The increase in listenership of radio amidst the pandemic

As the lockdown came into being , the radio listenership significantly increasing due to an emotional connection being established between the RJs and listeners.

According to the RAM data (Wk 13, 2020) during the lockdown, 99% of listenership were from those who tune in to radio stations from their residences. Being a very personal and distanced form of communication, radio has now become a new ‘comfort companion’ for its listeners.

According to a press release shared by Association of Radio Operators for India, there has been a noticeable growth in radio content consumption among teenagers in four metropolitan cities.

The research by AZ Research PPL in April 2020 for top 6 metros had indicated that 82 per cent of population (22 per cent increase) had tuned in to FM Radio post covid -19 with a significant increase in listening time ( 23 per cent increase) . The research also positioned FM Radio as the most credible media amongst Print, TV and Radio.

The growth in TSL has resulted in a higher per centage of advertisement targeted at teenagers.

There has been a  significant increases in advertisement targeted at teenagers such as in publications/books (438 per cent), music albums (319 per cent), education-other courses (313 per cent), cellular phone service (120 per cent), and educational / vocational training institutes (157 per cent).

A recent survey in UK by a radio station has suggested that the benefits of radio in these troubled times are increasingly being appreciated by a younger audience, with 62 per cent of 18-34s suggesting they are listening more than pre-pandemic.

Why to advertise on radio

FM radio advertising has various advantages. Advertisers choose to advertise on the FM radio for the following reasons:

1.Radio ads can help businesses with selective targeting based on specific market and demographic segmentations.

  • Radio ads works with the frequency and being able to expose your ad to the audience repeatedly to build awareness.
  • Radio ads are effective, transparent and strongly stored in memory.
  • FM radio rates have significantly less costs compared to other types of media.

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