Flipkart's Genius Marketing Puts iPhone 14 in the Spotlight

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Oct 18, 2023

Flipkart's Big Billion Days, have wrapped up, and this time, the star of the show was Apple's iPhone 14. What set this festive extravaganza apart was how Flipkart brilliantly marketed the discounted Apple flagship smartphone, creating a buzz that extended beyond just the discounts on offer.

Every year, Flipkart's Big Billion Days sale is a much-awaited event featuring a wide range of products, from smartphones to fashion accessories. However, this year, it's the Apple iPhone 14 that has stolen the spotlight. It wasn't just the discounts that caught everyone's attention, but Flipkart's ingenious marketing strategies that ignited a social media frenzy.

The festivities began with a unique contest where consumers were challenged to guess the discounted price of the iPhone 14. Those who guessed right had a chance to win the phone for free. This exciting campaign took off on social media under the hashtag 'iPhone14onFlipkart.'

Flipkart didn't stop there; they took the hype to the streets with a captivating outdoor ad. They promised a Rs 3000 discount on the iPhone 14 if nobody honked at their hoarding. This unusual approach added an element of excitement to the campaign. This billboard advertising worked wonders to boost iPhone 14 sales.

Then came the partnership with Spicejet, offering passengers an additional Rs 3000 discount if they kept their seatbelts on throughout the flight. This innovative collaboration was the brainchild of the creative agency Talented. This is one solid way of inflight advertising.

Viren Noronha, co-founder of Talented's social agency 'The New Thing,' revealed that their brief was to create a buzz similar to the previous year's campaign. He emphasized, "The definition of noise is now self-imposed. With this brief, the noise would be to create as much hype and conversation around the iPhone 14's heavily discounted price on the Big Billion Days."

The campaign, initially focused on outdoor advertising, quickly became a top trend. Consumers flocked to make their guesses about the iPhone 14's price. Varun Khiatani, a strategist at Talented, noted that they anticipated this level of engagement.

Khiatani explained, "People were already discussing what the price of the iPhone 15 would be in Big Billion Days next year. And there's a lot of conversation around how many kidneys should be sold for the iPhone and just general banter around the discount."

The iPhone is an aspirational purchase in India, and its price point means it's not an impulse buy. Khiatani added, "This aspiration translates into people looking for any opportunity to get their hands on a discounted iPhone. That was the core of this campaign."

The agency's goal wasn't just to create social media chatter but to build something offline that would naturally find its way onto social media. Noronha emphasized, "Social is not what starts on social; it is what ends up on social. We wanted to create something that ended up on networking sites. And then people themselves started spreading it as news."

For the two outdoor ads that sparked the entire discussion, the agency tailored their messages to align with local behaviors. Khiatani concluded, "Those ads were tailored to suit the Indian behavior in those particular areas, with an underlying message of being a responsible citizen."

This innovative marketing campaign not only elevated the iPhone 14's desirability but also showcased how creative marketing can turn a product into a cultural phenomenon. It's a testament to how engaging storytelling and unique incentives can captivate consumers, not just online but offline as well. In the ever-competitive world of e-commerce, this serves as a remarkable case study of the power of creative marketing in making a product the hero of its own story.

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