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Jansatta is the Indian Express Group's Hindi publication. The publication, which was founded in 1983, has published several issues and built an unmatched reputation. The name Jansatta is prominent in the newspapers, offering journalism in the nation a fresh perspective.

URL: https://www.jansatta.com/

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About Jansatta Digital PR

Jansatta, a trusted online news source with an extensive readership, has become a prominent player in Digital PR. Its website offers popular advertising options, especially in Delhi, with a circulation of approximately 52,999. Frequent content updates maintain high user engagement, making it an excellent choice for effectively reaching your digital audience.

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Which Industries Should Go for a Digital Press Release in Jansatta?

Jansatta Digital PR caters to numerous industries effectively. It's especially beneficial for start-ups and small businesses seeking exposure. Tech companies launching new products, health and wellness brands sharing breakthroughs, and entertainment ventures introducing projects can all benefit from online PR in Jansatta. Additionally, industries such as sports, food, tourism, home appliances, furniture, and e-commerce can capitalise on Jansatta's substantial readership in the Hindi-speaking regions of Northern and Eastern India.

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What Are the Rates for Digital PR in Jansatta?

Jansatta Digital PR stands out for its cost-effectiveness. It offers competitive rates with flexible packages that align with clients' needs and budgets. Digital ad rates can be quoted in CPM, CPC, or fixed prices, with Jansatta's website providing one of the lowest CPM rates in its category. Digital PR rates in Jansatta vary based on duration, placement, campaign objective, and additional services required.

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What Are the Benefits of Digital PR in Jansatta?

Digital PR in Jansatta yields multiple advantages, including heightened brand visibility, increased web traffic, enhanced search engine rankings, and greater credibility, leading to improved sales. Jansatta's dynamic online platform, with frequent content updates, ensures sustained user engagement, attracting a quality audience.

Advertising in Jansatta, one of the best newspapers in India, reaches a wide readership, covers diverse topics, and fosters trust with the audience. With competitive rates and a range of ad options, Jansatta stands as an effective choice for advertisers seeking to connect with their target market. Jansatta further offers cost-effective discounts and bundled packages for ad bookings, facilitated through the authorised online newspaper advertising agency, Excellent Publicity.

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Excellent Publicity is your go-to partner for success in Jansatta Digital PR. We help you create compelling press releases that resonate with your target audience using visuals and keywords. Collaborate with our editorial team of over 80 qualified members for tailor-made content, leading to featured articles and increased visibility. We assist in selecting the best publication, reaching the right audience, and ensuring smooth campaign execution. Contact us anytime for information or assistance related to press releases or public relations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The rates for advertisement would be different for various publications. You can contact our agency regarding the rates for Digital PR, we can then further guide you with what all publications you can choose with the lowest possible advertising rates and maximum possible reach to the audience.

You can contact our agency and we can guide you which publication will be best suitable for you in line with your target audience, campaign objective, brand image and other factors.

It totally depends upon which publication you are choosing. Though major of the publication house format allows inserting backlink in the article

Advertisement reach depends upon which publication you are choosing, campaign duration and your overall budget for PR

Media agency can help you guiding through the entire process from choosing the right publication, reaching the correct target audience (keeping in mind your brand product/ services and advertisement objective) to buying media space and smooth execution would be handled by media agency.

The sooner you start, the earlier you get the edge over it. As there is no time-tested strategy for it.

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