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Advertising with Sejal Kumar

Being a fashion enthusiast and mainstream influencer with a huge subscriber base of over 1.41M on YouTube, Sejal Kumar is one of the most loved video bloggers. Her engaging content helps Sejal Kumar advertising to allow brands to reach a wider audience and create buzz about their products and services.

Key Insights
Category Content Creator Followers 853000 Platforms Instagram

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Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising

  • Reels
  • Static Post
  • Story

Influencer Marketing With Sejal Kumar

Joined YouTube in 2012, Sejal Kumar has created a loyal fan base of over 1.41M subscribers and entertained the audience with vlogging and fashion content. As a social media influencer, she has worked with numerous lifestyle, tourism, and fashion brands.

Sejal Kumar has an audience engagement score of 3 which shows the reach of her content and attracts brands to collaborate on their product and service promotions. She was also roped in as the brand ambassador of the beauty product company “The Beauty Co.” in 2020.

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Rates For Advertising With Sejal Kumar

Most active on YouTube and Instagram, Sejal has a large audience base on various platforms, allowing her to offer different advertisement options such as video, story, and single post promotion.

The cost of influencer marketing with Sejal Kumar on multiple factors such as the product category, the total duration of the ad, and types of advertisement, such as video or story promotion. Another factor can be the consistency and frequency of ads etc.

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Who Can Do Influencer Marketing Campaigns With Sejal Kumar?

Sejal Kumar is an Indian YouTuber, Video blogger with a diverse audience base. She won the Best Lifestyle Blogger Award by the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards in 2019.

Sejal has collaborated with multiple brands in different categories and helped brands reach a broad audience. These are the primary categories where Sejal fits better for advertisement:

  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Health & Fitness
  • Music & Songs

Sejal has collaborated with multiple fashion & lifestyle brands, such as Charles & Keith, Myntra, CocaCola, Levi’s, L’Oreal, and Daniel Wellington, over a period of time.

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Platforms Where Influencer Marketing Is Possible With Sejal Kumar

Sejal is popular on multiple platforms and is considered one of the most influential young social media influencers. Women of Steel Summit, Best Youth Influencer, and other awards have been presented to Sejal over the course of time.

Sejal’s audience base is dominated by females between 18-35 years, with over 87% continuation. This works as a magnet to attract female-centric brands for her advertisements.

  • YouTube - 1.41M Subscribers
  • Instagram - 845K+ Followers
  • Facebook - 318K+ Followers

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How To Plan An Influencer Marketing Campaign With Excellent Publicity?

Excellent Publicity is one of the top influencer advertising agencies with a pan-India presence. We help brands execute their marketing campaigns, primarily influencer collaborations and promotions. We follow these 5 steps to complete an influencer promotion campaign:

  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Cost Calculation
  • Advertisement
  • Result & Report

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Influencer marketing is to promote our product or brand via people who has good follower base on social media.

You should select the influencer on the basis of target audience of the product. For Example our product is from cosmetic category we should select Influencer from Beauty and Life Style.

Since bloggers have huge follower base on social media, they can create brand awareness via content creation. More over the trust the followers have toward the influencer is higher and the scope of sale for an endorsed product is higher.

Brand only need to provide objective for the campaign. Content creation will be handled by the Influencer.

We can judge the quality of Influencer with their Engagement ratio on social media.

We can ask influencer for insight of our brand post to check the exact engagement of our post.

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