Schindler India's Innovative Move to Elevate In-Lift Advertising with Times OOH

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Oct 27, 2023

Guess a place where people want something to look for but find only strangers filled with awkwardness? You guessed it right, it's Lift!!

Now, what if you place an advertisement in lifts? Well, Schindler India did something like this and is out to change that experience by adding some digital flair to your lift journeys.

Schindler India has joined forces with Times Innovative Media, a branch of the Times of India Group, to revolutionize in-lift advertising. This partnership is set to empower brands by offering their ad campaigns on interconnected screens within Schindler's elevators.

How is this idea a potential goldmine?

The potential for this collaboration is significant. With an estimated 50,000-55,000 elevators installed in India each year and a total base of approximately 25 lakhs, the opportunity for marketers to use this medium for their ad campaigns is enormous. Schindler India believes that in-lift advertising is on the cusp of a significant breakthrough, with the potential to grow five to ten times larger in the next three years.

Tarunesh Mathur, Senior Vice President of Schindler Group, highlights the appeal for advertisers: the ability to engage a captive audience in specific buildings. "For that one minute, there’s no mobile network, which could be a win for brands as they can get a high recall value."

The Appeal of DOOH: Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is increasingly attracting advertisers due to its capacity for shorter and cost-effective campaigns. With growing clutter in the traditional out-of-home (OOH) segment, in-lift advertising offers a fresh medium for brands

Mathur emphasizes the importance of understanding the unique dynamics of the Indian market and its shift toward programmatic advertising.

Assume that your audience is watching your advertisement for 1 minute for a whole month. The impact this low-budget, high returns advertisement is going to have is immense. That’s what is going to happen when you opt for an in-lift advertisement.

In-lift advertising allows brands to run hyper-local campaigns, catering to specific audiences based on the area, something not achievable in traditional OOH. Schindler provides a proprietary content management system, making it easy for marketers to customize their content.

The company's current focus is primarily on tier-1 cities, covering 75% residential properties and 25% commercial properties, boasting an impressive daily impression count of 1.2 billion.

This type of advertisement is best for selling products. Hence, e-commerce is showing significant interest in in-lift advertising, especially during festive seasons. Additionally, service-based, jewelry and automotive brands are capitalizing on this unique medium.

Here’s an example of in-lift advertising.



The bonus comes here with real-time communication through content management software that allows marketers to optimize data and location-specific content, enhancing engagement and effectiveness. This model has succeeded in Switzerland, Germany, and China, where elevators conduct 700-1000 trips daily, each loaded with 5-8 people. This provides a lucrative opportunity for brands to capture the attention of their target audience repeatedly.

In-lift advertising aims to capitalize on frequency by ensuring that consumers view ads multiple times. Beyond advertising, these screens also provide space for society announcements, festive greetings, and safety messages.

Despite its promise, in-lift advertising faces the challenge of limited elevator time. Mathur addresses this by explaining that an average person takes 7-8 elevator rides a day, and Schindler has allocated sufficient slot time for engagement. The use of a 32-inch high-definition screen provides ample opportunity for users to connect with brands.

Post-pandemic, people are more conscious of health, which has led to some individuals choosing stairs over elevators for the health benefits. However, Schindler believes that elevators have evolved from being a luxury to a convenience feature. With the rise of quick commerce and increased usage of lifts, they're seeing an upswing rather than a decline in elevator usage.

In conclusion, Schindler India's innovative approach to in-lift advertising is not just transforming elevator experiences but also offering marketers a unique opportunity to engage with their target audience in a high-recall environment, ensuring that their brand message sticks. It's a creative and effective way to bridge the gap between digital and physical advertising spaces.

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