Product advertising is any communication technique used for promoting a Product in an effort to encourage prospective customers to opt for it as opposed to the other. Advertising generally happens through particular media channels which have to be compensated for their services. The overall goal is to raise awareness for the product of a particularand to show the distinctions between the product and rival products in attempt to market them. Unlike brand advertising, Product advertising focuses on a specific product from the brand’s portfolio but it does include some aspects of brand advertising. Product Advertising is extremely important and beneficial for any brand for the following reasons-

  • Creating a Customer Base- When it comes to products that have been newly launched in the market the first challenge with marketers is to make room for it in a market that is already overcrowded with various products from different competing brand. In such a situation the primary aim is to first create a consumer base. Product advertising helps the brand in communicating with the prospective customer base and convincing them about the reliability of the product.
  • Expanding the Customer Base- Besides creating a customer base for new products product advertising also helps in expanding the customer base for existing products in the markets. Advertising is an excellent way to position your product in a manner that appeals to different target segments of the society. Advertising can use different media for product advertising in order to reach out and communicate to different target groups.
  • Maintaining the Customer Base- In this age when there is so much competition amongst brands, this can be tricky task. Having brand loyalty today is the toughest than it has ever been. But in such a situation, product advertising comes to the rescue of brands as it continues to communicate not just the benefits and specification of the product that appealto its customer base but also communicate superior values that the brand stands by.
  • Supporting other promotional tools- Product Advertising also acts as a support for other promotional activities that a brand conducts. Whether it is a sales promotion scheme or any PR activity, for them to be successful it is requires for consumers to know first know about it which is exactly what advertising does. It communicates all the necessary information whether it is about any discount offered on the product or any CSR activity conducted by the brand in a way that works in favour of the brand and helps it achieve its objective.
  • Creating goodwill for the product and brand- Another significant advantage of product advertising is the goodwill that it generates for both the specific product as well as the brand. Advertising on a regular basis allows the people to become familiar with the brand and increases its likability amongst the audience as well.

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