Pril's Comeback With OOH Campaign To Capture The Market

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Dec 20, 2023

In the world of household cleaning solutions, Pril stands tall as the unrivaled champion of hand dishwashing liquids. Renowned globally for its effectiveness and widespread availability, Pril has once again stepped into the limelight with a groundbreaking out-of-home (OOH) campaign after a hiatus of nearly three years.

Branding Insights:

Reintroducing Pril: After a brief absence from OOH advertising, Pril is strategically re-entering the market, leveraging the power of outdoor campaigns to amplify its brand presence. This move aims to captivate consumers' attention and re-establish Pril as the ultimate choice for dishwashing needs.

The Campaign Unveiled:

Draped in a fresh, inviting blue hue, the Pril ad captivates onlookers' attention, showcasing the product's exceptional cleaning prowess. Its emphasis on effectiveness, promising spotless and hygienic dishes, aims to instill trust among consumers, solidifying Pril as the go-to solution for immaculate dishwashing.

Marketing Strategy:

The highlight of the campaign lies in its promise: "scratch and win," an irresistible invitation that accompanies every Pril purchase. This alluring offer presents consumers with an opportunity to win enticing rewards, including the chance to bag gold or other fantastic gifts with each Pril acquisition.

Widening the Winning Circle:

With the tagline "Everyone Wins Gold or Many Gifts," Pril ensures inclusivity, extending the golden opportunity to households across Cairo. This strategy positions the brand not just as a premium cleaning solution but as a gateway to rewards, enticing a broader audience.

Market Presence:

The campaign's rollout in various locations across Greater Cairo, especially during the festive month of December, strategically maximizes visibility and engagement, targeting a wide spectrum of consumers.

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