A Comprehensive Billboard Advertising Guide for 2023

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Jul 19, 2023

Introduction To Billboard Advertising

A billboard is a sizable outdoor Non Traditional Media In India that is frequently seen next to busy roadways in high-traffic locations. To automobiles and pedestrians who are passing, billboards display enormous ads. Normally, businesses utilise billboards to promote new items or to strengthen their existing brands. The use of a large-scale print advertisement to promote a business, brand, product, service, or campaign is known as billboard advertising (a billboard, or hoarding). To guarantee that the most automobiles and pedestrians see them, billboards are frequently placed in high traffic areas like highways and cities.

The best way to increase brand awareness and promote your company to as many people as you can is through billboard advertising (or product or campaign). When compared to other marketing strategies, billboards receive the most views and impressions because of their locations in such crowded areas.

Types of Billboards Ads


One of the most popular kinds of billboard advertisements, bulletins normally measure 14 feet high and 48 feet wide. These billboards are a great choice for outdoor advertising since they are frequently placed in highly visible locations like highways, busy roads, and crossroads.


Poster billboards are normally lower, with an average height and width of around 12 feet and 24 feet, respectively. These billboards are made to be viewed up close and are frequently utilised in urban settings.

Vinyl Billboards

Modernized versions of old billboards, vinyl billboards are made of flexible vinyl material rather than cardboard or paper. They are perfect for long-term outdoor advertising campaigns since they are quite strong and can survive extreme weather.

Painted Billboards

Outdoor advertising on painted billboards, which include artwork painted directly onto the billboard, is more conventional. Although these sorts of billboards are less prevalent now, they are still present in certain places and are widespread in more rural regions.

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are a cutting-edge and interactive type of outdoor advertising that shows advertisements on electronic screens. These billboards provide for more diversity and flexibility in advertising campaigns since they may show many advertisements in a rotating sequence.

Mobile Billboards

A distinctive kind of advertising known as a mobile billboard includes posting advertisements on the sides of trucks or other vehicles that are moved around congested regions. These billboards are a great choice for focusing on particular demographics and may be quite successful at raising brand recognition.

Advantages of Billboard Advertising with Our Best Non-Traditional Advertising Agency

Reach a Variety of Customers

Reaching a wide range of clients is one of billboard advertising's biggest benefits. As billboards are frequently placed in high-traffic locations like highways and major roads, they may reach a wide audience, including individuals who might not have previously heard of the company through other forms of advertising.

Helps in Brand Awareness

Brand recognition may be raised by using billboard advertising. The company may reach many potential clients who may not have previously heard of the brand by putting up a billboard in a busy location. This can aid in increasing brand awareness and the likelihood that customers would select the brand when making purchases.

Affordable & Effective

Billboard advertising is very inexpensive compared to other types of advertising and may offer a great return on investment. Billboards are an affordable option to reach a wide audience since they have a long lifespan and may be viewed by thousands of people every day.

Strong Visual Effect

Bold colours, big typography, and attention-grabbing imagery are used to create visually arresting billboards. They are therefore a fantastic instrument for producing a powerful visual effect that may create a lasting impression on potential clients.

Boost’s Conversion

By encouraging people to take action, such as visiting the brand's website or completing a purchase, billboard advertising may also assist increase conversion rates. Billboards may compel viewers to act and interact with the company by communicating in a clear and succinct manner.

Billboard Design Ideas

Your billboard's design should convey a clear message

The message on your billboard design must be clear and comprehensible both physically and metaphorically. The example given above carries a strong, unmistakable message.

Extend design beyond the billboard dimensions

Don't let the size of the billboard dictate how your adverts are laid up. To build a unique design, take into account unusual components. This is not only very eye-catching, but it also conjures up images of a steaming bowl of mouthwatering soup on a cool day.

Get Engagement With Interactive Billboards

Not all billboards are situated alongside the road. Outdoor advertising may be seen in bus stops, subway stations, shopping centres, airports, on the sides of walls and even on street lights

Because of technology, people may now view advertising from a variety of locations and interact with them. Consumers may engage with your brand, which increases the recall of your commercials and motivates them to go to your small companies' websites.

What are your objectives, and how do you intend to reach them? These may have been some of your early considerations prior to beginning any marketing approach.

Is your business launching a new product in an effort to quickly increase revenue, or is it a non-profit aiming to increase exposure and awareness for a worthwhile cause? Whatever your response, a well-planned advertising campaign always produces the best advertising results.

Whatever your company does, setting your long-term objectives in advance will help you get the most out of your marketing budget. To make the most of your advertising budget, carefully consider your goals and objectives.

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