Swiggy's Launches A Creative Festive Campaign On Durga Puja Celebrations

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Oct 26, 2023

Durga Puja is a beloved festival in Kolkata and has always demanded something extraordinary from Swiggy. This festive season, Swiggy partnered with the creative agency Brandmovers India to craft a magical campaign that pays tribute to the unsung heroes of this celebration - the Swiggy delivery partners. In a unique twist on an age-old cultural symbol, the campaign brings "Ma Durga's Bahons" into the limelight.

"Khushir Bahon Swiggy," the new digital and outdoor campaign, weaves a tale where Ma Durga's celestial vehicles, the Bahons, come together to discuss a new arrival in town. A whimsical chase ensues to reveal the newcomer - Swiggy's delivery partner.

Food holds a special place in the heart of the City of Joy, deeply entwined with its culture and festivities. Traditionally, the Bahons symbolize the arrival of prosperity and happiness for Bengalis. Swiggy's delivery partners are portrayed as the new-age Bahons, delivering joy in the form of food. This campaign features a charismatic cycling mouse, a proud peacock, a dainty swan, a curious owl, and a lion exuding swag. Together, they embark on a comical chase to catch up with the Swiggy delivery partner. The joy, wonder, and thrill of Pujo are vividly captured in this heartwarming narrative.

The campaign spans across digital, out-of-home, cinema, print, and social media channels, with additional in-app activations.

Aparna Giridhar, VP of Marketing at Swiggy, expressed, "Swiggy has been a part of Kolkata's exhilarating Pujo celebrations since 2015. This Durga Pujo, we decided to transcend the mere concept of food delivery and embed Swiggy into a cultural motif brimming with local nuances and nostalgia. The 'Khushir Bahon Swiggy' campaign not only pays homage to Bengali childhood memories but also celebrates the dedication of our delivery partners and their role in making our customers' moments special."

The campaign, scripted and directed by Brandmovers' Senior Creative Director Adrijaa Sanyal, emphasizes the central role of food during Pujo. Adrijaa noted, "Food is at the heart of Pujo celebrations, making Swiggy an integral part of the festivities. We aimed to explore ideas beyond the culinary aspect and shed light on the profound role Swiggy plays in enhancing consumers' lives during this joyous season. The 'Bahons' that carry Ma Durga to earth are symbols of joy, just as our Swiggy delivery partners bring bits of happiness to our doorsteps. This parallel inspired us to create a world full of fun and nostalgia through visuals, characters, styling, and music."

In summary, Swiggy's "Khushir Bahon Swiggy" campaign isn't just about food delivery; it's a heartwarming tribute to the spirit of Durga Pujo and the special delivery partners who bring a dash of happiness to our lives during this festive time.

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