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CCD Branding, Adchini , New Delhi, Delhi (NCR)

Adv. Type : Cafe Coffee Day
Adv. City : New Delhi
Card Rate
₹24,000.00 (per unit)
Offer Rate
₹23,500.00(per unit)
College Canteen Branding, BMCC, Pune, Maharashtra

Adv. Type : College Canteen Branding
Adv. City : Pune
Card Rate
₹8,500.00(per unit)
Offer Rate
₹8,000.00(per unit)
Umbrella Branding,Dhrangadhra,Gujarat

Adv. Type : Umbrella Branding
Adv. City : Dhrangadhra
Card Rate
₹2,000.00(per unit)
Offer Rate
₹1,780.00 (per unit)
College Canteen Branding,Symbiosis, Pune,Maharashtra

Adv. Type : College Canteen Branding
Adv. City : Pune
Card Rate
₹8,400.00(per unit)
Offer Rate
₹8,000.00(per unit)
GAS Bills - Delhi (NCR)

Adv. Type : GAS Bills
Adv. City : Delhi
Card Rate
₹0.80(per unit)
Offer Rate
₹0.65(per unit)

Best Non-Traditional Advertising Agency In India

Non-traditional advertising is a type of promotion in which businesses abandon conventional and common advertising channels such as printing, broadcast, and digital to interact with their target audience in novel methods. Adopting non-advertising aims to capture the viewers' interest through an unexpected, innovative, and 'out-of-the-box' advertising strategy. Non-traditional advertising can also be used as part of a marketing campaign or independently to raise brand recognition, increase brand reach and exposure, and reinforce brand identity.

Being the best non-traditional advertising agency in Bangalore, Mumbai, and many other parts of India, Excellent Publicity is all set to help businesses and organizations promote themselves with the most non-conventional methods. From taking the help of advertising in grocery stores to the no-parking boards advertising, there is so much that we have been trying these days. We guarantee the greatest and most efficient advertising services to all of our customers, regardless of where they're from or what their business is. Our company includes some of the most youthful and enthusiastic employees. They are eager to develop 'fondly remembered and unforgettable' advertising for our clients to improve the brand identity.

Know More About The Non-Traditional Advertising Agency

As mentioned earlier, non-traditional marketing includes everything that isn't TV, radio, normal print, or direct mail. It is intended to break through the complexity of traditional advertising and capture customers' interest. Creativity and originality are essential components of this form of advertising, which, when executed properly, make it difficult for customers to ignore. Non-traditional advertising is unusual. It is a form of marketing that distinguishes most firms from their rivals.

Developing advertising strategies and channels are continually deviating from established advertising paradigms. Street teams, display advertising, and wrapped cars are a few examples. All of these, and more, are examples of non-conventional advertising. Non-traditional advertising is inherently dynamic and ever-changing. New approaches are constantly being created and will be created in the future. Non-traditional marketing is more adaptable, unpredictable, and subjective. Priority is given to implementation over planning, more trustworthy and efficient, generates 'buzz,' usually less expensive, and depends on free promotion as much as possible. Non-discriminatory and all-encompassing.

Excellent Publicity Is Here With The Best Non-Traditional Advertising Services

Businesses are being allowed to hire Non-Traditional Advertising and innovative concepts to engage clients as their attention spans decrease. Unconventional marketing methods in brand building and brand recognition advertising are long overdue. Non-traditional advertising aims to create exceptional advertising experiences that will capture people's attention due to their inventiveness.

Being the best non-traditional advertising agency in Mumbai, Delhi, and other parts of the country, the majority of non-traditional advertising entails various approaches and efforts for your business message to be seen. This type of advertising is most effective for those on a tight budget. It is, without a doubt, a highly efficient way of conveying the message and making it memorable for the audience. We promise cheap CPMs for all of these channels at Excellent Publicity. When you have a hard-to-reach population and a limited budget, non-traditional advertising is the way to go. It stands out and is remembered because it is one-of-a-kind.

Contact the professionals at Excellent Publicity for assistance with non-traditional advertising services at a low cost. We'll do all we can to assist you.

Different Methods of Non-Traditional Advertising in India

Even though non-traditional advertising tactics are always developing, grouping them into different advertising approaches into broad categories is arbitrary and subject to change. Non-traditional advertising, on the other hand, can be divided into the following categories:

  • Street marketing
  • Transit advertising
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Mall advertising
  • Bill letter advertising (electricity bill, gas bill, and phone bill)
  • IT Park advertising
  • No-parking boards
  • Seminars
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Linked In, Instagram, etc.)
  • Events
  • Museums and Factory Tours
  • Stealth Marketing
  • Stunt Marketing
  • Theme Parks
  • Product Placement
  • Wall advertising painting

Apart from that, there are a lot more types we have in store for you:

  1. Guerrilla Marketing

    Guerrilla marketing enables you to get lucrative outcomes with the smallest possible expenditure. Guerrilla marketing is particularly well-known among the other unusual types of advertising because it helps advertising agencies and corporations to gain the most exposure for their low-budget expenditures by capturing people's attention in unexpected locations.

  2. Event/Seminar Marketing

    It's a marketing approach that includes firms and their consumers interacting face to face at special events such as concerts, fairs, and sporting events. Even while event or seminar marketing is classified as non-traditional advertising, it does entail a one-on-one connection between the brand's firm and the audience. This type of branding or marketing is primarily used at shopping malls and special events such as concerts, fairs, athletic events, film festivals, and other social and public gatherings.

  3. Street Marketing

    To get more attention for an ad campaign, Street Marketing uses atypical tactics and advertising venues. Unlike guerilla marketing, which may occur everywhere, street marketing is limited to the street and other public areas.

    As the name implies, street marketing employs the use of public places for branding purposes. Handing out brochures on a street corner or advertising in conjunction with a local food truck or ice cream van are examples of street marketing tactics.

  4. Stunt Marketing

    Stunt marketing is all about using gimmicks to promote your brand. As strange as it seems, stunt marketing entails the publication of a fake narrative or a humorous story during the launch of a product. The fabricated narrative then gains widespread media attention and headlines, capturing the public's attention. Stunt marketing is a type of public relations strategy that generates many talks shortly before a brand or product's debut. This type of marketing or advertising in which a company spreads fake or humorous breaking news helps to garner attention from the media and public.

  5. Stealth Marketing

    Stealth marketing is a branding approach that involves promoting a brand without people realizing it. This offers you and the advertising agency the upper hand when it comes to publicizing your goods. When consumers do not comprehend advertising at face value, the likelihood of opting out of the campaign certainly decreases. In reality, stealth marketing works in the other direction. People get much more curious to attribute meaning to the item they can't grasp since they don't understand the meaning or even the eminent existence of a branding endeavor.

  6. Membership Marketing

    Membership marketing converts potential consumers into loyal clients. Because membership marketing is a well-thought-out technique, it has the best conversion rates and market returns. Membership marketing not only delivers a steady stream of consumers to the brand, but it also steadily grows the number of customers over time through referrals made with the company's resources. Membership marketing is a sure-shot way to bring in a continuous stream of consumers and cash, which will decide the brand's future success.

  7. Content Marketing

    To put it another way, content marketing entails the creation of content to keep the audience engaged. This is a marketing strategy that focuses on producing quality, relevant, and innovative material regularly to capture a large audience's attention. Content marketing guarantees that a certain type of customer remains loyal to your business. This type of marketing also ensures that your firm receives consistent revenue from its loyal client base.

  8. Growth Hacking

    Growth hacking is the studying and understanding of the factors that will make your business popular. To do this, growth hacking also entails executing several trials in products and marketing development channels.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Non-Traditional Advertising?

Non-traditional advertising is a dynamic kind of advertising that pushes the boundaries of traditional advertising. New unconventional types of advertising emerge every day to reach out to larger audiences and build a brand image that is likely to elicit a strong response from people, prompting rapid action. A handful of them are mentioned below from the ever-growing and ever-evolving inventory of non-traditional advertising:

  • Newspaper insert advertising
  • RWA apartment advertising/ advertising inside apartments
  • Shopping outlet advertising
  • Advertising inside bars
  • ATM Advertising
  • Bill advertising (Electricity bill advertising, telephone bill advertising, gas bill branding)
  • No Parking board branding

Non-Traditional Advertising Ideas

Non-traditional advertising is a concept that employs novel and unconventional marketing techniques. Guerrilla marketing to the use of transit media is an example of non-traditional advertising ideas. Bus advertising, auto advertising, and other creative media vehicles are only a few examples of non-traditional advertising tactics. Non-traditional advertising can refer to a wide range of activities and strategies for getting your message noticed. Non-traditional advertising is ideal for those with a restricted budget and a difficult-to-reach demographic. Because of the unique form in which it may be shown, non-traditional advertising is a powerful means of showing your message and making it more memorable.

Who Benefits From Non-Traditional Advertising?

Non-traditional marketing is a method that any company may use. Many of the most well-known campaigns have been carried out by large corporations, but smaller firms have had remarkable success with non-traditional marketing.

Vision, creativity, and devotion are the only requirements for adopting non-traditional marketing. Non-traditional marketing is a useful strategy for firms with limited marketing budgets since it is typically much less expensive than traditional types of promotion. The sole disadvantage is that the outcome is uncertain, and there is a danger of wasting time and effort.

How Is A Non-Traditional Marketing Strategy Created?

Considering non-traditional marketing relies on so many unknown variables, each campaign must be meticulously planned. Creating a detailed marketing plan will not make this strategy more predictable, but it will assist in focusing efforts and increase the likelihood of success.

The target audience must be defined as the first stage in the strategy. This essential stage assists businesses in determining whether or not a non-traditional marketing strategy is appropriate. Marketers could flood city streets with innovative advertisements if a product has widespread appeal, such as a drink or a new movie release. On the other hand, a vast marketing campaign would be a waste of resources if the product had a narrower appeal, such as accounting software. It's simpler to reach out to the people who will buy the goods if you know who will buy them.

The next stage will be to choose a non-traditional marketing approach to employ. It's not enough to stand out only for the sake of standing out. The selected strategy must be thoroughly considered regarding how it will affect customers and the message it will send. Companies will need to do market research and engage with branding specialists to identify the best approach to connect their advertising messaging with their intended audience.

It may be essential to make negotiations for ad space in common areas at this time. Non-traditional advertising frequently develops its routes of distribution. If the aim is to show advertising in locations where they have never been before, the advertiser and the property owner will need to work out a deal. Both parties must thoroughly comprehend the contract's terms and conditions for the ad space to be utilized to its best potential.

The final phase of a non-traditional marketing strategy is to identify success or failure measures. Because non-traditional marketing sometimes has ambiguous aims, this might be the most challenging stage. Non-traditional marketing can be used to reinvent a brand's image or expose product lines to new audiences rather than merely raising sales. Before any campaign can be implemented, factual markers for assessing its performance must be created.

Advantages of Going With Non-Traditional Advertising

  • Stands out from the crowd, attracting attention.
  • Completely reliant on originality, inventiveness, and the element of surprise.
  • The format of non-traditional advertising makes it difficult for the audience to disregard the message.
  • It can reach both a niche and a mainstream audience.
  • It is appropriate for small and large businesses, but it is especially beneficial for smaller businesses because they are lower, but the profits are higher.

What Is the Importance of Non-Traditional Advertising in Today's World?

Non-traditional advertising, as the name implies, is a unique method of advertising. Non-traditional advertising is primarily driven by innovation and creativity to surprise the audience. It goes without saying that if you use an advertising strategy in locations and ways where the audience or viewers are least expecting to see a branding campaign or an advertisement, they will not ignore it. Electricity bill advertising, newspaper insert advertising, No Parking board advertising, shopping outlet advertising, ATM advertising, telephone bill advertising, and so on are all examples of non-stereotypical branding methods.

Non-traditional advertising is the key to wowing your consumers and propelling your company forward. Making your brand known amid the hundreds of other companies on the market is incredibly important in this day of consumerism and overconsumption. You may carve out a niche for yourself in the economy among the other behemoths with the aid of non-traditional advertising. Non-traditional advertising is the key to success, particularly for small enterprises and start-ups. Non-traditional advertising is a powerful and exciting business that can engage with potential consumers in unexpected locations.

What Is It About Non-Traditional Advertising That Makes It So Popular Among People?

Non-traditional marketing provides a nice surprise aspect to people's and viewers' lives. Non-traditional advertising is a new idea in the advertising world, and it is still somewhat uncharted ground. The originality of this advertising method is its strongest selling point, and it has a lot of potential in the advertising industry. Because non-traditional advertising deviates from standard forms, it can encompass a wide range of advertising alternatives and activities that aren't often associated with more traditional marketing approaches. Non-traditional advertising becomes a dynamic and ever-evolving type of marketing; as a result, attracting the attention of marketing behemoths.

What Are Some Pointers For Effective Non-Traditional Advertising?

Since non-traditional advertising has such a broad scope, many strategies might be used to expand the brand's reach.

  • Make the advertisement as creatively unusual as possible.
  • Non-traditional marketing combined with social media branding. Customers will be able to learn more about the brand by creating a place on social media. Weekly live sessions on social media, showcasing the product and addressing questions from the public, go a long way toward creating a closer relationship between the company and its customers. Additionally, ensure that the FAQ page on the product's website is well-designed.
  • Link the brand with a charitable organization or a community that is involved in humanitarian efforts. People want to be associated with brands that care about a community or a society. As a result, your brand will gain a devoted following of repeat consumers who will assist in building the necessary buzz in the market.
  • Create a podcast of your own. Podcasts will assist you in establishing a steady stream of listeners and, eventually, consumers. Have a weekly podcast episode, and be sure to answer a few queries from consumers to guarantee increased brand visibility and relevance.
  • Create an app for your company. Though it may seem like a far-fetched concept, creating an app for your brand would allow customers to receive excellent service before and after purchasing the brand. Because of your brand's customer-friendly service, this non-salesy strategy will ultimately result in more sales for the firm.

Why Choose Excellent Publicity?

Since non-traditional advertising still seems to be relatively new in marketing and the industry, understanding and executing it may be difficult. Implementing non-traditional advertising demands a wider understanding of the issue, and reaping the most benefits from it demands even more expertise. Experienced knowledge is required for the execution of non-traditional advertising. We ought to make the most out of all resources available to tap into the underlying distinctiveness of the advertising medium and to harvest the greatest effect from non-traditional advertising. Along with the fact that non-traditional advertising is a constantly changing idea, it also required the collaboration and advice of advertising professionals who will put your brand and company ahead of the competition in the marketing game.

Advertising in any media may be a complicated and time-consuming process that needs expert knowledge to effectively promote the brand's message across the country and maximize reach and Return-On-Investment (ROI). We take a more in-depth approach to explain the finer points of non-traditional advertising. A collaborative strategy on digital media platforms is required to secure an overall haul in the digital and retail arena where the brand is maintained up for sale. This is possible thanks to your valuable partnership with Excellent Publicity. At Excellent Publicity, interested parties may choose from various ready-to-use and customization branding choices tailored to their specific demands and budget. Excellent Publicity strives to make advertising more accessible and cheap for individuals to increase their possibilities of reaching out to and promoting their target audience. As a result, we've worked to devise the most basic yet cutting-edge technological advancements in media branding options in the world of advertising. This supports our mission of providing the most professional and effective advertising solutions to your branding problems through great ideas and creative methods. We offer cost without sacrificing the quality of our services or media alternatives, as seen by the excellent response and numerous compliments we have received since the company's start.

Excellent Publicity has worked hard over the years to establish relationships with over 1000 non-traditional advertising and marketing companies in all of the country's major cities and even rural areas. This has made booking advertising sites, dealing with legal aspects of advertising operations such as formalities and clearances, and obtaining official permissions easier and faster.

Non-traditional advertising works effectively for those on a tight budget who want to reach an audience that can't be reached through traditional media like TV, radio, or newspapers. Because of the unique form in which it may be shown, it's an excellent means of showing your message and making it more memorable. It is effective for reaching a highly specific audience and is frequently less expensive than traditional advertising. It is, however, difficult to measure and may take longer to develop or position a campaign.

Since, we are the best non-traditional advertising agency in Delhi, Mumbai and other parts of India; we are dedicated to providing users with the most accurate information possible. As a result, we make certain that the advertising rates are updated regularly. At the start of each year, most advertising platforms adjust their prices. As a result, it's critical to double-check the most recent Non-traditional advertising prices before committing to a campaign.

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