With having around 10 districts of Gujarat in the region, the central region comprises of all the industrialized and modern hubs of Gujarat. It is also home to small towns promoting the rich handicrafts of this colourful state. It is basically a mix of the Khadi Industry and the IT Industry.Home to Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram, SantaramMandir, SardarVallabhbhai Patel’s Statue, and many more, this region attracts many travellers and is a perfect combination of the ancientand modern.

While counting the impact of an advertisement, one thing that we take into consideration is its reach. The higher the reach, the bigger is the market, and more viewership and awareness is generated through placing the creative in strategically planned locations. When people travel, they spend more time outside their homes, and since these ads are a part of the outer environment, it is hard to skip them. There has been a lot of advancement in the outdoor media, like 3 Dimensional display, images popping out of the creative, graphics, etc. This medium is all in all an effective and efficient medium of advertising.

Options available for Outdoor advertising:

Hoardings: Hoardings display ads that are intrusive and do not require a viewer’s consent to convey the message across. It is a number one advertising platform placed along most highways and streets to give the brands a good reach and presence in the market. The creative can be placed in specific locations, depending on the audience the brand wants to target.

BQS: Here, the ads are placed above the bust stops and the viewers are mostly people who travel by bus and the passers- by. It is also very much useful in areas where there is prohibition of large format advertising mediums.

Gantry: this involves placement of advertisements on billboards spread across the breadth of a road, where the advertising option lies on both the sides of the structure. They are usually placed on the highways and expressways and are seen by travellers on the specific routes.

Pole Kiosk: These are structures that are made back to back on electrical poles in a row in the major cities, and are perfect for compact advertising. Since they are placed at short distances, there is repeated exposure of the same to the viewers.

Unipoles: It is a large format advertising type which is placed atop a very high single pole. It is basically a billboard with an outline structure and mounted on top of a single strengthen pole or column.

Traffic Booth: it is one of the most unconventional methods of outdoor advertising, where the creative is placed right on top of the traffic booths that are present around the prime locations of any city. They are put up on a cubical surface, where the creative can be visible on all the four sides of the cube.

LED Outdoor Display: This medium of Outdoor advertising is a relatively new trend of branding across India, it is more like a hoarding/billboard in terms of size, but instead of the regular print ads, the creatives are displayed on the LED screens. There is no requirement of the additional illumination since they are clearly visible in the dark.

Petrol Pump Hoarding: This is an upcoming option in the field of Outdoor advertising, and is gradually gaining popularity among various cities across India. this is one location which witnesses countless vehicles throughout the day and are present within the cities as well as on highways, thus they are a good space for the brands to build.

Utility Branding: As the name suggests, this type of advertising makes use of the public convenience facilities built on roads, markets and crossroads for the sole purpose of advertising. The most common way of Utility Branding in India is advertising across the walls of the Public Toilets.

Areas Popular in Central Gujarat for Outdoor advertising

Outdoor Advertising in Anand

The Milk City of The Nation- Anand offers all our favorite dairy products under its umbrella. The town is just about 80 kms away from the Heritage City of Ahmedabad and not too far from Gandhinagar or Vadodara as well. Therefore welcomes a lot of weekend getaways from the neighboring cities for people to enjoy the bliss. Outdoor advertising helps to create an impact, since people move around in this town to explore places. While travelling, the outdoor mediums catch their eyes and help the brand look big and worth it.

Other locations for advertising in Central Region of Gujarat are: Panchmahal, Kheda, Dahod, Narmada, to name a few.