Popular Malls

City Mall, Kota

Adv. City : Kota
Footfalls : 2 to 2.5 Lakhs
Card Rate
₹83,500.00(per month per unit)
Offer Rate
₹83,000.00(per month per unit)
Celebration Mall, Udaipur

Adv. City : Udaipur
Footfalls :6 to 7 Lakhs
Card Rate
₹26,000.00(per month per unit)
Offer Rate
₹25,000.00 (per month per unit)
Crystal Mall, Jamnagar

Adv. City : Jamnagar
Footfalls : 75k to 90k
Card Rate
₹60,000.00(per month per unit)
Offer Rate
₹59,000.00(per month per unit)
Inorbit Mall, Mumbai

Adv. City : Mumbai
Footfalls :10 to 12 Lakh
Card Rate
₹43,000.00 (per month per unit)
Offer Rate
₹42,000.00(per month per unit)
Ahmedabad One Mall, Ahmedabad

Adv. City : Ahmedabad
Footfalls : 6 to 7 Lakhs
Card Rate
₹278,500.00 (per month per unit)
Offer Rate
₹278,000.00(per month per unit)

The Best Mall Advertising Agency In India

Shopping malls are one of the most popular destinations for today's metropolitan youth and families. A Shopping Mall is a great location to spend time with your family and friends. The average daily footfalls in prominent malls usually vary from a few thousand to a few lakhs on weekends. As a result, mall advertising provides tremendous visibility and opens up exciting marketing opportunities.

Mall advertising today has become one of the most successful methods to reach a captive and demographically targeted audience. Mall advertising is of good value because many customers visit their preferred mall many times each month or quarter, resulting in a high number of impressions for your commercials. Shopping centers attract a large audience to a central location where brands may successfully communicate their message; however, most parallels end there. Unlike TV or radio, the mall is a Point-of-Purchase Advertising Vehicle where customers may be swept away by the brand message's curiosity or excitement and quickly turn it into a buying experience.

Excellent Publicity, being the best mall advertising agency in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and other parts of India, is here at your fingertips to make things easier for you. Whenever in a problem, make sure that you contact us for help. Excellent Publicity is your one-stop-shop for mall and multiplex advertising. We will manage all of your advertising needs, from banner advertisements to kiosks, to reach a larger audience. We encompass multiple malls in Bangalore and other major metropolitan areas as part of our advertising in malls and multiplexes. Live demonstrations, sampling, contests, kiosks, and other forms of mall and cinema advertising will enable direct advertising and increase the value of your business. Every project we work on is designed to attract, intrigue, and pique people's attention.

Learn More About Mall Advertising Services

Shopping malls are popular among the upper crust and the youth. They are an excellent place to promote your business. It's quick, simple, and successful since people are in the mood to shop, enjoy, and relax. Advertisements at shopping malls appeal to marketers who want to reach a wide range of clients, from high-end to young. Mall advertising has an intriguing fact: malls attract more customers than video commercials. According to a recent market study, advertising in malls and multiplexes may reach an incredible amount of customers: 75% recall seeing an advertisement display vs. 45% on the internet.

Your company might be of any size or age, but it must stand out if it is taken seriously. Mall and multiplex advertising may help your company bridge the digital gap and connect with actual people and consumers in the real world.

Excellent Publicity – Reputed And Trustworthy Mall Advertising Services

Excellent Publicity is a non-traditional media and advertising specialty agency. For the greatest non-traditional advertising ideas and choices, please contact us. Our non-traditional advertising concepts and alternatives will undoubtedly draw attention to your business.

Our mall advertising packages include advertisements in various brand activation methods from which you may choose the best. Being a very famous mall advertising agency in Mumbai, Delhi, and other parts of India, we have links with some of the most well-known and famous malls in many major cities. As a leading mall and multiplex advertising business, we ensure your adverts get the proper visibility to a broader audience.

We appreciate advertisements because they convey a message in the most enjoyable and beautiful manner possible. As a result, as an advertising agency, we strive to provide 100% effective mall advertising services to all of our clients. We strive to give the finest service possible. Our marketing campaigns are created to help your product or service stand out while customers decide whether or not to buy it.

To get the attention of the customers, we employ attention-getting tactics. Our advertisements in malls enable merchants and retail items to reach a large audience in public spaces and increase traffic to their locations. We provide you the ability to engage with potential customers after they've made a purchase.

Advantages Of Mall Advertising In India

  1. Shopping malls have the distinct benefit of advertising and promoting items while also selling them on the same grounds. This makes it easy to persuade the buyer to buy anything.
  2. Whatever the purpose of people's visit to the Shopping Mall, consumers cannot ignore the Branding and Marketing operations of various brands in the Shopping Center. As a result, there is a very small possibility that the advertisements in malls will be ignored or squandered.
  3. Installing advertisements in high-traffic sections of the mall might result in a large reach and repetition due to multiple exposures. This improves brand memory and raises brand awareness.
  4. The product advertisement and display are located under the same roof; a compelling advertisement is important. It is because this one is more likely to draw customers inside the shop for impulse purchases.
  5. Local marketing is a viable option in shopping malls. By marketing themselves in the shopping center, a brand with a store in the area may get the most benefit.
  6. Similarly, advertisements posted at shopping malls may be tailored to the interests, inclinations, and purchase habits of the people in that location.

Different Mall Ads Format

  1. Wall-Mounts
  2. Escalator wraps
  3. Kiosks
  4. Posters
  5. Banners
  6. Lift door ads
  7. Live demos
  8. Digital signage
  9. Scroll screens
  10. Free-standing displays
  11. Events and exhibitions
  12. Roof hangings

Why Is Mall Advertising Important?

In this age of advertising and commercialization, branding across many platforms is a critical skill that every business should learn to get maximum exposure and attention.

Malls, which seem to be the center of such businesses' retail locations, are one such arena. This will not only assure a positive promotion of your brand among urban residents, but it will also boost your possibilities of making an initial impact on people's thoughts. This has the potential to pique their interest and lead to them purchasing your items. Malls provide you with a vantage point from which you can reach out to people and receive immediate responses in one location.

Mall advertising provides you with enough opportunities to create more contact with your target audience, even if individuals do not engage in the action of prompt purchase. Mall advertising provides you with more possibilities to engage with brand-conscious individuals throughout the week and allows you to come into proximity to people of all ages. Mall branding may become one of the most effective weapons for mobilizing your brand among the public if you use effective branding techniques and design aesthetics in your advertising materials.

Mall Advertising Appeals To What Sort Of Audience

Mall advertising is incredibly popular among advertising agencies and organizations due to the numerous benefits of mall advertising and the urban growth of Indian cities. Mall advertising allows you to interact with a wide range of individuals from many walks of life, including:

  • Well-off households
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students in high school and college
  • Tourists from India and abroad
  • Executives
  • Senior Citizens
  • Non-Resident Indians
  • Affluent Company Employees and Professionals
  • Bibliophiles and cinephiles
  • Culture and Art Enthusiasts

How Can Excellent Publicity Help You With Mall Advertising?

Customers may choose from various ready-to-use and customizable branding choices at Excellent Publicity, all of which are tailored to their specific demands and budget. There are indeed many reasons why you can choose us.

  1. We strive to make advertising more approachable and cheap for consumers to increase their chances of reaching out to and promoting their target audience. As a result, we've functioned to implement the most basic yet cutting-edge technological advancements in the world of advertising, which supports our mission of providing the most productive and innovative mall advertising solutions to your branding problems through great ideas and creative methods.
  2. We offer the best at a reasonable cost without sacrificing the quality of our services or media alternatives, as seen by the excellent response and numerous compliments we have gotten since the company's start.
  3. Over the decades, Excellent Publicity has worked hard to establish relationships with many advertising and marketing companies in all of the country's large cities and even rural areas.
  4. Excellent Publicity has a slew of advertising companies, providing the highest-quality services in mall branding and the advertising industry at large. It also has experience with various types of outdoor and digital advertising.

You can now contact us to have a one-on-one conversation with one of our supervisors to learn more about the newest branding strategy. Also, learn about our working method, the related prices with the different branding possibilities in the mall advertising, and the special offers on media options.

Mall branding is certainly a specialty of Excellent Publicity's outdoor advertising firm. Various malls in both developed and emerging locations throughout India have partnered with the agency. Excellent Publicity assists clients in obtaining the best locations and ad sites in the mall of their choosing at affordable pricing.

What Makes Mall Advertising So Successful?

Mall advertising is a relatively new idea among Indians and offers a wide range of alternatives and opportunities for the advertising business. To capture the attention of their target audience, brands can use several strategies. Because of the following factors, mall advertising is extremely effective:

  • Creativity

    Billboards, mall banner advertisements, standee ads, and posters with creative designs pique people's interest and increase the mall's attraction.

  • Quirky and Amazing

    Shopping mall ads are the current day alternatives to eccentric and amusing décor in the country's most popular retail area, as ambient advertising is the modern-day enrichment of both the inside and outside space of malls.

  • Great Opportunity to Generate Revenue

    People flock to malls to indulge in the act of shopping and to engage in 'retail therapy.' Ambient advertising in malls provides your firm the best opportunity of generating a significant share of sales from the location of the advertisement. Different types are standee advertisements, backlit signage, LED displays, kiosk advertising, and mall banner ads.

  • Word Of Mouth

    Since shopping mall advertisements, sponsorships, and collaborations are frequently the venues of numerous festivals and events, they help spread the word about the brand both far and wide.

  • Different People

    Individuals from all walks of life and industries visit malls; therefore, a mall branding project provides you with access to people of all ages and occupations.

Some Must-Know Tips For Mall Advertising

Being the expert in mall advertising services, we are here to make things easier for you. Below are some very effective tips that can help you promote your brand properly.

  1. Always Consider Customization

    When creating advertising material for shopping mall advertisements, the advertising agency and firm must consider the city's tastes and ethnic culture. By appealing to a person's cultural preferences, you improve your chances of resonating with their cultural values, and, as a result, you raise your chances of winning the hearts and minds of your potential consumers.

  2. Notify about sales and discounts

    Proper notification of periodical discounts and sale deals, particularly during the calendar year's red-letter dates and major festivals, strengthens the brand's grasp on the economy by solidifying its position in the competitive market.

  3. Conduct Collab Events

    Collaborations and financing events help to reinforce the brand's appeal. Sponsorship opportunities with mall events and activities are a simple and efficient method to get your brand in front of consumers.

  4. Build Trust

     Mall advertising provides you with access to the mall's inside area, which you may use for mall branding and marketing activities such as live demonstrations of your brand or organizing promotional activities for your product. These promotional events or live demos allow you to host an interactive session with mall visitors, giving them a hands-on experience with the product or service you're pushing or advertising. Not only does this raise the possibility of the brand's local sales skyrocketing, but it also aids in the establishment of a trust and loyalty equation between the company and the attendees.

  5. Choose Showcasing Your Brand On Digital Formats

    People are becoming more interested in digital advertising choices. As a result, options such as backlit signage, backlit panels and LED displays. More traditional options such as kiosk advertising, standee ads, hoardings, billboards, or any type of advertisement on facades, banner ads in malls, and so on, work together to create a great and convincing portrait of a brand through ambient advertising.

Contact Excellent Publicity For Beneficial Mall Advertising

Are you ready to get started with mall advertising? If yes, then do not worry as we are here to help our clients.

To discover more about mall advertising and how Excellent Publicity can benefit your business or collaborate with your agency, contact us now!

Which Parts Of The Mall Can Be Used To Display Brand Advertisements?

We all know that the malls are large and well-organized; they give advertising space free of clutter. Important sites of a mall that are perfect for advertising are
Cinema advertising
Multi-screen cinemas are a key draw for any shopping mall. Because movie theatres are a mall's primary source of foot traffic, cinema hall branding is critical in converting moviegoers into prospective purchasers. Marketers can select between on-screen and off-screen advertising, such as posters, bathroom advertisements, lobby ads, and so on, to reach their target demographic in the cinema.
Parking lot advertising
The area of the mall determines the size of the parking garage; the bigger the mall, the bigger the parking area. Parking lot advertising captures the attention of shoppers as they enter or depart shopping malls, leaving a lasting brand impression.
Food court
Most malls feature dining outlets on the top level of the mall, which is an important location for mall advertising. The audience may sit, dine, and spend quality time with family or friends in this section, which offers plenty of seats. Customers are either waiting for their orders or enjoying their meal; therefore, any brand displayed here will get the most attention.
Facade advertising
Facade advertising refers to large-scale advertisements that are exhibited on the outside of shopping malls. They are generally exhibited to grab the attention of passers-by who are driving through the mall in their cars or other vehicles. These advertisements are large and span a large portion of the mall's outside walls.
Advertising in arcades and concourses
Malls feature large lobbies and open areas in front of mall doors that marketers may utilize to display banners, hoardings, and other types of advertising.

Mall Advertising Rates And Costs

The cost of mall advertising is determined by several factors, including
Ad placement
The cost of an ad is determined by whether it is shown inside or outside the mall. Advertisements on the ground floor and in the food court will be more prominent than those on the second and third floors.
Mall Location
The mall's location is a major element in determining the cost of a mall advertisement. The cost of a mall in a prominent location of a metro city, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, or Bangalore, will be more than malls in minor towns and cities, such as Surat, Indore, or Ghaziabad.
Type of Mall
Shopping malls are classified as Basic, Premium, or Luxurious malls. Advertising costs differ in each of the 3 categories. For example, standee advertisements, backlit signage, LED displays, kiosk advertising, and mall banner ads in a luxury mall such as DLF Emporio in New Delhi will be more than in a basic mall in Ghaziabad.
Ad size and format
The size and format of the ad and whether it is digital or static affect the cost. The higher the expense, the larger the size.
Advertising agency
the benefit of installing mall advertising varies depending on which advertising agency is used. Because mall advertising falls under outdoor advertising, an advertising firm specializing in outdoor advertising might be chosen.

FAQs About Mall Advertising

There is no set amount for how much should be spent on mall and multiplex advertising. The cost of advertising in malls and multiplexes is determined by a variety of criteria. This includes the malls in which the advertisements are put, the mall's location and area, the time of the advertisement, the duration of the advertisement, the size of the banners and posters, and so on. In this case, the simplest method to calculate your mall and multiplex advertising budget is to obtain a tailored ad and pay for only the services that your company uses.

Advertising at malls and multiplexes is an efficient approach to market a company. Shopping malls are popular among the upper crust and young people because they are quick, simple, and efficient. People are in the appropriate state of mind to buy, enjoy, and rest in malls.

Customers' responses, conversion rates, customer feedback, return on investment, sales rate through ads, and other indicators are used to assess the performance of advertisements in malls and multiplexes.

Yes, regardless of the company's size, ads in malls and cinemas can be utilized by enterprises. Small businesses may use social media to promote their products and services and improve their brand image. It will assist you in reaching out to customers and gaining their attention. It will increase the worth of your company and boost your brand image over time.

Large consumer goods brands typically dominate marketing in malls and multiplexes. However, companies can advertise in malls and theaters, including clothing lines, electronics, real estate, finance and banking, healthcare services, jewellery, vehicles, food, and beverage.

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