KrackJack's Sweet & Salty Delight: A Hilarious Twist in Marketing By Parle

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Sep 15, 2023

Parle Products, the famous biscuit brand, has just unveiled its latest KrackJack campaign, and it's a treat for your taste buds and your funny bone. This campaign is more than just entertaining; it's a strategic move by Parle Products to capture the hearts of a new generation.

In three amusing films created by Thought Blurb Communications, you'll meet Krack (played by Dharmesh Yelande) and Jack (played by Raghav Juyal). These two characters bring to life the concept of "Sweet and Salty saath jab aaye, baat ban jaaye" in the most comical ways.

Parle Products knows that humor sells, and this campaign is designed to leave a lasting impression on viewers, making them associate KrackJack with fun. This humorous style has its roots in the 90s when Boman Irani and Vijay Patkar played the lead roles. Then came Swapnil Joshi and Gaurav Gera in the 2000s. Now, in the 2020s, Raghav Juyal and Dharmesh Yelande have breathed new life into KrackJack.

Mayank Shah, Senior Category Head at Parle Products, shares insights about KrackJack's journey, saying, "KrackJack is the first biscuit in India to tantalize both sweet and salty taste buds. When the flavor is extraordinary, the communication must be too. Krack and Jack have become beloved characters, resonating with every generation. Dharmesh and Raghav, being new-age celebrities, bring spontaneity to our brand."

Choosing the two charachters in the campaign was a very crucial step that Parle did amazingly. Because they are influencers popular among youth, Parle Products is not only staying relevant but also targeting a key demographic.

Vinod Kunj, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Thought Blurb Communications, emphasizes the challenge of working on a legacy brand. He says, "It’s a big challenge to work on a legacy brand like Krackjack with a high decibel legacy communication. When we got the brief we were clear that we have to carry forward the torch to the next generation of audiences across India. Not only do we have to appeal to a wide section of audiences across socio economic segments, we also had to touch their funny bone. Evidenced by the viewer responses we have received, the execution seems to have hit the bull’s eye. The dash of rollicking humour coating the films make them entirely enjoyable.”

Renu Somani, National Creative Director at Thought Blurb, explains, "Our campaign was inspired by KrackJack's unique sweet and salty combination. Contrarian views working towards a common goal led to our tagline, 'sweet aur salty saath jab aaye, baat ban jaaye.' Viewers will have a blast watching Dharmesh and Raghav bring these opposite views to life."

The success of the campaign is evident through audience engagement, enhancing the brand's reach and potential sales. The creative approach aligns perfectly with the product's taste, making it memorable and shareable among consumers.

Moreover, this delightful campaign is available in 12 languages across various platforms. By going multilingual and multi-platform, Parle Products ensured that it reaches a wider audience, further boosting brand recognition.

In conclusion, Parle Products' KrackJack campaign isn't just a series of funny videos; it's a strategic move to connect with a new generation while retaining the charm of the past. With humor, relatability, and a dash of nostalgia, KrackJack aims to make you smile and crave its unique sweet and salty biscuits.

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