how to do it?

Auto rickshaw branding is a transit branding technique in which banners, posters, and advertisements of various products and services are pasted on the auto to come into the eyes of a large audience. The reason for advertisement could be different like attracting the core audience, brand recognition, promotion, or more. 

But how successful this auto hood branding is, will depend on the content, design, clarity, and, placement of the banner, or flex placement. For auto rickshaw branding, the content should be short, crisp, and clear. Additionally, where the advertisement is placed on auto or flex, as well as how plainly, are important. You will obtain excellent results when your strategy is clear and original and includes the appropriate inputs.

Different Types Of Auto Rickshaw Branding

There are a few different types of auto-rickshaw branding available from which advertisers can choose based on their requirements and budget. The main types are as follows:

Auto Back Ads

In this type, the small-sized ads are placed on the backs of the auto. which makes it a practical form of auto branding. However, it has a wide audience and visibility because the drivers, as well as those who are driving behind them or are passing by close, may see these ads.  As a result, it offers a significant return on investment. 

Auto Hood Ads
In auto hood branding, the flex or banners cover the entire hood of the auto so it is relatively bigger. Due to the larger size of the ad, it is costlier than the previous one but also has a greater impact on the minds of the viewers. Contact Excellent Publicity to get the best auto hood branding rates in your city

Inside Auto

This type of ad, as the name implies, is placed inside a vehicle and thus is mainly seen by auto travelers. Although the viewership of this type of ad may be lower, the recall rate is higher as the viewers spend more time viewing and reading the ad content. Because of this, the chances of remembering the products advertised in this type of ad are higher than with auto-back ads.

Major Benefits of Auto Rickshaw Branding

The merits of auto-rickshaw branding are numerous and it’s difficult to list them all. But, the major benefits are as follows: 

  • The modern concept of advertising 

Auto hood branding has emerged as the most effective concept of branding in the most recent times.

  • Brand awareness

Auto rickshaw branding is one of the cheapest ways of creating brand awareness and reaching a larger audience base.

  • Mobile transit medium of marketing

Auto rickshaw branding gives great advantages in terms of branding, promotion, and educating the audience as it’s a mobile transit medium and one can read on the go.

  • Easily approachable

Auto rickshaw branding is one of the easiest and most approachable forms of advertisement for people.

  • Outdoor advertising benefits

It gives the advertisers high outdoor advertisement exposure benefits at a minimal price.

  • Cost-Effective

Auto rickshaw branding has reasonable prices for marketing and advertisements. It costs less than other forms of ads like billboards, hoardings, etc.

  • Long-term visibility

Most advertisements on the auto are in the form of vinyl sheets, flex, or stickers that have high durabilities and due to this, the visibility of these ads is also long.

  • Catering the various industries

This branding tends to penetrate the traditional and competitive marketing traits and can be adopted by almost every industry regardless of its size whether small, medium, or enterprise.

  • Environment friendly

One of the most important benefits of this branding is doing marketing at no extra environmental costs without harming the people.

  • Benefits to Auto Drivers

The auto driver receives additional compensation from the advertising company, and the auto is also provided with extra protection from the elements via auto hood advertisements.

  • High chance of Generating Sales.

Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Delhi are just a few of the major cities where brands can gain the most exposure and visibility. As they help you reach untapped markets and work the best for all types of industries and businesses, autorickshaw branding is expected to experience a rise in the market in 2023, with brand sales expected to reach higher rates, increasing revenue.


Wrapping Up:

After knowing major things about auto rickshaw branding agencies, you might be interested in this. However, doing it on your own is quite a daunting task if you want to advertise on a vast number of auto-rickshaws as it can be highly time-consuming. Therefore, finding the right advertising company is a must. But, you need not hassle much to choose one of the best media agencies for auto branding, when Excellent Publicity is here! They can assist you in locating the right areas for auto branding and appoint their efficient planners and executors to share your requirements for a campaign to come out with outstanding results!


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